Mohe Piya Milenge 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjivni gives tea to baba. He says stop annoying Aadi. She says I am not, these girls are teasing him. baba says he is waiting for his call. He has a heart too. She says what if she really doesn’t call. He says why are you scaring him?

Suresh says to madhvi lets go we are late.He says where is your lunch box? She says i have taken a day off. He says you dont want money? madhvi says meghna is not well. He says do whatever you want but she should call desai today. Meghna recalls Aadi saying you are with me always. and suresh saying that the poor life will be intolerable. She recalls aadi’s number always being out of reach. And meena saying its not easy to get a good life partner. He might kill addi. and then colliding with aadi desai. Meena said, meghna we have to adjust somehow. She recalls aadi desai’s call. and suresh warning her that they will suicide and Madhvi saying that marrying desai is the only way of freedom.

Sanjivni says to aadi you like sweet sauce of spicy? Summit says it should be spicy for him. baba says there should be eyes wet. Summit says his eyes are already wet. They all laugh. amiy says she is not calling so.. Archana says but she is taking too much time. Amit says she must be like you step by step one. Sanjivni says we have no problem, stop it. baba says they are all teasing you to make you laugh, don’t worry. She will call and it will be a positive respond. M

Scene 2
Meghna comes to madhvi and says i need phone. I want to call aadi desai. Madhvi gives her the phone. She calls aadi desai. Aadi sees the call, his family says pick it up. Meghna says Its meghna. Aadi says yes? She says you wanted to know my decision. Meghna says its positive from my side. She is in tears. Aadi is dazed.he hangs up and pretends to be upset. Meghna swipes her tears. amit says what is it aadi? archana says she said no? I told you before. Aadi laughs and says she said yes. They all hug him. Baba says save your energy for the wedding. sanjivni says lets make a list of what to do next. Baba says we will do it step by step. Archana says you all make fun of me. Vijiya says we have to decide next. they will call now. amit says when did you get to know about rituals. Summit says they are serious kind of people. Sanjivni says we have to lessen these jokes and all. baba says i think they should meet somewhere out. Aadi says yes baba i think the same, i wanted to say that on call. They all laugh. Summit says call tomorrow, he can’t wait.

Suresh says to madhvi and meena, why they want them to go out? They can meet at home. meena says this is how it goes these days. We can’t hurt them now. suresh says what if she talks about that half short man. Meena says she wont do anything that would humiliate us. Meena goes to meghna and says you life is about to change now. Archana calls and they want you and aadi to meet outside. Where you have to meet, they will tell you. Meghna says i have said yes, why he wants to meet now. Meena says you should ask that from aadi.

Baba says he has not called meghna. Sanjivni says what were you all talking about? Why are they not deciding the venue to meet. Sanjivni says when we like someone we do adjustment for each other. Archana says he is taking too long, why is he not calling her. Baba says no one should know that they are meeting otherwise people of our colony will go and sit there beforehand.
Suresh says to madhvi we should know where desai and meghna are meeting. Madhvi says meghna will tell us where she is going. Baba says what if she runs amid. Her brain is not working in love of that half short. Ask your didi to keep an eye on her.

aadi thinks about meghna, he calls her. Meena receives the call, aadi says hi. meena says i am her aunt. He says okay. She gives the phone to meghna. Meghna says its me meghna, aadi says sure? she says what? He says you aunt scared me. I think we should meet once. Meghna says is there anything important? He says come on. you are tensed because of the arrange marriage, i know its odd. He have to figure out how alike we are. Meghna says once we have decided we can adjust for anything. He says lets meet up as friends, you will say what is in your heart and i will say whats in mine. she says okay. he says so where we have to meet? There is a hotel at SV road, Meena says i know that place. Meeghna says i know i will come. He says okay then see you tomorrow.

Precap-Meghna comes to hotel, her boyfriend aadi is there as well and aadi desai is waiting for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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