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Hi guys!!!! I am here with different concept.
What if technology development took place in the Ramayan era?? How Ramayana would be if the internet and mobile facilities are available at that time?? Come on. Lets see how it is.This one is fully an imaginary work.


The Kingdom of Ayodhya, known for its wealth and powerful military is now decorated by happiness all over. Every nuke and corner of the city is flodded with happiness. The grand city of Ayodhya is awaiting for the birthday celebrations of their princes. The family arranged for a vishnu puja.

“Make sure all the preists are invited. No one should be missed.”

“Ji Maharaj, we sent mail to all the priests and also to everyone.”

“And did the LED screens was placed in the important streets of Ayodhya to make ordinary people watch the function in case of their absence in the palace??”

“Ji Maharaj!!! It is done.”

“Did the airtel company’s owner accepted to send the jio simcards to ayodhya??”

“Maharaj the delivery is on the way now. It will reach Ayodhya before evening. And everything is ready. So no need of worrying.”
Answered Sumantra calmly to Dhashrath’s questions.

Suddenly Dhasrath’s phone beeps.

“Raj guru Vashisht” Dashrath murmers and attends the call ? with great reverance.

” I hope all the preparations are finished. I will be arriving to Ayodhya in the evening.” Said guru Vashisht on the other side of the moblile ?.

“Ji gurudev, ya all the preparations are over. I will be waiting for your presence here. Arrive asap.” Dashrath answered.

Dhashrath left the sabha.

“Sumitra!!! Sumitra!!!” There entered Maharani Kaushalya.

“Didi!!! I was waiting for you. Really I am totally confused about what dress I had to choose for our Ram. I have chosen for the rest three. But for Ram I am confused Didi. Help me to choose one.” Pleaded Sumitra in one breathe, scrolling through Myntra app.

“Don’t worry Sumitra. I will help you.” Came Kaikeyi with a broad smile in her face.

“This dress will be perfect for him. What’s your opinion??” Asked Kaikeyi, at last selecting a suitable one for Ram.

“Great selection Kaikeyi.” Kaushalya applauded.

Sumitra nodded in agreement.

Dresses for the princes are ordered in Myntra app.

“Han.. I think u all are finished with the preparations.” Entered Dashrath.

“Hmm maharaj. And we even selected dresses for our cute little princes.” Said Kaushalya with great smile covering her lips.

“Here is our selection. See and tell me how is it??” Questioned Sumitra showing him the mobile ?.

“Lovely selection!!!” Exclaimed Dashrath on scrolling the mobile ?.

It was morning now. Everyone got ready. The four princes was dressed lovely. And the puja was started. All the rituals in the puja has been recorded in the camera which enable every praja to see it in the LED screen. The puja got over. And Dashrath gave jio sim and some clothes and ornaments to the praja in the occasion of the four princes birthday. The day was ended happily.

Precap:- The kids grown now.
Wait and see what they gonna do with modern technology.

Pls tell me if want to continue this. Pls cmnt. It means a lot to me. Love u all..

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  1. Amalina

    wow thats a grt idea! i would love to read as to how different Ramayana would be with technology!! plz continue

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dear… I will post the next one asap..

  2. Astra

    wow..!!! that was fabulous..!! it was really interesting while reading…. enjoying it,,loved it..

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot astra dii..

  3. Vanshika

    ???????????…. I loved it

    . Oh gosh I’m laughing ? it’s too interesting

    1. its awesome… it…keep it

      1. Padmaja

        Thank u so much bro..

    2. Padmaja

      Ha ha vanshu… happy that u liked it…

  4. can i post my ff in your ff……..???????

    1. Padmaja

      Sure bro u can…

  5. Jayani

    Akka, it was asum 2 d core!!! It was completely different nd new frm all d ffs u had written… Just luving it… Is dis also only 2 epis lyk d other ones??? Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u sooo much dear… no It will not end in two parts.. so no worries… I will update the next Epi asap..

  6. Pragyashree

    Love it and incredible padmaja. Ramji will get to know how ramyana will be in this yug. Plz continue

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dear.. I will update it today..

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