MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer lovestory (epilogue)

Meher woke up and looked around, she was in a hospital room.
Nandini: arey Meher u woke up, wait I will call doctor.
Meher in a weak voice: Nandini

But Nandini ran away to call the doctor. All Meher could think was of Abeer, how they fell together and how he might be now? Is he conscious? Is he alive? All she cared about at that moment was of Abeer. Soon Nandini came with doctor. He did her check up.
Meher: Nandini, how is Abeer? Please tell me he’s OK.

Nandini: he’s fine, and he will be conscious in sometime, relax. But how did you both fall?

Meher: we both were sitting on railing and I slipped and as I was holding him, he too fell, he’s really alright na?

Nandini holds her hand.

Nandini: he’s really OK.

Abeer too woke up in a hospital room and looked around.
Manik: Abeer, u woke up bro, I m glad u r OK.

Abeer: Meher is fine na?

Manik: I don’t know I will go and check and call doctor for you.

He went and sent doctor to him and checked on Meher, he gave Abeer the news that she’s fine and he was on cloud nine. He released the drip from the back of his palm and sat up.

Manik: u need rest.

But he ran away to Meher’s ward. Meher was resting on her bed with Nandini, Navya and Sasha around her, they were talking to her but her mind was occupied by Abeer’s thoughts. Just then the door opened and Meher turned her head to see who’s it and on seeing Abeer, she smiled with tears in her eyes, he came to her and she sat up and hugged him by his waist. He hugged her back running his fingers in her hair.

Meher: Abeer u r OK na?

Abeer: m OK, I was restless to see u so as soon as I gained senses, I came to u.

Meher: I was missing u a lot.

Abeer: I missed u too,now lay down and rest.

Manik comes inside.

Manik: Meher explain him, he’s also injured, he should rest.

Meher: oh, I forgot, Abeer u go and rest, else I also won’t rest.

Abeer: no no I will rest.

He went with Manik after making her lay.

One year passed by, Meher with Abeer went to meet her mother.

Meher: Maa

Mom: Meher, my child.

She forwarded her arms and she ran to him and hugged her.

Meher: doctor said you will be OK within two months, then we will live together, happy happy.

Her mother smiled and hugged her.
Meher: ma, this is Abeer, my best friend and he’s the boy I love, he too loves me a lot, he helped me in recovering from the complex of being deaf, ma I want to marry him.

Abeer came forward and stood beside her bed.
Abeer: aunty, I also feel the same for her, I also want to marry her.

Mom: I just want my daughter to be happy, you can marry her but we have financial problems.

Abeer: aunty, from today, your every problem is mine, you just give your approval and I will give your daughter every happiness.

Mom: OK beta, don’t ever hurt her, she’s very fragile.

Abeer: sure aunty.

Abeer told his mom also and she too agreed. MaNan’s alliance was also fixed. The brothers decided to keep the marriage on the same day. The couples finally got married. Meher became friends with Manik and others too and finally her mother too got fine.

The End.
(A/N: as I promised to finish this story this month only, so I did, and Alone will be updated on Wednesday as I said it will come in February, and don’t know about love sweetest poison…epilogue of Manan Ss: Bff is not confirmed)

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