Mohabbatein Ishqbaazon Ki (Ishqbaaz/Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Crossover) Chapter 2- The Enjoyment! Written by Akiatta

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Chapter Two – The Enjoyment!

“The Oberoi’s from Mumbai?” Raman followed up.
Shivaay nodded. “You got the businessman of the year award in Mumbai, last year, right?”
Raman laughed. “Well… Credits to my wife. She’s been my backbone throughout my life. And come on… The Oberoi Industries is huge. Even in Delhi.”
Shivaay smiled and said, “Well, Credits to my wife…” Shivaay paused and said, “Well… Ex – Wife.”
“Ouch…” Raman replied. He thought about it and said, “You know… this is turning out to be a more interesting trip.”
“I could say the same.” Shivaay said with a grin.
With that, the two heard footsteps as Omkara and Rudra came over and said, “Shivaay Bhaiyaa, we got your clothes.”
Shivaay took the bag and raised an eyebrow as he looked at it and said, “This is…”
“That’s all we could find.” Omkara sighed and said, “We should be able to get some more once we get into the city later.”
Shivaay thought about it and nodded, “Well, anyway… Om, Ru, this is Raman… We are sharing the villa with him and his son.”
“Aww… That’s cute. We would have a kid. It’ll be awesome!” Rudra said in excitement as Raman and Omkara shook hands.
“Well, actually…” A voice came behind them, “I wouldn’t say much about a kid…”
“Adi!” Raman said with a grin and took the bag from him and took a look and said, “Cargo shot? Really?”
“You will look awesome, Papa!” Adi laughed as he rested against his dad’s shoulder.
“Okay, I’m impressed.” Omkara whistled.
“Adi… I think I have heard that name before…” Shivaay said thoughtfully.
Adi laughed and said, “I did an event for you about two years ago. And I did do a presentation to your Delhi branch for your investing firm.”
Raman turned to Adi and asked, “Oh. About that Milkshake Packaging project, you told me about?” to which Adi nodded.
“Okay, Vacation rule number one. NO Business Talk!” Rudra called out.
Shivaay and Omkara gave each other a look and smacked the back of his head.
Raman and Adi laughed as Raman said to the three brothers, “Well, this is Aditya Bhalla, my son.”
Shivaay had a grin and nodded. Rudra was trying to guess Adi’s age while Omkara seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.
Just in time, the Receptionist called, “Umm… Your villa is ready.”

Meanwhile, Oberoi Mansion,

“Okay… This is so not good!” Anika said in frustration. “The engagement is in 30 minutes and I don’t know what to do!”
“Bhojai, Please calm down… I am sure Shankarji would do something in time.” Gauri replied
At that moment, a loud noise rang through the whole Mansion, “OH MY MATA!!!!”
Anika and Gauri gave each other look as they got up and rand down the stairs.
As they got to the hall, they saw Pinky on her knees as she was crying her eyes out.
On the other hand, Vikram and Ragini being held by Dadi and Bhavya…
“Bhavya, what happened?” Anika asked as she and Gauri came down, moving beside them.
“I will tell…” Shakti said with anger in his tone. His eyes glaring at Pinky.
Gauri looked confused as she moved next to Bhavya and saw how she was gripping onto Vikram and Ragini.
“Shivaay never engaged to Ragini. Pinky was lying the whole time. Shivaay never wanted to get engaged to Ragini.” Shakti began.
Anika was shocked as was Gauri. They didn’t expect this today.
“And… This isn’t Vikram. This is… Sultan.”
“Wait… The Sultan you were looking for?” Gauri asked.
Bhavya nodded. Anika and Gauri noticed how her eyes had tears. “The one who…”
Bhavya sniffed and said, “He is the one who took my family away from me…”
With that, the police showed up to the place as they walked towards Bhavya and handcuffed Ragini and Vikram.
“So… These two…” Anika fumed up as she realised that Ragini was the one who blasted the car.
Anika rushed towards Ragini, going for her throat. Gauri controlled her as Ragini and Vikram were biting their teeth in anger.
“I am disgusted with you, Pinky!” Shakti said with anger. “You… You lied to me about my son for all these years. You tortured Anika to leave the house while all the fault is yours?”
“Shaktiji…” Pinky tried to speak. On the same time, the police took Ragini and Vikram out of the house as Dadi and Bhavya were back in the hall, looking at Pinky in the centre.
“Please don’t scold her…” Anika came in between Shakti and Pinky as Pinky’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Baas! No more discussion…” Shakti rose his voice. “From this day… This woman is not my wife. And I’m not her husband. She is just a stranger to me…”
Pinky’s heart shattered as Shakti walked out of the place. Pinky went behind him just as Dadi tried to talk to Shakti.
The three ladies stood there as Bhavya asked, “Where is Rudra? I… I found out about Vikram because of him.”
Gauri looked surprised, “How?”
“Well… Rudi saw Vikram trying to go through his room for something. He felt suspicious and tried to tell me. I wasn’t listening and I left thinking that Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s car blasted because of me. But… On my way, I thought about it and investigated and I tried to reconnect to the hack we did on Ragini’s phone last time. I listened to her conversation with Vikram. They were blackmailing Pinky with the truth and were trying to loot the Oberoi inheritance by Vikram marrying Anika Bhabhi and Ragini forcing Pinky to marry her and Shivaay off…”
Anika and Gauri were shocked with what they were hearing. Anika was in tears as she realised how one lie destroyed the whole family.
“I have to thank Rudi… Where is he?” Bhavya asked. Her eyes in tears as she finally felt accomplished, having finished her mission.
“Rudi Bhaiyaa is missing… Along with Omkara Ji and Shivaay Bhaiyaa…” Gauri said with a sad tone. She wanted to talk to Omkara after all that happened.
Anika felt as if her heart was heavy. She wanted to be the one to talk to Shivaay about this. Her mind was racing about the thought of Shivaay finding out the truth from someone else.
“We have to find them right now!” The three said in the same time!

Meanwhile, Bhalla House,

“Shagun… You okay now?” Ishita asked as Aliya, Ishita and Shagun were sitting together in the living room.
“Mamma, you wanna go to shopping?” Aliya suggested and asked. She was worried as Shagun was quiet the whole week. It’s been a whole day since Raman and Adi left and Ishita and Aliya focused on Shagun.
Shagun sighed and said, “Ishita, Aliya… I know you guys want to help. But… I can’t be here?”
“Why?” Both asked.
“Because I don’t belong here! Ishita… For years, I tried to be a part of this family. But the truth is… I don’t belong here. Aliya… You have been the best daughter. But…”
Ishita and Aliya looked worried.
“You both realise how much it must be hurting for Raman and Adi? Why do you think they haven’t come back home…” Shagun said?
“You noticed?” Ishita asked, surprised.
Shagun laughed and said, “Why wouldn’t I? Look Ishita… As much as a lot happened since Adi was born, I had scarred Adi’s childhood a lot. Every time he sees me… I would be reminding him of some bad memories. The time when he drove the car and caused an accident. The time he tried to separate you and Raman. All the bad memories Adi has… They are linked to me.”
“But… Mamma…” Aliya hesitated.
“And with Raman… That poor guy. I am basically a living reminder of the time in his life where he became heartless. Heartless enough to not even talk to his own daughter just because she has the same mole like me…” Shagun added, “And more importantly, the more and more I am here, I am reminded of all the bad things I have done in my life!”
Ishita and Aliya went silent as they realised how bad those two might be feeling.
“I… I didn’t know you thought like this…” Ishita said with hesitation.
“But… Where will you go, Mamma?” Aliya asked, while missing Adi a lot on the same time.
Shagun smiled as she softly subbed Aliya’s cheek and said, “I’m thinking of going to Chennai for some time… Spend some time with your Patti… Then maybe go to Australia and be with my mother. She is on her own and I could really use some time with her.”
Ishita smiled and softly pressed on Shagun’s hand and said, “Thank you Shagun… I… I should have thought about it…”
“Ishita… It’s not your fault. The thing is… Your heart is pure….” Shagun continued, “You can’t bear to see anyone suffer… But… Sometimes, you have to be selfish. See what your life is heading towards and see what you want for it…”
Ishita nodded with a smile.
“Aliya… You gave me the love of a mother. And in all ways… you are my daughter. So, I am going to give you only one advice. This took me long to realise and with…” Shagun paused and said, “Mani gone… I had some time to think about what kind of mother I was to you. I… I shouldn’t have interfered in your family matters. …I… All I can advise is… Be like your Ishima… She is the perfect example of how a wife and a bahu should be…”
Aliya wiped a tear and hugged Shagun who hugged back.
The three-woman got up as Shagun smiled and walked out.
Aliya and Ishita’s face went dull as she left and the two said, “We have to find them right now…”

Later that night, Resort in Goa,

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra brought in the dishes to the dinner table as Raman said hesitantly, “You shouldn’t have stressed yourself… I am sure we both are already interfering enough…”
“Nonsense… We love to cook.” Shivaay said with a grin. He served the five plates with the food as the five men sat down.
“So… Why did you guys come here?” Raman asked.
The three brothers went silent as Omkara smiled and began, “We… We just needed a break.”
Raman listened and nodded, “It’s okay. I can understand if it’s personal.”
“It’s nothing like that… Actually, Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s wife was forced to leave us three months ago and she is now getting married to someone else. Omkara’s having some misunderstanding while I’m single and am struggling with this girl who is a super cop and is always worried that I am at danger.” Rudra blurted in excitement.
Shivaay and Omkara watched in horror as Raman and Adi looked surprised. The two sighed and told the whole story of what happened.
“Well… I guess it’s our turn…” Raman said, turning to Adi.
Adi smiled and began, fully narrated the complicated family history.
As all the five men finished. The table was silent as no one spoke.
“So…” Shivaay hesitantly opened up.
“So…” Raman did the same.
“Women…” All five of them sighed and laughed as they continued with their dinner.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Airport,

Ishita and Aliya landed on the Mumbai Airport as Aliya asked, “Amma… You sure we are going the right way?”
Ishita nodded as the two women moved to the second check in port. “100 percent. I called up Abhishek and he tried to track Raman’s phone. They are in Goa. Once we grab the connecting flight, we should be able to get there…”
Aliya nodded. Soon, the two women boarded their flight.
While Aliya sat on the row behind, Ishita was sitting by a window seat.
“Umm… Is this… C17?” A woman asked.
Ishita looked up and saw the woman. Ishita checked the seat next to her and nodded.
The woman sat down and said, “Thank you… Actually, I have never gone on a flight.”
“Don’t worry. It’s not very hard. Besides, Mumbai to Goa is just 1 hour.” Ishita said with a smile.
“I don’t know… Mostly, I prefer driving my Champa to anywhere I go…” The woman said. She turned to the backside check on two more women to see if they are okay.
Ishita smiled and said,” I’m Rd. Ishita Bhalla… You are?”
“Anika.” The woman said with a grin.
Ishita smiled and looked at the two women, “They are?”
“Gauri and Bhavya… My devrani…” Anika replied.
“Oh…” Ishita turned to the back seat and said to Anika, “That’s Aliya. My daughter… Well, my daughter in law too…”
“That’s great. You look very young. It’s shocking to see you have a bahu… You guys going on vacation?” Anika asked.
“No… We are trying to murder my husband and my son.” Ishita said with her trademark grin, “And you?”
“Same deal… Murdering my Ex- Husband and his brothers.” Anika replied.
The flight announcement played and the two-stayed silent. When the flight took off, the two women looked at each other and laughed together.

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Next Week – The Search: Raman, Shivaay, Om, Ru and Adi go on a search to find ways to solve their problems with their women while the ladies on the other hand search out for their men. Will the Men find the answers, will the women find the men. Find out next week.

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