Mohe Piya Milenge 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanjivni comes in room with tea for meghna and aadi, she says get fresh and ready. And take her to a doctor. Aadi says yes i will. Sanjivni says give me your dirty clothes i will get them washed, take care of her and i will bring you something, you should do massage with it meghna. Aadi says to meghna do you feel better being? meghna says yes i feel a lot better. Maa is really nice. Aadi says yes she is. You should sleep. Meghn sleeps, he sees meghna’s bag to take out her dirty clothes. He sees that golden box, he takes it out and is about to open. Meghna is asleep.

Suresh calls officer and says the anti corruption are about to come, i gave you all the money. I gave all that you asked for. He hangs up. Madhvi says what is it? He says you scared me. He these anti corruption officers are coming. SHe says will they arrest us? whats gonna happen? Meghna’s family. what will they think about us. He says shut up and think something. SHe says lets surrender. He says are you mad? We have to save ourselves. I dont know when you will start using your brain.

Meghna wakes up and sees the box in aadi’s hand, she takes it from him. He says i am sorry i didn’t ask you before opening your bag. She says i am sorry. Actually, this has a lot of memories i have possessive about it. He says i can understand.
amit asks aadi when will you join the office? He says i am contemplating. amit says you should take some days off until she is better. meghna comes out and vijiya says meghna enjoy the tea. Meghna says i will take it, vijiya says i will bring it go sit. you need to rest/

Sanjivni is sitting with the ladies of neighborhood. they bring food and stuff for meghna. a lady says honeymoon is the real time when you enjoy with your husband, then you get busy in life.
Meghna comes to her home. Madhvi hugs her and says i really miss you. madhvi says how are you now? aadi says she is better now. Madhvi says your face looks weak. meghna says he took good care of me. Aadi says where is baba? Madhvi says he went for some work. madhvi says you sit, i will make tea. Aadi says no you both sit together and talk i will make the tea. Madhvi says you? he says i make awesome tea and goes in kitchen.
Aadi brings the tea. Suresh and meena come as well. suresh says why did you make tea? He says this is my house as well.
They are all on dinner table. suresh starts coughing, aadi gives him water.

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