Mohe Piya Milenge 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaki dances on a song silently, everyone claps for her. They start it again. Its stops on amit. Satish says propose vijiya? Amit says again? Amit stands up and bows down on his knees. He says will you marry me vijiya? you tease me, annoy me but i want to spend life with you. Will you marry me? She says idiot idiot idiot. he says its means yes yes yes. He shouts vijiay i love you. They start the music, it stops on meghna. satish says do the ball dance. Meghna says i don’t know how to do it. Everyone says no you have to. Aadi stands with her. He holds her hand and they dance slowly. Kaka says meghna is the new member of the family so for her there are two dares. tell us whom you love? she says my home, my life is all aaditya.

The next game is that all the couples are bound together by foot. meghna is bound with aadi, she falls down and sprained her ankle. Amit says aadi get up take her in. Pick her up. Meghna is crying with pain. Aadi is confused about pick her up in arms. He picks her up and takes her in. Vikiya comes in and gives him the ointment. Meghna says i will massage myself. he says i am going out you should rest. madhvi and meena come in. madhvi says are you well now? Meghna says yes. meena says you should go to hospital when you wake up.
sanjivni says you should stay here. neither suresh is home nor desai. madhvi says there are a lot of robberies in our area. sanjivni says meghna you should sleep i will see them off.

scene 2
next morning, sanjivni comes and knocks the door of meghna’s room. aadi readily gets up from the floor. she says come out and have tea. She says aadi you should take her to hospital.
Meghna stands up her foot hurts, she says i am fine. aadi says i can help you as a friend. you can take your time. meghna walks out.

Madhvi calls sanjivni and asks about meghna. sanjivni says she is better now. Sanujivni says i am like a mom to her. Madhvi says i know but the heart. sanjivni says i understand. i know daughters always rely on their moms.
sanjivni comes and says i will massage your foot, meghna says i will do it. sanjivni says no i am like your mom. She massages it.

Meghna is better now. They are out on tea with vijiya and amit. Vijiya says its really good tea here. aadi says i am here first time. Amit says we have come here many times.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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