Mohe Piya Milenge 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Desai says to aadi take care of her, its the most important time of your relationship. he says yes. Vijiya comes. she says i wanted to talk as well. did she find her bag? sanjivni says yes she did. vijiya says i forgot by bag somewhere as well. amit was really mad at me but he got me all the new things.

The owner of hotel says you shoul not stay in hotel go to beach, i have arranged a car for you. Meghna and aadi walk on the beach, she stands at a place. aadi looks at her. he keeps walking alone, meghna sits there and makes wakes on the sand. They come back to hotel at night. adi says good evening to the owner, he says we have a special table for you. come sit here, he has arranged a candlelit dinner for you. They sit there. owner says have a good time. meghna says it is my favorite dish. why are you doing all this? he says i want you to have a good time. you like ice cream, green color, sea food. she smiles. she says are you hungry? shall we start. he says yes please. he serves her and eat himself. He says i am not doing this to impress you or something i am being myself. That’s all. Make yourself comfortable she nods. He says you can be yourself, i wont force you for anything. I just want to understand you. he says thanks. The waiter brings water, he says don’t need water, We are having ice-cream. if you drink water with ice cream it gets you cold. He says sorry sir. Aadi gets a call from ayyer. he asks where you are? Aadi says i am on my honeymoon, he says i can’t hear you. He says to meghna i am coming in a moment. Meghna eats all the ice-cream and drinks water on it.

Adi comes to room, he says to meghna are you okay?She starts coughing. He says i think you have caught cold. i think you should sleep on the bed i will sleep on the floor. okay? she says okay. Meghna coughs again. He says are you okay? She says i am better. He says wait a minute i have a tablet. He gives her the medicine. She takes it. Meghna says thank you, he says no thanks. She says sorry. He says its okay. he says should i turn off the lights? meghna is quite. he says okay i will keep them on, i wont have any issue he sleeps on the chair. meghna coughs again, aadi wakes up. he says you are not well. She says i feel uncomfortable, he says okay i am going out.

Aadi sits by poolside, the owner comes and says what are you doing here? He says just sitting. He says did you fight with her? Aadi says no no. he says you can tell me anything. aadi comes in the room with the owner. He says dont fight with him in the beginning days, you both came here to enjoy together. Good night take care. And its cold outside, dont go out. he leaves. aadi says dont worry. Meghna says aadi you can sleep here.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So far this story is acceptable. Please do not bring a wicked ffamily member into the story who is trying to harm another family member

  2. Do u kno this is a marathi serial

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