MMZ- The Wedding Drama- One Shot

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Radhika looked at herself, she felt uneasy watching that elegant peach lehanga draped around her. What she seriously doing what she was about to do?
“No…no….this will only hurt three lives.” Her heart screamed.
“not if, you keep mum about it.” Her heart countered.
She sighed, drank a entire glass of water in a single gulp. After a little touch up on her make up, she came out of her room. Her brother, Neil was surprised to find her dress up little that.
“is the theme, wedding today?” he teased her, hinting at her heavy partyholic nature.
She sighed. She wasn’t in mood for this. Her heart felt heavy but yet she could say it out loud. Not because her brother, her neil wont bother about it. But because, what the point was….she was in a one sided relation and she realized it.

Neil waved his hands in front of her eyes, trying to wake her up from the dream she was in with her eyes open.
She sighed, “bhai, its arjun’s wedding today.”
Neil smiled, “so why sighing…its your best friend’s wedding be happy….by the who is the lucky girl?”
Radhika replied without any emotions, “samaira, he met her at the med school.”
Neil smiled, turning his attention to the television, “okay…enjoy….and yeah, don’t try coming all by your self. I know, you’ll be tipsy. Get somebody to drop, or call me.”

She scowled, she drank…so what? He was speaking as he didn’t. if she gets tipsy a couple of drinks earlier that him then how is that her fault.
“shut up.” She snapped, moving out of the house.
Neil turned around to look at her disappearing figure. “now What happened to this girl?” he wondered.

Radhika sat In her car. She desperately wanted to chicken away…..but it was her best friend’s wedding. “What will he say……what? I can always make excuses, will tell him, that I wasn’t well.” She reasoned.
She instantly cursed herself for such thoughts. This situation was something, she should have thought about before falling head over heels with him.
She drove on as her mind replayed all their memories. Everything and anything that happened over the last 10 years…..yes, she knew arjun since last 10 years.
But realized that she fell in love with him only two years ago. She smiled a sad one, remembering how she initially ignored the feeling thinking it to be some sort of a stage or temporary attraction. But then she realized it was love! True love!

But she was late…the day, when she decided to disclose her feeling…but before she was able to….she got the shock of her life. Arjun rushed to her all gushing, telling her that he was getting married to the love of her life.

Radhika’s world crumbled in a single second. She found her love and lost him, all in a matter of two hours. How difficult it had become since, to control her feelings in front of him. She even tried to reduce the time she spend with him. But he never let go…..she felt tears forming in her eyes as she remembered his favourite dialogue, “didn’t grab your hand…to leave you…jaana!”
She could blame him…..he wasn’t even aware of her love. It was a strictly one sided thing. And watching arjun getting his happiness in sam. She was even more determined to let things remained the way they were.
She, at any point never realized that it was going to be as difficult as it was….until the day, he come to her house, to give an invitation to his wedding. Looking at his name, entangled with samaira’s in midst of the hearts, she lost it. She lost all the control she had. The dam she had build to store her emotions broke. She cried and cried that night….all alone sobbing into her pillow. She cursed her fate, she didn’t even have her best friend to help her sail through her miseries because of he was the reason for her tears….her longings.

Radhika stopped the car abruptly. She looked at her face In the rearview mirror. “you cant break down today, just one more day….and you’ll forever be free of this unnecessary burden.” She tried to convinced herself. But guess, destiny had different plans.
She sighed and drove reaching the venue. She got down, handing her car keys to the valet. As soon as, she turned around. She was engulfed in a bear hug. She didn’t need to look at the person’s face. His scent itself, tingled her senses. She knew this was place she wanted so desperately to be in…..yet she knew she could never have it.
She pushed out of the hug. Arjun had a injured look on his face. She covered up, she dragged him inside…holding his sleeve, “what were you doing outside….behave man, its your wedding.”
“waiting for you.” he said.

Suddenly, Arjun’s mom came rushing towards them. She gave a arm hug to radhika and pecked her forehead. For her, radhika was like the daughter she never had.
“radhu…you only tell this man that its his wedding. You know what he did…..he looked around and then stopped all the mantras going on. Marching outside, he said, he wouldn’t get married until you came. Stupid boy….only you can handle his behave…” saying so she slapped his cheek lightly.
Radhika grabbed his sleeve again, and marched him to the central stage, “now that I am here, lets get you married.” She said. Her heart breaking into millions of pieces as she said all those words. Her heart cursing her.
She stood like a mute vistor, at the corner. She didn’t say a word, or looked at anyone in particular. She didn’t even respond arjun’s gaze. All her energy was getting used up in holding back her tears.

Then the blushing bride came and radhika noticed arjun’s loving glance at her….his hand extended to help her up. She took take it no longer. She quietly slipped out. She ran to behind the building and let all those tears flow out.

After a while, she felt strong arms banding her waist and a gentle nuzzling on her shoulder. She instantly tried to turn around but the grip was unshakably strong. She struggled.
And all her world stopped at the word, she froze. Arjun.
“stop struggling.” His words brought her back to earth.
She gentle twisted around in his arms to face him. She tried to push him away, before she looses herself at there proximity.

“what are you doing…..and why the hell do you keep running around. What is so hard to understand that it is your wedding and only thing expected out of you’re here is you stand straight?” she said in one go.

“so strong naa radziiee…..” he said as he smelled her hair, his cheek rubbing on to hers, making her blush crimson.
“so even today, you wont open your mouth…you realize naa that, once I go through with this wedding, it wont even matter if you confess or you don’t. you’ll lose me forever.”

Radhika eyes widened, “you knew all along?”
Arjun smiled at her, “I aint your namesake best friend. I realized even before you did.”

Radhika started hitting his chest, “then why did you get married?”
“correction, was about….but I am not yet.” He said huskily as he tried to catch hold of her wrists.
“then why all this?” she asked.
“oh my god woman, you ask a lot of questions…okay…okay, this was all to make you confess.”
She stomped on his foot hard, “idiot…you could have simply came and told me that you loved me, and problem solved.”
“tsk…tsk….correction, I never said that I loved you….all I said was that I knew you loved me.” He said, all seriously on the exteriors but he was laughing looking at her expressions on the inside.
Arjun felt a couple of tears fall on his sherwani. Radhika pulled away from his grip. She turned around and started walking. Arjun instantly went alert, he wanted to tease her but he ended up hurting her.
She was instantly pulled back and her head hit his strong chest. Her nails dig into his arm, but he didn’t flinched.
“Radhika….radhika….i am sorry….i was just teasing you…I love you, more than my life….infact I loved you even before you realized your love for me.”
“and what about samaira?” she asked with her eyes closed, leaning on him, caged in his arms.
Arjun took a second to respond, “ummm, yeah….she is hot, no?”
He instantly got a hot stinging slap on his face.
Radhika pointed her finger at him, “don’t you dare, think about any other girl Mr. Mehra. I wont leave you….either you are mine or nobody else’s..”

“says the girl who was forcing me to sit in my marriage with sam.” He mocked, he grabbed her waist and roughly pulled her towards him. “and yeah baby…don’t you hit me again….because you know, if I do, my style is kind of different. I’ll show you….” saying so, he winked at her and pulled her even more close, like if that was possible. His thumb rubbed her lower lip and he almost leaned in.
Radhika pushed him hard, blushing crimson, “you are shameless…..but still you didn’t answer my question.”

“samaira is your would be sister in law.”
“what?” she jaw hit the floor.
“yeah, she is neil’s girlfriend and he proposed a week ago.”
“and knew about this wedding drama?” she gasped.
“well, he planned it actually.” He winking at her, before capturing her lips in a sudden surprising action.

So finally, I updated the long awaited one shot…..SV akka dedicated you….i know you asked for one long back….and I couldn’t find time, and it kept getting delayed. Today was my last exam, legal studies…uff! Yeah, so I came back home and wrote this down as the first thing.
Moreover there is this saying naa, “better late than never..” *winks*

Okay, so guys please ignore any sort of typing and grammatical errors you may come across. And please please let me know.

Silent readers please give your views.

And guys, you can find me as Myra Sinha on wattpad. I’ll be updating my stories and posting new ones there. follow, vote and comment!

And we are quite a community there…like almost all of us are there…right?
Love you!

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  1. Sathya

    Wow…. Cute cute cute…. So cute one… Myra OS queen is back with a bang. Yipppppeeeeee ur exam s over… Ufffff now we can see ur ff n OS na? Waited desperately yar… N u gave a very cute n adorable OS. Love u dear ??????

    1. Myra

      thank you so much satzz akka…. love you….yep, will try to update everything soon…

  2. Gauri

    Myra you are seriously The OS queen…loved it keep writing waiting for inmate Mehra 🙂 love u sweety ?????

    1. Myra

      awwiieee thank you gauri dii….will try to update the inmate soon.. 🙂

  3. Amore

    Myra.. Myra.. Myraaaaaa!!! how do u manage to pen all these down??? ahh! so so so so so beautiful… ONCE AGAIN 🙂 😀

    1. Myra

      thank you so much amore…love you dear!

  4. Cute lovely os

    1. Myra

      thank you!

  5. Brin

    The wedding drama is awesome, love it to the core, Myra you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot brin di 🙂

  6. Shree


    1. Myra

      heyaaa girl! thanks a lot….will try to update everything asap….are you on wattpad?

      1. Shree

        hehe.. you’re welcome.. yep iam.. Shreemayi is my username..

        love you

  7. arti viswanathan

    Myra darling its awesome episode dear.. I loved it…

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot arti 🙂

  8. S.v

    Awwwiiieeew my teddy thank u soooo much for this os in thw first half I myself wanted to crush arjun with my bear hands then yet again I loved him the way he proposed her awwwww my os queen thank u soo much for the update dear ky kne wish update ur passion project in wattpad I will read that….. love u my teddy bear. Love u soo soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

    1. Myra

      hawww cupcake, you didn’t read my passion project till date? that’s bad….chalo, as a punishment now you post a double dhamaka of HAK….kay? *winks*

      so, you want me to update the same story? will do…..

      love you loads…

  9. Jewel

    Myra, os queen this is superb. Arjun make rads confess her love that scene was nice. Loved this story.
    Ur exam over, now we can read ur ff. I am so happy. Waiting for inmate and legally urs…. Post soon plz….

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot jewel!

  10. this is really the way can anyone tell me how to upload a story.plzzz…

    1. Myra

      thanks maddy!

  11. Awesome

    1. Myra

      thanks sravya!

  12. Myra darling u r indeed a os queen..this is soooooo Amazing yarrrrrr….how u got this lovely ideas huhh?? Sach me i loved this…. Love you dearrrryyyy..muhhhhhaa

    1. Myra

      thank you dipu dii….love you!

  13. This was cute .awesome

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot!

  14. Myra

    I am so sorry sweetheart, I didn’t realise while putting up the shot….sorry!
    may, you have a great year ahead!

  15. Ria

    I am back again. I just found your comment on the recent comment section and came reading expecting the article to be yours just as you did on my one shot.

    Anyway, this was so damn. I thoroughly loved it. I was a bit confused on whether it was gonna be a sad end or a happy one because you’ve written both, but it was a happy one. Yay!! It was marvellous!!

    Also, even though I know no one on this page, but wishing someone won’t harm, right? Happy Birthday Sangee di!! Hope you’ve a great day and an amazing year coming up.

    Loads of love?

    1. Myra

      heyaaa sweetieee!!!!
      thank you so much sweetheart……yep, wishing somebody doesn’t harm….

      love you…tc

  16. Hey it’s amazing.waiting for next is.

    1. Myra

      thanks angel! 🙂

  17. Wow myra sister.nice story.keep on rocking

    1. Myra

      thank you chashni!

  18. was too cute

    1. Myra

      thanks krishna! 🙂

  19. awsome 😉

    1. Myra

      thank you!

  20. Meen

    All hail d OS queen MYRA….girl it was sooooooooooooo gooood……radhika…..she is so cute……..& Arjun finally made her confess……wow……wow….wow……this wedding drama was super duper hit Darling…..& believe me only u can write it so perfectly & no one else……a tight wali hug

    1. Myra

      awwwiiee thanks you so much dear..!!

  21. Jessie

    wowww!!! It was fabulous girl…Lil star….I just loved it…Rads is so lovely and Arjun…haah…what to say…Naughty boy he played a drama…. loved it like anything…you write soo good…Teddy hug and loads of love…TC…

    1. Myra

      thank you so much jessie dii…

  22. nice one. loved it

    1. Myra

      thanks moni 🙂

  23. Hemalattha

    your os superb dear really amazing.arjun character loved it.continue with other.

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot dear 🙂

  24. Myraaaaa…..wowwww lovely marvellous os….loved it to the coreeeee. …it was so sweeeeeet n beautiful adorable. …splendid. …myra u r very very talented my lovely sis….I’m proud of you… such a busy schedule u wrote very interesting n unique stories that I’m became a very huge fan of yours…I’ll definitely follow u in wattpad to read more of your amazing stories. …my ID is romaanjum in wattpad….all the best for your exams results…I’m sure u rocked all your exams…keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Myra

      thank you so much roma diii….you just made my day

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