Mohe Piya Milenge 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meena comes to meghna and says did you call aadi? i am sure you haven’t. Let me call him, She takes her phone and says wow you have switched off your phone. Aadi wonders should i call or not? meena calls , aadi calls as well. they find each others number busy. Meghna says he must be busy in work. Meena says its his call, talk to him.aadi says i called you meghna your number was off. she says i had a headache. so switched it off. Aadi says are you well now? Meena says tell him i have made sweets. meghna says maasi wants to talk to you. She tells him she has made the sweets. he says i had to come today, to pick up meghna. Aadi says if thats okay? meena says she is yours. she gives the phone to meghna. aadi says should i come to pick you up? meghna says yes.

palav and his sister are fighting they say chachi will be my partner. Sanjivni says she will only be aadi’s partner. now go and think what games would you play? Mrs ranay says where is your parnter. Sanjivni says i will ask her to come before 31st. they all decide the menu. Sanjivni says lets make something meghna likes. vijiya says but what she likes?

Meghna is looking for something in the drawers. Madhvi says what are you looking for? she says i had that maroon scarf. madhvi says its in your closet. meghna takes it out. She takes out the black stone she has hidden in it. madhvi says now come out, meghna says yeah coming.
aadi comes to pick meghna. meena says so you were bored without her? aadi says yes i was really bored. meena says let me bring her, aadi till then you enjoy the sweets i have made especially for you.
Meena goes to meghna and says aadi is here to pick you up. What are you thinking? meghna says i dont wanna go. i am telling again and again. i dnt wanna go there. aadi comes out and overhears it. he is taken aback.
Aadi says its okay if you dont wanna come. meghna says i am coming.

Meghna says its your bed you can sleep on it, i am guest i will sleep on mattress. Aadi says meghna you dont have to live like a guest we can be good friends. he extends his hand and says friends? He says good night and sleeps.

Scene 2
next morning madhvi calls suresh and says are you okay? he says i am fine. how s is meghna? She says meghna has gone with aadi. they have program of 31st december they have invited us. he says you should go alone and if they come that i am in village. meena comes and says was it suresh? She says yes he was asking about meghna.
The kids come to meghna and say you have to be my partner, they both fight, vijiya comes and says what is this? She wont be neither of your partner, she will be adi’s partner. palav says she is his life partner. vijiya says why you look tensed? meghna says i am still not well. vijiya says you should sleep.

The festival starts. ranay says lets play passing the parcel, the one who has it in the end will have a punishment. sanjivni gets it in the end. satish says sing a song. sanjovni says i wont. She reads a poem.

Precap-aadi and meghna’s foot are tied together and they are to win the race.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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