Mn+Mb: Manan and Mehbeer love story chp 16

The song plays “baatein kuch ankahi si” plays. Manik entwines both his hands with her and they dance back and forth on the stage. Then he twirls her thrice and they have an eyelock. He sits on one knee and kisses her knuckles and stands up moving closer to her pulling her by waist while she smiles, she moves back holding his hands and he twirls her again. The dance continues and finally it ends with Nandini falling in Manik’s arms followed by their eyelock.

They go from the stage hand in hand while the applause went on. Nandini: u dance very well.
Manik: thnx, now that we r in relationship, let’s go on a date tomorrow.
Nandini: fine.

They go and sit in between the crowd beside each other. Mukti and Abhimanyu are called next. Mukti was wearing a white crop top and dark blue chiffon skirt which was short from front and long from back and off white wedges. Abhimanyu was wearing a white teeshirt with blue blazer and dark blue jeans. They go onstage. As they had met just a few days ago, they were just good friends.

They dance on “yaaro dosti.” They dance beautifully and end it soon. Everyone applauds. They get down the stage and sits. Next came Meher and Abeer’s turn. Meher was wearing a golden gown of floor length which was tight till her knees and was loose from below her knees, her hair were tied in bun. Abeer was wear black blazer with white tee shirt and black jeans. They dance on “main tenu samjhawan ki”, he twirls her and hugs her from back holding her wrists around her stomach, she smiles and the dance ends with Abeer giving her a flying kiss sitting on one knee. Everyone applauds.

Alya and Dhruv are called next, Alia was wearing dark blue maxi dress which reached her mid thighs. Dhruv was wearing a blue kurta with a beautiful brooch. They dance on sun saathiya, they hold hands and Aliya goes away still holding his hand, she comes twirling to him and falls in his arms, he picks her up and twirls her then puts her down, their dance continued and ended with applause.

Next are Cabir and Navya. They come on stage, Cabir holds her hand, she jerks it away. They keep looking at each other as if having some kind of rift between them.

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