Mohe Piya Milenge 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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  • Mohe Piya Milenge 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

    Scene 1
    Aadi desai gets a call in office from his bro. he asks are you okay? Aadi says yes i am fine just a little nervous. Amit says give her some time. You are such a nice guy that you are giving her time. Aadi say that is how we have been raised.

    Meghna is on road with he stuff. Suresh calls madhvi and says go to home. meghna is coming home or she will run. Madhvi says she wont do any such thing. Suresh says stop wasting time and go home. Meghna comes home, madhvi has not reached yet. She starts rummaging for her phone everywhere. She can’t find it. She says where has he kept it.

    Aadi comes home. Baba asks him how was your day? Aadi says it was busy day. Uncle came to meet me he had some work. Maa says he said you looked worried. Baba says he has butterflies in stomach. Sanjivni asks did she call? he says no and i am not hurried. I will wait for her call. She can call whenever she wants.

    Scene 2
    Meghna imagines saying no to aadi desai and telling him that she loves someone else. Then She imagines Suresh locks her in a room and scolds at her. She starts crying. doorbell rings, Its Madhvi. Madhvi says you look worried, did you say no to desai? meghna says no i haven’t said anything to him yet. Suresh comes home and says madhvi i have asked you to keep the door locked. There can be a raid at any time. Madhvi says i am sorry. he asks is meghna home? She says yes.

    Aadi desai is thinking about Meghna. He recalls her saying i can’t hurt someone for my wish. He types a text waiting for your call but clears it. Sakshi(his niece) is watching him. She says to sanjivni, he has been looking at phone and smiling, he looks like those fallen heroes in movies. Sanjivni says take your milk and go to room. Sanjivni asks did she call? he says not yet. She says why is she taking time? Aadi says maybe she needs time to think. Sanjivni says but this is too late, and she has not called this means that.. aadi says i am going out, i will be late.

    Suresh says to meghna what did aadi desai say on call? Why are you crying now? I am talking to you politely. We are doing this for you better. Meghna says we didn’t talk much but he said that if you like me then we can proceed forward. Suresh says what did you say? Meghna says i said i will tell you later. he says then take phone and tell him. She says papa please. Suresh says this is the blessing of baba ji that he has said yes after so much. What is the problem. Meghna says papa i want to talk to you. Suresh says i don’t need to talk about that stupid guy. call him. Madhvi says its too late, better call him after pooja tomorrow morning. Suresh says okay, go. Eat and sleep . Meghna goes to her room.

    Madhvi says to meghna this is not possible now, I could do something if you told me before. Now your papa has seen you talking to him. Meghna says i told you before desai’s proposal. Please talk to aadi one. Madhvi says he will kill me if he gets to know. Meghna says when will be live scared? I can’t think about anyone other than aadi. this is about my life. Madhvi says stay quite for now. We will talk later.

    sanjivni asks baba to call aadi and ask him when is he coming? Baba says let him stay out and hang out with his pals. he wont get to do so after wedding. Sanjivni says he has already fallen. baba says he can never be wrong. you should sleep i will see him.

    Meghna is in balcony, Madhvi comes to her and says meghna don’t think ill about your dad. he was not like that, he did everything he could for you. If there was no money, we have seen what he had to go through. And the same condition in government job. After your birth he decided that he will earn a lot for your wedding, and for your future, he didn’t let me give birth to another child. Then against his will he started taking bribes and we did this all for you. Meghna says i don’t want to hear all this. Madhvi says there can be a raid at any time, and he trusts only baba ji. you should get married that is the only way of your independence.

    Aadi desai comes home, baba opens the door. he looks upset. baba says aadi stop? We have answer of our own questions. Anyway, whom were you sitting with? sanjivni says should i warm the food for him? baba says i will. aadi says i am not hungry. baba says dont sleep hungry after drinking. and i am your dad i hope you remember that.
    Aadi eats the food, baba says you should eat happily. We shouldn’t eat upset. You are upset because she didn’t call. have patience she might be confused. Its a life time decision. She has to consider a lot of things. We decide this on a special moment, it comes abruptly and gives us our decision. Don’t miss that moment. Don’t worry about it.

    Precap-Aadi says this is arrange marriage but the decision should be hers. We will proceed after her call. Sumit says he is right don’t annoy him anymore. Don’t tease the lover, aadi says in heart have i started loving her?

    Update Credit to: Atiba

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