Mohe Piya Milenge 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meghna, vijiya, aadi and amit are in temple. pandit ji says the pooja is done. He gives them all parsad and arti. He asks meghna to hold arti with aadi. They do it together. Pandit ji asks meghna and aadi to touch their forehead, they do so. The leave the temple. Vijiya says sakshi comes here almost every day. We will come here on and off as well. Amit says yes aadi bring her here more often, its a great feeling. Vijiya says what did you pray for aadi? Amit says you dont ask such things. Vijiya says no please tell me aadi. Aadi says i prayed for meghna’s happiness. Vijiya says what did you pray for meghna? amit says dont do this vijiya. Vijiya says aadi is really calm and kind person. He never gets mad or irritated. Aadi says meghna is nice as well and quite. Vijiya says meghna you should feel comfortable now. Meghna says yes i do.

Adi is standing in balcony, amit comes. Aadi says the sky is large and quite. Amit says you must ave felt good with her today. marriage changes life. Aadi says no i dont think so. Aadi says i am happy. Meeghna is happy as well. she is nice and simple. i am happy i got married to her. Meghna overhears it. amit says this is all i wanted to know, that you are happy. Good night.

Aadi comes to room. He takes his pillow, he says you can feel comfortable here. as a friend. dont worry i will handle everything for you. i promise i will give you real happiness. She says thank you so much. He says we dont need these formalities. He says you don’t have to be formal, we don’t do this in the house. You can tell me whatever your decision is i will be happy with it. Till then you will be entitiled as my wife but i want to be my happy wife. meghna says i don’t know how to get mingle. I don’t know how to work in kitchen.aadi says i will help you with this. Vijiya knew nothing as well. Maa helped her with everything. i wanna meet your adi. Meghna is shocked. He says good night to her and sleeps on the rug.

Scene 2
Sanjivni does arti of meghna, she enters the living area. Sanjivni says how was it? Meghna were you okay? meghna says your ointment made me feel a lot better. sanjivni says go you all get fresh.
meghna comes to her room and sees that her bag is still placed there.
She is about to open it, aadi comes in. he says maa is calling you. aadi says its sunday we will go out. Meghna says no please. aadi says we will go.
sanjivni asks vijiya did you compete it? vijiya says i made everything. meghna comes and says i will make something. sanjivni says my both daughter in laws are my best decision. meghna says aadi says you have decided something. Vijiya says what is it? you are tensing me. Sanjivni says dont worry i think that you both should devide the work. Vijiya says i will do it. Sanjivni says no you both are equal. Meghna is here for your help.vijiya says we will need your guidance though.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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