MN+MB: Manan and Mehbeer lovestory chp 14

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Meher: my love

Everyone looks at Meher in confusion and she looks down.
Abeer: r u all done with ur description?
He said laughingly looking at Meher. She glares at him. He winks at her. She kicks him under the table.
Abeer: guys let’s jam together.

Just then everyone is asked to gather in the auditorium, everyone goes there.
Principal: two weeks away is couple dance competition, everyone will have to choose a partner for themselves, u have today and tomorrow’s time to choose your partners and register them to me. No need to be scared of anyone especially fab5, I don’t want any drama else the one who created it will be disqualified. Thanks!

They all disperse from there back to the cafeteria. Fab5 sit on their table.
Cabir: who is choosing who?
Manik: (unknowingly) Nandini
Cabir: seriously? That girl who keeps chirping?
Manik gives him a death glare as if saying it’s none of your business.

Cabir: I m scared, no u seriously scared me by that look, happy?

They have a giggle.
Manik: I choose Nandini.
Cabir: I don’t know who I choose, I think every girl will be booked except that Madhubala. Hehe
Manik: Navya?
Cabir: yes bro
Manik: u choose her for yourself, u too alone and she’s also alone, go for it
Cabir: no no Cabir Dhawan the great needs someone great.

They have a laugh.

Abeer: Meher
Meher: hmm
Abeer: I choose u as my dance partner
Meher: I will love to dance with u baby.
She holds his hand and they smile.

Dhruv chooses Alia as his dance partner, Mukti chooses a random guy and Cabir chooses Navya at last as he gets no one. Later, everyone are practicing for dance competition. Manik and Nandini were moving backward and forward during the dance.
Manik: what u thought?
Nandini: about what?
Manik: proposal
Nandini: I will tell later
Manik: take your time
Nandini: hmm

Meher and Abeer also had a great time. They dances beautifully and he gives her a twirling hug and a kiss on cheek.
Meher: no PDA
Abeer: oops sorry gf

She blushes.

Cabir and Navya were dancing when she mistakenly steps on his foot.
Navya: sorry
Cabir: no its ok, what about we become friends?
Navya: no
Cabir: why? We are together in dance competition
Navya: after that, u will go ur way and I will go mine
Cabir: this dialogue is only for lovers
Navya: oh
Cabir: friends?
Navya: I will think about it.

Cabir gets irritated. Mukti flirts with the random guy Viraj.
Mukti: u r cute
Viraj: so r u
Mukti: oh seriously?
Viraj: yes
Mukti: let’s go somewhere private.
Viraj: ok

They were about to go but Manik sees them and excuses himself from Nandini, he approaches them.
Manik: Mukti
Mukti: what?
Manik: where r u going?
Mukti: I need some fresh air, so going, let’s go Viraj.

They go out and Manik continues dancing with Nandini. Mukti was going with Viraj when she collides with a boy.
Boy: hey, can u show me around?
Mukti: yes…Viraj u go join them back

Viraj goes.
Boy: I m Abhimanyu Thakkar.
Mukti: Mukti Vardhan.

They shake hands.
Abhimanyu: y r u wearing boy’s clothes?
Mukti: its a fashion.
Abhimanyu: oh u look good
Mukti: let’s focus on showing u around.

After showing him around the college for sometime, they separate saying bye to each other. Meher and Abeer were looking into each other’s eyes intensely.
Raghav Sir: enough practice for today, u can go

They disperse. Manik hugs Nandini before going, she hugs him back. Abeer keeps his arm around Meher’s waist and they walk away together from there.
Meher: we’ll get the award of most romantic lovers of the year

Abeer: and I will get the best comedian award of the year

They giggle and continue walking.

Meher: I want to meet ma

Abeer: ok but during college hours we can’t go.

Meher: ok after that..

Nandini and the others in Mehbeer’s friend circle notices them in that position and Mehbeer sits with them.
Nandini: u both r like bf gf?

She asks and Meher looks at Abeer.

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