Mohe Piya Milenge 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aadi and meghna leave for honeymoon.
Sanjvni calls aadi, Desai says don’t call him. he is on his honeymoon. Sanhjivni says i am worried i just want to know if they have reached or not. archana says you being the third person in them. they are not kids. sanjivni says they my responsibility. She says to desai lets go, we should go somewhere as well. He says i asked you so many times, she says i couldn’t go until all the kids settled. Desai says i was planning to go and meet chacha. Archana says i will go with you as well. Desai says will satish let you go? she says he happily will.

Meghna and aadi are standing in the balcony. The manager comes and says to his owner this is aadi desai. Thr owner says you are son of nana desai, you were young when i saw you first time. When i saw your address i realized he is your dad. Its been long since i met him, he is an old friend. Give me his number and congratulations. aadi says yes. Owner says why you need an additional room? aadi says my friend had to come, so i wanted a room for him. I think he has got his arrangement somewhere as well. He says you didn’t introduce me to your wife. aadi says she i meghna. The owner says she is your wife, you should say like that. Aadi says yes she is my wife. Meghna desai. The owner says to manager they should have no trouble, they leave.

Aadi and meghna come to room. Manager says if you need anything let us know. Aadi sits on the bed and says finally. meghna looks at him. aadi says i mean now we don’t have to pretend like a couple at least here. but yes, the separate room plan failed. We have to live in this room, i know you are uncomfortable but i can’t help it. will it be okay? meghna says yes. He says all right, lets get fresh. Meghna says my bag? its not here. Aadi says we had 4 bags. Did you take it out of auto? she says no i forgot it there i think. She says how couldn i forget. We have to get that bag. He says relax we will find it. Was there anything important? jewelry? money? she says something more important than that. He says don’t worry, is about to touch her should but stops. Aadi goes and tells the receptionist about the baf. He inquires different people, meghna is n the hotel room. Meghna takes out her phone and calls but there is no network coverage. She asks the receptionist that she has to make a call. He says the phone is off, there is a telephone near the hotel.
Meghan calls madhvi, she says maa. Madhvi says are you okay? meghna says yes. madhvi says did you reach well? meghna says yes. Megha sobs and says i really miss you maa. Madhvi tells meghna its meghna’s phone. Suresh takes the phone and says you should focus on aadi don’t call again and again here. enjoy your trip.

Aadi comes in the room with meghna’s bag. he looks for her but she is nowhere. he calls her but there is no network coverage. Aadi gets worried he starts looking for her. Meghna comes in after a while, she sees her bag on the bed and is extremely glad. She opens it and takes out the golden box. She puts it in again and looks that aadi is not in the room, she starts looking for him. She says he puts the bag here where has he gone? He comes in the room. megnna says where did you go? he says i was looking for you, where did you go? she says i went to call maa. there was no range here. He says anyway you bag is here, she says thank you so much. He says i am going to get fresh.
sajivni calls meghna and says was there any problem in travelling? meghnna says no. sanjivni says did you find your bag? you mom told me you lost it. meghna says i found it. Sanjivni says talk to desai. desai says are you enjoying? she says yes. He says enjoy a alot make aadi spend on you. don’t worry about anything. Give the phone to him. Desai says to aadi take her to places, he says ys i will. desai says this is the beginning of your relationship make most of it.

no precap.

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