Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#35)

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Hey lovely ppl….I am back with d nxt part

Today before d epi I have something to tell….so pls meri bak bak sunlena for 2min

Firstly Thank you everyone for all those encouraging comments.

Amidst all those comments was that one comment of Mr./Miss hater….But dont worry that wont affect me…..I will end d ff only at d point where I have thought of ending it….a hundred such comments will also not stop me from writing….I am least bothered abt it

Aarohi nd Baby I know how much I mean/meant to u guys nd how much u still/did love me…..Nd thank u for bashing that hater…..but ignorance is d best policy…. So as much as we ignore d person that far he/she will stay from us. Thank u once again guys. Love u ?

Mere 2min nd meri bak bak khatam….lets move to d epi

Happy Reading


____Kunj’s POV____

I stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. My mind was in shreds I would never get that picture out of my mind. I turned the dial, old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening my hair and trickled down my back. The only thing running across my mind was Twinkle’s question ‘ Do u think I betrayed you?’

This question was running over nd over again in my mind where a battle of yes and no had been taking place. For a moment I FEEL she cant do that to me but d very next moment I THINK even if Aarav lied what about d message.

Its truely said if you realise how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative thought again. And this is what was exactly happening with me The power of negative thoughts was overpowering my feelings.


I came out of d shower dressed in my cloths….nd I dont have 1% clue of how my cloths landed up here….this also could be answered only by Twinkle…..but where is she…..I saw around d whole room but couldn’t find her I moved towards d living nd found her sitting on a two seater dinning table with a mug of coffee in her hand. I silently walked towards her and sat right infront of her.She forwarded me a mug of coffee.

Silence surrounded the room. None of us were trying to initiate d talk. As I drank d last sip of my coffee she said ” It was Aarav’s plan to get me back in his life” I placed my mug down nd lifted my head to look at her as she continued telling everything that had happened How Aarav had captivated her….how he sent that message thru a fake sim….how his sister helped Twinkle escape from there.

When she stopped at this point all this seemed like a typical Hindi movie. Even if I believe this… one question still runs in my mind If she escaped from Aarav’s captive what was she doing in Mumbai nd y did she not return to Amritsar….Udit himself said that she lives in Mumbai.

Twinkle sat silently waiting for me to speak out and I dint know what to. To avoid that one uncomfortable moment my eyes started watchting here nd there.

Just then her phone rang nd she moved a bit away to speak…..Whose call was that nd y couldn’t she speak infront of me was another question which took birth in my mind.

She came back pretty soon nd said I got to go to d office some important work has arose…..Will be back in an hour or two….I just hope I dont lose u again….we have a talk yet to finish.

Saying this she rushed into her room got her bag nd picked up her keys from the centre table in d living room nd walked out but not before creating a syappa…..Miss Syappa queen had made some magzines nd books fall from d centre table whe she was in a hurry to take her car keys…..I smiled as I thought she could never change.

I went forward to pick up those fallen stuff. When I was picking up those magazines I found a photograph fallen I picked it up to have a look at it. It was a picture of Leela maa nd Twinkle. When I was placing it upside down on d table I noticed something written on It.

“I miss you maa….I wish u could be here” is what was written on d picture. New thought arising What if Twinkle returned home and d family didnot believe her….just like in what situation I am now were they in d same situation??

Before I could start imagining anything more I could see a black diary lying below d centre table….I bent down nd picked it up nd I could see some more photographs peeping out through it. It was Twinkle’s diary I opened d diary to see what it had.

As I opened d first page it read

” I never had d habit of writing a diary or journal….but today I feel I can share my feelings only with this piece of paper…..I escaped from Aarav’s captive nd reached Amritsar yesterday only to hear a _____ news. Usha aunty said that her son is no more but I know my love is alive. No one is ready to believe me Maa says I am in an emotional trauma….But I am not…..she is just not understanding me”

D second page

” I miss u so much Kunj….I feel so guilty….one stupid decision of mine has led to this situation. Usha aunty lost her son….Uv lost his brother like best friend…..nd I lost my love…..I love u soo much Kunj….pls come back to me……pls”

As I flipped d pages to read many such note’s tears flow down my cheeks. Now I realise what mistake I made by not returning back home just by creating few baseless thoughts.I cant even imagine what pain everyone had gone through specially Maa nd Twinkle. I kept on reading each and every page but what I read next left me shocked

” Maa also left me alone just like Kunj did….Now I have no one with me….I am left all alone….After Maa’s accident I have no reason to stay alive. All my loved ones are leaving me alone first Kunj nd now Maa….I wish Usha aunty should have never seen me trying to hang myself….she saved me at d nick of time….but I wish that never happened I have nothing to do with this life…..I miss u Kunj….I miss u maa”

D nxt page

” Usha maa….yes now she is my maa….she decided to fill that empty space of our life….she decided that I would be her daughter nd she would be my mother….so that we can stay atleast with d support of eachother. Manohar uncles sister had returned from village a few weeks ago. She is very sweet to everyone…..I liked her”

D nxt page

” Usha maa nd bebe are very much loving and caring…..they are always concerened about me…..the never made me feel d absence of maa…..but no one can fill the absence of Kunj in my life…..I miss u soo much Kunj”

I read all the pages nd just couldnt stop d tears from flowing down. I started to read d nxt page

” After 2 years Kunj was infront of me…..the person who we all thought was dead was standing right infront of me…..He wasnt in his senses so I brought him to my flat…..Neil told me everything about Kunj’s whereabouts in d last 2years….but d most shocking thing was He hasnt remained d same Kunj who always respected d feeling of girls nd never took an advantage of them…..I feel guilty coz I am d reason for his change…..but I am hurt bcoz Kunj had thought that I betrayed him…..d trust between us had crumbled just due to some created misunderstandings…..I am not just hurt but even angry on him as he did not try even for once to return back to his family…..but I wont let my hurt my pain nd my anger to overpower my love….I will try my best to sort everything…..nd nothing can let Kunj go away from me this time”

She still loved me dearly…..I could feel d same love of her’s in every line that she had written in d diary. I feel so guilty not to have trusted her….not to have returned back home. But now Its payback time.
Every tear that she has wasted for me will be repayed with double d happiness that she deserves.
Miss Twinkle taneja be ready to get back this Sadu Sarna in your life.


Hope u all liked d epi……comment below nd share your views.

Sorry if anyone had thought or hoped for a heated argument confrontation……I actually dint want anger to overpower things so thought of showing that things can be solved even by staying calm ( which I can never do coz of my short temper??….so thought ff mein hi likh deti hoon)

Comment below and share your views on d epi +ve nd -ve comments both are most welcomed

Next update mostly by Monday

Love u all

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Di
    I am glad it wasn’t a heated argument
    I hope Kunj and Twinkle unite soon
    Loads of love ?

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Simiyy…..happy that u liked it

  2. Sohi

    This episode brought a smile on my face
    It was soo awesome nd emotional
    Sad that Leela is no more
    Who the hell dare to bash you they don’t have any other work they just come and ruin our mood rascals huh ?
    You did right by ignoring them
    Do continue

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Sohi

  3. Hey Kruti
    emotional n nice epi
    I love UR writing skills

  4. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! Sooooo lovely ????loved it. Happy ki no anger. Nahi toh firse siyaapa hojAte
    I am happy that u didnt pay heed to that stupid hater
    Mujhr episode jaaldi chahiye ??????
    Post soon??

    1. Kruti

      Thanks chiku
      will post asap

  5. SidMin23

    Hey kruti it was awesome and waiting for twinj to get back

    1. Kruti

      Thank you

  6. Mahi

    Its amezing yr
    i think i am commenting for the first time in ur ff
    Ots just woooooow
    Pls try to post next as soon as possible
    I am dieing in egarness
    Lods of love to u ???

    1. Kruti

      Thanks mahi….Happy that u liked it
      will post asap

  7. Hey kruthi wonderful episode i loved it I’m a silent reader of ur ff I’m commenting for the first time sorry for not commenting these many days

  8. Sameera

    Hey yaar kruti loved it hayee so cute episode twinkle feelings kunj reading her diary ummah loved it and the last part where kunj told was just amazing yaar …
    Hayeee loved it to the core …

    1. Kruti

      Thanks sam

  9. Aww ur shoo much strng ☺☺ I love ur spirit babe ?? gud always be like this only ?? and m soo glad that ur not effected with this basher’s word ?? and don’t paid any head to these kamina|kamini ?? and basher’s ka keya hai ?? yeh to kavi naii sudrnge inhe to apni nak ghusni hai bas ??
    And I read ur ff from the bginning ?? but nvr cmnt so a BIG SRY 4 not cmntg ?? But i cmntd ur 1 os ☺ Well I LOVE ur ff so much ❤❤ and this epi toh it was just MARVELOUS and OUT STANDING,????? but u knw 1st i felt really bad that kunj is Wmnizer ?? but happy ki twinj ll’be 1 now 4ver ?? but i want tw to a emotnl cnfrnt to kunj about this wmnizer mettr, like tw is really hurt coz of this plz? OK post next epi soon, Love you ??
    Plz stay away basher’s,,, ??
    hurrrr hurrrr ??

  10. RUTU.....

    Hey Kruti
    Lovely episode dear it it’s really very hearttouching & emotional & twinkles diary wala scene I loved the most ,love you so much ???

    1. Kruti

      Thanks rutu

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi….hope ab twinj k beech sb thk ho jaaye…

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Purnima

  12. Presha

    Hey kruti awesome dear loved it to the core
    Lovely update.
    Post soon
    Love u

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Presha
      will post asap

  13. SidMin

    This not even a bit of how much I liked your episode it was just too good and I liked the idea of things getting sorted out calmly…….
    Loved the episode finally Twinj would be together …..
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤
    And sorry I did not see the bashers comment on your ff… maybe the time I commented on it he /she / both did not comment…… if I would have seen his comment the person would have been no more …. ?

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Mili……I am glad that u liked it so much
      No need to be sorry yar….waise bhi I tld u to ignore… just forget it
      Will post asap

      Love u too

  14. Awesome kruti
    I loved d way I sorted out things
    Awesome amazing
    N siyappa queen ke siyappa shuru ho Gaye n kunj will be back in sadu avtar

    N so sry I have not reD bashers comment
    But leave him n u r correct ignorance is best policy
    Loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Ramya
      nd no need to be sorry

  15. Kritika14

    Okay, hands down to one of the best episodes I’ve read so far! I know … all it did was reading out Twinkle’s feeling but idk, it was simple and as said, the smallest and simplest things take up most of the place in your heart! I swear, I loved this! I was legit jumping happiness after reading the last 2 lines! Will be waiting for the next episode eagerly!

    Love you!

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Kriti…..Happy that u liked it
      Will post d nxt one asap

      Love u too!!

  16. Episode was good and emotional
    Felt bad for twinkle
    Do continue

  17. Aanya_pandey

    What a way to sort thinhs neber that you would come up with this idea.. to sort that misunderstanding.. just loved the way so so so much..

    1. Kruti

      Thanks aanya

  18. Shalini15

    Hi EK, episode was superb mindblowing nd emotional too… that diary part was amazing… the way you discribed twinkles emotions nd feelings nd kunjs guilt, it was outstanding… I loved the idea to shortout everything with calm mind… it was too good… now pls post next part asap…

    By the way I must say that you are an understanding nd calm girl through you reaction on that bashers comment…. when I’d saw his/her comment I too was angry nd wanted too react but ignore thought if I’ll do same there will be no difference between him/her nd us… nd I’m happy you too did same… aur waise bhi jyada sweetness swasth ke liye hanikarak hota hai toh kabhi kabhikarela bhi kha lena chahiye dibeties se protection hota hai… hai na? well leave it post next soon…

    Lots of love

    1. Kruti

      Thanks Neha di
      Will post d nxt one asap

  19. Baby

    kruti di….yess….surely i had to support u well yeah d fact is we should ignore dese kinda msgs…☺☺
    love u soooooooooooooo mch n well IGNORED NOW…….. 😀
    yesss………..m soooooooo happy reading dis episode awww…………too good
    i mean wow loveed it finally now twinkle will see her sadu sarna☺
    pos nxrtt asap dii………………..☺☺
    lods of love♥☺♥☺♥☺

  20. Affaa

    Wow ????????????????????????????
    Kya Baath hai yaar…. This madam is very talented… I’m speechless… No comments yaar… In front of I’m nothing jaan… My sis wow.. My fathii… Yaar what to say.. Hats off to u… Marvelous yaar… Itna amazing.. How did you wrote this… Fathi u love I love you so much… I can’t wait next one…. These days I missed such a amazing ff… Ufff.. Keep it up.. My baby.. Take care… Love you sooooooo much.. Keep rocking like this

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