Mohe Piya Milenge 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Madhvi comes outside the house to look but no one is there. Aadi desai calls on land-line, he says is meghana there? I am aadi. She says aadi? he says aadi desai? Madhvi says she is at Mausi’s place, i will give you their number call there.

Suresh says how can we know why it was real aadi desai? where did he get meghna’s number? I am sure it was that half short aadi. Let me call him. Madhvi says what if it was real aadi? he told me his name. Suresh says they are both fooling us. Madhvi says we shouldn’t call. Suresh says you gave her meena’s number as well. Suresh calls meena, meena says i am keeping and eye on her. what if it was aadi desai? suresh says where would he get her number from? Meena says we gave them her number. He says make sure if its real aadi desai.

Meghan says to meena i wanted to go out of this house and when i went i met aadi. I know he will get me out of here. Meena says you should listen to what your dad is saying. Dont make him mad.

Aadi wonders should he call meghna or not. He says this very dangerous but i like this feeling. Meghna on the othe hand wants to call her bf aadi, she calls from landline but his number is unreachable.She says where are you aadi. Aadi desai sees Meghna’s photo on her phone and imagines she is asking to call her. He calls on landline and says is meghna there? i am aadi desai? She drops the phone in shock. Meena picks in and talks to him. He says can i talk to meghna? Meena says yes you can. She asks meena to talk to him. Aadi says to Meghna i wanted to know your decision, if its positive. We can meet up if you want. Meghna says i will tell you later. He says yes sure, I will be waiting. He hangs up. Meena asks what did he say? Meghna says he said its yes from his side, and wanted to know my decision. I said i will tell them later. Meena says I should call Madhvi. Meghna says I want to go home, tell them.

Suresh says why she wants to come here? Madhvi says we should listen to what she wants to say. Suresh says we have to stop her even if we have to use force. Let her come here, there will be no discussion about that half short aadi. She will come here on condition that she will come directly and wont go anywhere else.

Archana says Vijiya lets get the food ready. I am hugry. Vijiya says okay. Maa says we need to talk about other proposals to aadi. you are always acting like a kid. sumit says the girl aadi likes, they don’t like her much, so they want him to meet new girls. But he wont go to any other girl’s place. Vijiya says if he likes her why don’t we say yes to her. Aadi comes home, his brother asks is ther something? Aadi says papa i called meghna, to know if its yes from her side. Vijiya says what did she say? Aadi says she will tell later. Archana says now we will wait for her call? Aadi says whats wrong with that? We need to know her decision as well. No one will discuss this until she calls.
Baba sings songs to sanjivni, he looks at aadi and meghna’s photo. He says they look go with each other. Sanjivni says they look made for each other. Baba says he has already mad over her. She says you were mad for me as well. He says there were no ways of communications, but they can easily contact each other. Sanjivni says you remember our first wedding night? i was crying because of i was missing my home, then you said that do your remember family or someone else? Baba says tell me whom were you missing? She says stop it and laughs.

Precap-sanjivni asks aadi did she call? aadi says no. Maa says why is she taking so long? Aadi says maybe she needs time to think. Madhvi says to meghna please marry aadi desai that is the only way of your independence.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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