Mohabbatein: Love stories JNDSD, KRPKAB, QH, Sarojini, beyhadh Introduction of couples-trailor

Mohabbatein:Love stories Introduction of couples and trailor
Watch the lovely trailor made by Anuradha for my story Mohabbatein.

I had written a TS based on the movie Mohabbatein before.For Anuradha I am posting another version of Mohabbatein on her favourite couples Atharv Vividha,Arjun Maya,Dev Sonakshi,Somendra Indira(Haider Humaira of Qubool hai)with some changes.
I also dedicate this TS to Sydell who always wanted me to write on Mohit Ketki.

Thank you so much Anuradha for getting a banner done for my story.Thank you Sameera for the banner.

Introduction of couples

Atharv:Professor who spreads the fragrance of love everywhere in the college.

Vividha:Atharv’s lost love..the painful yet the beautiful memory of Atharv.

Somendra:A soft person who fell in love with a widow.

Indira:A widow who is forced to suppress emotions.

Arjun:A middle class boy who is cheerful and fun loving .He falls in love happily.

Maya:A rich stylish girl who seems to be arrogant.Nobody knows what’s inside her heart.

Dev:A very loving boy who falls in love with his best friend.

Sonakshi:Dev’s best friend who failed to see his love.

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