Mohe Piya Milenge 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Next morning aadi wakes up and sees that meghna is lying on the floor and shivering. He says meghna get up? open your eyes. he says you have fever. He makes her lie on the bed and covers her with a blanket. He says I am bringing the doctor.
Sanjivni calls madhvi. Madhvi says how you are? Sanjivni says i am good, i am sure you must be feeling alone without meghna. Madhvi says come to our place. Suresh takes the phone and says you both should come there we would like it. Suresh says is desai there? Desai asks sanjivni to say no. Sanjivni says you can’t come thats okay. Come when meghna is back.

Doctor says she has fever and flu. She will be okay, people get tired during weddings. He leaves, meghna says should we go back home? aadi says for that you will have to be okay. Owner comes and says how is she now? aadi says better. Meghna starts coughing. The owner says aadi caress her back. aadi and meghna are shocked. Aai pretends like he has touched her back but he doesn’t. The owner leaves.

Desai’s pal asks is everything ready? desai says i have nothing to keep in. Archana is keeping a lot of stuff. archana comes and says he makes fun of me. sanjivni says he is saying that he will live for 5 days but it will be 1 or more i am sure. some elder should be here when meghna and aadi come back.
Madhvi is sitting, suresh asks why are you sitting like this? She says i feel like suffocating. Suresh says because meghna is not here. She was attached to you. The house looks empty, meena rashmi everyone has left. you should start going to office. Madhvi says should i call her? suresh says no let then understand each other. let them spend time alone with him. There is no point in calling her again and again. Madhvi says i will join after meghna is back. suresh says okay.

Vijiya says amit, i forgot to make the kitchen budget, amit says meghna is here for your help. vijiya says she has just come. vijiya says i think she will be a housewife. like me. He says you decided it yourself, i gave you all the choices. Vijiya says have you looked at meghna’s mom, i think her dad doesn’t respect her. she works really hard. Vijiya says let meghna decide if she wants to complete her MA, job or anything else. Amit says but we should tell them everything. She writes the budget.
Meghna is sitting, aadi observes her. he asks how you feel now? She says better, he says i have ordered the juice for you. she says i don’t feel like drinking.He says you need energy, i am asking you as a friend. The waiter comes with the juice. Aadi says please drink it, for your health. Meghna takes it and says thank you. Waiter says anyway, you coach is booked, you will be home tomorrow.

sanjivni says finally they have left. Amit says no archana’s noise. sanjivni says meghna and aadi will be back soon. amit says lets go on a picnic, meghna would like it as well. Vijiya says lets fix a date for this. Amit says lets ask suresh and madhvi jee as well.
The officer comes and says to suresh, you have two house now. Your son in law has much property. Suresh says he has nothing to do with all this. Suresh says i gave you all the money in the wedding. he says but that was not enough. Suresh takes out a bag, it has some tomatoes. The officer says what tomatoes would do? where are the onions? Suresh says i will give you more later. officer says okay then. We have something in our hand and we know how to give it to your son in law. suresh says you wont need that i would give you the onion too. they are talking in code language.

Precap-suresh says its your favorite dishes aadi. aadi says food is my love and you love only one.
Aadi sees meghna’s box, he is about to open it meghna takes it from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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