Mohabbatein: Love stories JNDSD, KRPKAB, QH, Sarojini, beyhadh TS Part 1

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Mohabbatein:Love stories Part 1

Prof.Atharva Vashisht was a man of love.He taught Shakespearen love stories in his college.While narrating love stories to his students as back ground music he played either guitar or violin .It created a melodious romantic atmosphere in college.
He encouraged his students to fall in love.He was close to his students who were in love.
Atharva saw his student Somendra with his luggage.
A:Somendra,why are you carrying your luggage?

Somendra:I am leaving the college Sir.
Atharva was shocked.
ARJUN:Not only Somendra,I’m also leaving Sir.
Dev:Me too.
Atharva was again shocked.
A:Then what about Indira,Maya and Sonakshi?Tell guys.How can you all leave your beloved and go?Was your love that silly?
Their eyes were full of tears.

A:Somendra,I thought you could go against all the conventions of the society for your love.But now why did you decide to forget Indira?Because she is a widow?
Somendra closed his eyes and wept.
A:Arjun…since you were fun loving,outgoing and mingling with girls everybody considered you as just a flirt.But I had a belief that you were not flirting with Maya.but you really love her.But now I doubt if you were just flirting with Maya for fun.
Arjun closed his hand in a fist due to frustration.
A:Dev…I thought you were very sincere in your love.But you too?
Dev’s tears rolled down his cheeks.But he was numb.

Flash back…
Somendra always met Indira in the near by temple.He was pleased by her helping nature.He saw how she helped the beggars who found solace in the temple.He noticed how she helped the old people who were alone there as they were deserted by their own children…how she laughed with them making them happy with her jokes wiping off their pain.

He looked innocent and cute in her white salwar kameez.He wondered why she was always seen in white.
He thought:Why is she not wearing colourful clothes?She will look so pretty in colourful clothes.But in white she looks beautiful like an Angel.

He made friends with Indira.Slowly he realized his love for her.Once he opened his heart before her.
Somendra:Indira…I think I’m in love with you.

Indira was shocked.Her eyes got welled up with tears.
INDIRA:You don’t know anything about me.Then how can you fall in love with me?
Somendra:Love doesn’t happen knowing everything about that person.My love for you is also like that.

INDIRA:Don’t love me blindly Somendra.Do you know?I am a widow.
Somendra was shocked.
He thought:So that’s why she is always wearing white clothes.Guess she belongs to an orthodox family and that’s why she is wearing inly white clothes.Now a days which widow wears white continously?
Indira:On my wedding night itself when were travelling to our sasural we met with an accident and he died on the spot.I don’t know why God left me alive.Now tell me..can you love me like before?
Her eyes were full of tears.He was silent.

Indira said in her mind:I know why you are silent.After knowing that I am a widow it’s not easy for you to love me.Who will love a widow like me?
She tried to walk off.But Somendra held her hand.She looked at him.
Somendra:Why are you going away without hearing my answer for your question?
Indira did not know what to say.
Somendra:You asked me whether I can love you like before after knowing your truth.Right?Don’t you want to know my answer?

She looked at him with tension.
Som:Then listen to my answer.My answer is ….
Indira’s heart beat fast due to restlessness.
Somendra:Yes,still I love you.
Indira could’nt believe it.
Somendra:You don’t know why God left you alive?God made you alive for me.You are mine Indira.
She became very emotional.
They shared an emotional eye lock.
Somendra:I know you also love me.I can see that in your eyes.
She ran away crying.

Somendra went to Indira’s husband’s house and met her husband’s grand mother Parvati.
Parvati:Who are you?And why are you here?
Somendra:I am Somendra Dushyant Singh.I love your daughter in law Indira.I would like to
marry Indira.

Parvati was shocked.She stared at Indira.Indira was sweating due to nervousness.

Par:Indira…do you also love Somendra?
She kept silent.
Par:I got my answer.
Suddenly Parvati slapped Indira.
Somendra was shocked.
Par:Are you not ashamed to fall in love being a widow?I am ashamed to say that you are my daughter in law.Never expected you to stoop so low.

Indira was crying.
Somendra could’nt bear her tears.
Som:Dadi…what are you saying?
Par:Don’t interfere in our family matters.You are only an outsider.
Somendra felt bad.
Par:In our family widows do not remarry.If you come back again remember..Indira will suffer like hell.Indira will get the punishment you deserve from me.So get out.
Somendra was shattered.He looked at Indira.She ran to her room crying. He left from there tearfully.


Somendra cried:I don’t want Indira to suffer because of me.Because I love her that much.So I have to leave.
Atharv felt sad for him.

Flash back….

At the Valentine’s party conducted by Atharva for the lovers ARJUN-Maya and Dev-Sonakshi danced.

Aankhein khuli ho yaa ho band
Deedar unka hota hai
Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh
Pyaar kaise hota hai

Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu
Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu (Chorus)
Hey aankhein khuli ho yaa ho band
Deedar unka hota hai
Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band
Deedar unka hota hai
Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh
Pyaar kaise hota hai (Male)

Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu
Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu (Chorus)
Aankhein khuli ho yaa ho band
Deedar unka hota hai
Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh
Pyaar kaise hota hai (Male)

Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu
Tududu dudu dududu tu dudu dudu (Chorus)
(Music) (Chorus)
Aaj hi yaaron kisi pe
Marke dekhenge hum
Pyaar hota hai yeh kaise
Karke dekhenge hum (Female)


After the dance ARJUN confessed his love to Maya:I love you Maya.
Maya’s face became red due to anger.

She slapped him.Arjun was shocked.
Maya:How dare you?How dare you fall in love with me?
Arjun:Why are you behaving like this Maya?Don’t tell me that you have no feelings for me.Your blossomed face when you were with me shows that you too like me.

Maya:Oh just stop it ok.Just because I did’nt shut your mouth when you flirted with me you thought I was encouraging you to get closer to me?You duffer…I did’nt shout at you when you were flirting with me just because I was not willing to waste my time.Not because I like you or I enjoy your company.Did you get that?
Arjun became upset.

Arj:I don’t believe this Maya.
Maya:Why can’t you believe it?Tell me why should I love you and how can I love you? Do you know how rich I am?How can a middle class guy like you think of making me your girl friend?Duffer.Never come in front of me again.I hate you.I hate to see your face.
Maya walked off angrily.
ARJUN was broken down.


Arjun wept.
ARJUN:Maya hates me.If I continue in this college she will never get peace of mind.Because she even hates to see my face.So I need to leave.
Atharv felt pity for him.

Atharva looked at Dev.

Arn:Dev….Sonakshi is your best friend.Then why are you also leaving?Is it because she used to love Karan before?But they broke up.Then why?Does her past bother you?Is your love that weak to hesitate to accept her past?

Flash back…

Dev was shattered to see Sonakshi with Karan.

But being her best friend he supported their love.Once he saw Sonakshi in a heart broken state.She cried in his arms.

D:What happened Sonakshi?

Sonakshi:Dev…Karan was cheating me.I caught him red handed with another girl.
Dev was shocked.Sonakshi was crying and crying.Dev wiped her tears.
Dev:Don’t cry Sonakshi.That loser does’nt deserve your tears.
Sonakshi:Dev..I think you are right.Why should I cry for that cheater?
Dev smiled.Suddenly he got angry:But I will not leave the one who tore your heart.

Dev went and hit Karan like anything.
Dev:How dare you hurt my Sonakshi?Don’t think Sonakshi is alone and you can do anything to him.When I am with Sonakshi you can’t hurt her like this.Understand?
Sonakshi smiled emotionally.Dev held her hand and walked away from there.

Dev stood by Sonakshi and supported her through out.
Sona:Dev…thank you so much for being a big support.I am glad to get a good friend like you.You will be my best friend forever.Even if we both marry another person promise me that you will never break our friendship.I don’t want to lose my best friend even after marriage Dev…

She extended her hand towards him.Very emotionally he kept his palm on hers.


Dev:Sonakshi considers me only as her friend.But I can’t Pretend to be just a friend anymore.I can’t cheat her anymore.So it’s better to leave.I am scared whether I will lose my control and burst out my feelings before her.She will be hurt again.She will think that her best friend too cheated her like her dirty boy friend.

Dev cried bitterly.

Atharva could feel his pain in his tears.

Atharva felt his Vividha’s presence near him.She was in a red suit.
Vividha:They all so upset.
Don’t let them fail in love.Only you can help them.

They shared an emotional eye lock.Suddenly Vividha disappeared.

Atharva:How can you all accept defeat so fast?
Instead you all have to fight for your love.

Otherwise you all will regret and live a sad bachelor’s life forever like me.

All the 3 boys stared at Atharva.
Atharva looked very upset.
Arjun:There is any reason behind your loneliness?
Somendra:What happened Sir?

A:I was a former student of this college.
They were surprised.
A:My happiness was my Vividha.
I loved each and every moment I spent with her.

My love was my Vividha.

We used to sit together in our class.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door
Jaana Na Dil Se Door

We romanced secretly when the teacher was taking class.

Tumse Milke Aisa Laga Jaise Apna Koi

Aankho Mein Sapne Naye Mann Mein Halchal Nayi

Whenever the teacher turned back to write something on the board I embraced her.We both looked at the board smiling being in a sweet embrace.

Dhadkane Tham Gayi Tumko Dekh Kar

Tumse Milne Ki Dua Zindagi Ban Gayi

Flash back…

Atharv stood in his classroom and talked about love:Why should we be scared to fall in love?Love is angelic.We will find happiness in love.It removes all fears.So there is no place for fear in love.

Wakt Ki Karvate Ya Mausamo Ke Rang
Harr Safar Sath Ho Harr Safar Sang Sang
Kam Na Ho Ek Pal Pyaar Ka Ye Suroor

Vividha was staring at Atharv with a sweet smile.Atharv smiled at her.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door
Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Suddenly they heard a voice:Be ware of love.You all should be scared to fall in love.
They all looked at that person.They got tensed seeing that person there.

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  1. Shakaib

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    1. Jasminerahul

      I have watched only a few episodes of Sarojini n I loved Somendra Sarojini pairing.There is not even a single ff on Somini.I am still hoping that someone will write on them.Actually I am posting this story for my friend Anuradha who wanted Mohabbatein on Vitharv,Arya,Devakshi,Haira.But since Mohit Ketki are hindus in this story I was hesitant to name them Haider Humaira.So Anu suggested me to name them Somendra Indira in this story.That’s why here the pair is Somendra Indira instead of Somini.I like Somini more than Haira.I have seen only a few episodes of QH.My fav pair is Aahil Sanam,I love them a lot.I like Armaan Mahira also as I like Avinash n Surbhi.Thx 4 suggesting a jodi name for Somendra Indira.
      thx 4 commenting.

    2. Shakaib

      My pleasure. Sahil are my favourite also as well as whole characters with surbhi jyoti. surbhi is really good+talented actress. She romance with 10 actors. She may be the first to done this in one show. A very big thank u for telling me about Haira.

    3. Shakaib

      My pleasure. Sahil are my favourite also as well as whole characters with surbhi jyoti. surbhi is really good+talented actress. She romance with 10 actors. She may be the first to done this in one show. A very big thank u for telling me about Haira. BTW when ADHM IS GOING TO BE READY TO ENTERTAIN?

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    great attempt……… nice concept to…… but feel little bad about Shivani why did you made ger ash….. she is dead I feel bad….. I study your fiction story it was good….
    just me ways to improve my reading my fiction Sirf tum hi ho(jndsd). so that i can make that better

    1. Jasminerahul

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