Mohabbatein: Love stories JNDSD, KRPKAB, QH, Sarojini, beyhadh TS Part 2

Mohabbatein:Love stories Part2
I dedicate this chapter to Shakaib as he suggested a Jodi name for Somendra Indira-Somira.

Atharv stood in his classroom and talked about love:Why should we be scared to fall in love?Love is angelic.We will find happiness in love.It removes all fears.So there is no place for fear in love.
Vividha was staring at Atharv with a sweet smile.Atharv smiled at her.Suddenly they heard a voice:Be ware of love.You all should be scared to fall in love.
They all looked at that person.They got tensed seeing that person there.

He was none other than the principal of the college Kailash Kashyapwho was standing near the door of the classroom.All were tensed.
Kailash:I don’t care what you all do when you complete your studies and leave this college.But when you are in this college you all should follow the rules and regulations of this college.And the most important rule is…don’t distract yourself falling in love.If there is any plan to break this college’s rules immediately I will kick you all out of this college.

Everybody became dull.Kailash gave a fearful stare to Atharv and left.
Vividha was very upset.
Atharv looked at Vividha:Love gives me happiness,not fear.I don’t fear to fall in love.My life exists because of love.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door
Jaana Na Dil Se Door

A sweet smile appeared on Vividha’s face.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door
Jaana Na Dil Se Door

On Valentine’s day Atharv proposed Vividha giving her a leaf.It was written on the leaf:Vividha,will you marry me?

She kissed the leaf and embraced him nodding her head.

The final exams of the college got over and Atharv topped the college.He passed the test and got selected as the lecturer of the college.
Vividha:Atharv..I am so happy for you.I am really happy that you joined our college itself .Your students are going to adore you.
Atharv smiled.
He held her hands:Vividha…I am going to meet your father to talk about us…about our marriage.
Her face became dull.
Atharv:Why suddenly your smile vanished?
Vi:I am scared Atharv.You know my dad.Right?
Atharv:Don’t worry.I am sure that he will put his rules and regulations aside for our love.

They both smiled sharing a sweet eye lock.

Atharv went to meet Vividha’s father.He was facing backward.
He looked at him.Yes..Vividha’s father is none other than the Principal of the college Kailash.
Atharv:Sir…Good evening.
Kailesh:Good evening.Why are you here now?Anything to say?
Atharv:Yes Sir.I came here to talk about an important matter.
Kailesh:Why did’nt you talk about it in college?
Atharv:Because it is not a professional matter.It is very much personal.
Kailesh:But why are you trying to discuss your personal life with me when our relationship is very much on the professional basis?
Atharv:Sir..I think it’s time to change our professional relationship into personal.
Kailesh:What do you mean?
Atharv:Sir…Vividha and I love each other.We want to marry each other.Please bless us.
Kailesh’s eyes became red due to anger.
Kai:Did you forget what I said?You should fear to fall in love.Especially when the girl is Kailesh’s daughter.How dare you fall in love then?
Vividha became dull.
Atharv:But said when we are studying in college we should not fall in love.That was the rule you put.But now I am not a student anymore.
Kailesh:I said when you are in college you should follow rules and regulations.You are still in college as a teacher.So don’t dare to dream about marrying my daughter.
Vividha was frustrated.:Dad…why are you talking like this?
Kailesh ignored Vividha and stared at Atharv.
Kai:Did you understand what I said?Forget Vividha and your love for her.
Vividha became very upset.
Atharv:I will not marry Vividha without your permission.I promise.But forgetting Vividha is impossible for me.So please don’t expect me to do that.I will wait for your consent.
Kailesh was irritated and
insulted him:Don’t wait and waste your time.
Don’t think that I will get my daughter married to a poor orphan like you.

I have already chosen a millionaire for her.
Atharv Vividha were shocked.
Vivi:Dad…but I will marry only Atharv.That’s final.

Kai:If so,don’t think you can ever see your dad.
Vividha-Atharv were shocked.
Kailesh:Choose one between me and Atharv.Your father who lived to bring you up or Atharv…whom you met recently?
Vividha burst into tears unable to choose one.Atharv realized Vividha’s dilemma.
Atharv:Vividha,don’t cry.You choose your dad.Because of me you should not lose your dad.

Atharv left from there and Vividha cried helplessly.

But Vividha did an unexpected thing.She jumped off a cliff.Kailesh fainted reading her note:
Dad,I love you and Atharv equally. can’t live without one of you.So I’m ending my life.
Knowing this Atharv screamed loudly:Vividhaaa…


Somendra,Dev and ARJUN wept listening to Atharv and Vividha’s tragic love story.Tears rolled down Atharv’s cheeks.
Atharv:If I had fought for my love and not left Vividha,she would have been in this world.I would not have lost my Vividha.You guys are doing the mistake I did years back.Please don’t repeat my mistake.
All the 3 boys looked at each other.Then they held their hands together with determination.Atharv smiled.

Maya and Sonakshi were walking together.A boy came with 2 leaves.
Boy:Those brothers told me to give these to you both.
They saw Arjun and Dev at a distance.They received the leaves.
Maya read the words written on the leaf by ARJUN.
“I know you hate me because I am not rich.But trust me.My heart is rich because of love.Instead of money my heart is full of love for you”.
Maya’s eyes got filled up with tears.
Sonakshi read the lines on the leaf.
“Sonakshi …for you I am just a friend.But I can’t lie to you.For me,you are my beloved.I love you.But I will never force you to love me.But I can’t hide my love for you”.
Sonakshi couldn’t believe it.
Maya and Sonakshi ran towards ARJUN and Dev.
Maya looked at ARJUN emotionally.

Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main,
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main,
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main.

Maya:ARJUN,do you know one thing?That day I broke your heart.But that was just a drama.I also love you.

ARJUN couldn’t believe his ears:Maya?

Maya:You heard it right Arjun.You are not dreaming.My family is in
a pathetic condition because of love.So I was scared to accept your love.That’s why I pretended to hate you.

But I can’t ignore your love anymore.I love you that much ARJUN.
Maya embraced him tearfully.

ARJUN’s happiness had no bounds.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai

Arjun:Maya…tell me one thing.Why were you scared to accept my love?

Maya became dull and looked at his face.
Arjun:What was the reason you told?I did’nt understand anything.

Maya:I will tell you everything Arjun,But when it is the right time.Because I don’t want to spoil this beautiful moment by remembering the bitter moments of my life.

Arjun smiled slightly.Maya gave a pale smile.

Sonakshi stared at Dev.He was tensed.
Sonakshi:When Karan broke my heart your heart pained more than mine.You struggled hard to make me smile.That time itself I realized that you love me.

Dev was shocked.

Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main,
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main,
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main.

Sonakshi:Since then I was waiting for you to confess your love.Because your love made me fall for you.

He was surprised:Sonakshi…
Sonakshi:I know that you are shocked to hear what I said.But it’s true Dev.I really love you.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai.
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai.

Both of them got into a sweet embrace emotionally.

Dev carried her in his arms and they shared a romantic eye lock.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai.
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai.

Parvati was shocked to see Somendra at the verandah.
She got angry:How did you get the courage to come here again?Get out.
Atharv came from behind.
A:This time Somendra is not alone.So don’t think that you can insult him.
PARVATI:Who are you?
A:I’m Somendra’s Prof.Atharv.
PARVATI:Why have you both come here?
Somendra:To take Indira with me.
PARVATI:How dare you?
Somendra:What wrong did I say?Indira is not anyone’s wife now.She is a widow.I did not do any sin by loving somebody else’s wife.

PARVATI:Yes,she is a widow.Widows have no right to remarry.

Atharv:Why not Parvatiji?Indira’s husband died even before they lived together,Still she has to live a lonely life till her end?She has to always live a colourless life?
Parvati was silent.
Atharv:Indira got married when she was just 18.From then she has been looking after you.Still you have no feelings for her?Still you want her to suffer through out?How can you be so selfish?Have you ever thought how her life would be after some years?She will be alone completely.Think properly if you have a heart.

Parvati was numb.Somendra-Atharv left.

Parvati saw Indira crying behind the curtain.She felt sad.The whole night she thought of Atharv’s words.

The next day Parvati went towards Indira.
PARVATI:Indira…you go to Somendra and tell him that you also love him.
Indira couldn’t believe it:Dadi…

PARVATI:I realized what a big mistake I did to you.But professor Atharv opened my eyes.Indira beta..don’t suppress your emotions anymore.Confess your love to Somendra.I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart.Go.
Indira hugged her crying.Parvati also wept.
Parvati wiped her tears.
Par:Indira beta..wear a colourful suit when you go to meet Somendra.

Indira smiled nodding her head.

Somendra was sitting at the temple where he met Indira always and was lost in the thoughts about her.
Suddenly he heard a voice:Somendraji…
Somendra looked back and gets surprised to see Indira there.She was smiling tearfully.
He extended his hands towards her.Indira ran into Somendra’s arms.
Indira:I have come to you Somendra.I am yours.

Tumpe marte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.
Aisa karte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.

Somendra embraced her emotionally.

Somendra said emotionally:I love you Indira.
She blushed:I love you too.

Band galiyon se chup chup ke, hum guzarne lage.
Saari duniya se rah rah kar, hum to darne lage.

Som:Can I tell you something?
Indira stared at him.
Som:You look pretty in colourful suit.
She blushed.

Hai ye kya karne lage.

They both smiled at each other.He caressed her face.She closed her eyes feeling his touch.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai.
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai(Mohabbatein).

Seeing them together Atharv was very happy.Atharv imagined Vividha holding his hand and smiling:
Congrats Atharv.You won…you succeeded in uniting all the lovers.
A:It’s because you are my strength Vividha.
They smiled at each other.

Atharv kept a party for all the pairs.They all danced and enjoyed.

Mmmn.. mmmn..
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Paayal mein machaaya shor (Repeat once)
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Dekho aaye, aaye chor
Pairon mein bandhan hai

tod de saare bandhan tu
Tod de saare bandhan tu
Machane de paayal ka shor (Repeat once)
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dekho aaye aaye chor
Pairon mein bandhan hai

Kahu main kya, karu main kya, sharam aa jaati hai..
Na yun tadapa, ke meri jaan, nikalati jaati hai
Tu aashiq hai, mera sachcha, yakin toh aane de
Tere dil mein, agar shaq hai, toh bas phir jaane de

Itani juldi laaj ka, ghunghat na kholungi
sochungi phir soch ke, kal parson bolungi
Tu aaj bhi haan na boli, oye kudiye teri doli
Le na jaaye koyi aur
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Paayal mein machaaya shor
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Dekho aaye aaye chor
Tod de saare bandhan tu

Hoye tod de saare bandhan tu
Machane de paayal ka shor
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dekho aaye aaye chor
Pairon mein bandhan hai..
Jinhe milana, hai kuchh bhi ho, aji mil jaate hain
Dilon ke phul toh, pathjhad mein bhi, khil jaate hai
Jamaana doston dil ko, deewaana kehata hai
Deewana dil jamaane ko, deewana kehata hai

Le mein saiyaan aa gayi, saari duniya chod ke
Tera bandhan baandh liye, saare bandhan tod ke
Ek duje se jud jaayen, aa hum dono udd jaayen
Jaise sang patang aur dor
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Pairon mein bandhan hai
Paayal mein machaaya shor
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Dekho aaye aaye chor

Tod de saare bandhan tu
Tod de saare bandhan tu
Machane de paayal ka shor
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dil ke sab darwaaje khol
Dekho aaye aaye chor

Atharv was surprised to see his imaginary Vividha near him.
Vividha:Shall we dance Atharv?

Atharv smiled.
Atharv imagined dancing with Vividha.

Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Sab darwaaje kar lo band
Dekho aaye aaye chor

Haan dekho aaye aaye chor
Dekho aaye aaye chor
Arrey dekho aaye aaye chor

Maya saw Atharv’s purse falling down from his pocket.She took it from the floor to give it to him.A photograph slipped from the purse.It was Atharv’s and Vividha’s photograph.

Maya was shocked.

She rushed to her friend’s circle

And said something to ARJUN,Dev,Somendra,Indira and Sonakshi.

They were shocked.

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