MMZ – Silently Falling For You !!! (Shot 2)

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MMZ – Silently Falling For You !!! (Shot 2)

Flashback 2: Radhika’s love Realization

Radhika’s friends find her always chatting and smiling seeing the mobile and arrested her one day & enquired her.

Nivi, “Hey Rads, whom you are chatting with always and that with full on smile?”

Rads, “My friend ya, Arjun. You also know him right”

Nivi, “Shall I ask you something Radhika?”

Rads, “Mmm go ahead”

Nivi, “Do you love Arjun?”

Rads, “What nonsense? He is my friend Nivi”

Nivi smiles seeing her and said, “I don’t know Radhika, but I am sure you like him more than as a friend”

Rads, “Nivi, stop this topic. There is something you don’t know about him”

Nivi, “What’s that?”

Rads, “He is already committed. He already has one girl friend. So I am just a friend for him”

Nivi gets shocked little and continues, “For him you are just a friend but what about you? Is he just a friend for you?”

Rads, “Of Course”

Nivi, “Fine then. Keep this in your mind strongly that he is just a friend for you and nothing more than that. That will be good for you”

Rads just nod her head and go away leaving Nivi behind her. Nivi looking at her going and murmurs, “I know you very well Radhika. According to you, Arjun is not just a friend for you. I pray god that you should not get hurt because of your growing feelings for him”

Rads locks herself in her room after talking to Nivi, she gets confused thinking about the conversation she had with Nivi.

She looks at her reflection in the mirror saying, “I can’t love Arjun”

Her thoughts gets disturbed hearing a beep sound in her mobile, she runs to pick it up and gets happy reading the message from Arjun. She happily replies to the message but the very next moment she realizes her excitement seeing his message and gets confused again.

Radhika is unable to concentrate on her work, her mind is always thinking about Arjun and Nivi’s confront. She couldn’t get into a decision whether it is Yes or No. Her heart wants to confess her feelings but her mind retorted her back reminding that Arjun has already a girlfriend.

To confuse her more, she gets a message from Arjun reminding her about a party in his house. She rubs her head and thinks to avoid the occasion but if she avoids it she will know the consequences also. She locks her system and leans on her chair starring up. Why I am not able to refuse you Arjun? Are you that important to me? She got up and walks out from her office and goes towards the nearby Ganesha temple, her favourite god.

She starts praying and looks at the idol. Her reaction gets changed while starring the idol and starts talking little loudly, “You just have to fair lord. You are not doing right for me. At this kind of situation you have to stand with me and support me. Nivi said I love Arjun but Arjun loves someone else. But I am really confused and not understand whether the affection I had on Arjun is just a friendly affection or am I seriously in love with him? I can’t judge my feelings Ganesha. I can’t love Arjun, he is of someone else. I just want to control my stupid heart of not falling for him more. Will you be with me? Promise, Pakka?”

That’s the moment she realized that people around her starring her and heard her prayer to lord ganesha. She gives a sheepish smile to them and gets the Prasad from the priest and run from there. She comes back to her place again and questioned by Nivi who came in search of her, “Where were you madam?”

Radhika, “Temple”

Nivi rolls her eyes saying, “So started bugging him also?”

Radhika looks at her angrily and said, “It’s all because of you”

Nivi, “What I did?”

Radhika, “You only confused me saying that I love Arjun. So only I went to pray”

Nivi, ‘I Just told what I felt. If yu don’t love him then why are you getting confused? You should be more confident right that you don’t love him”

Radhika blinks of not able to reply anything to her and said, “Leave me alone for some time Nivi. I have some work.”

Nivi, “Fine, I don’t have any intention to disturb you but Arjun called me to inform you about the party he has in his home today evening and he wants both of us to be there. He tried to call you but you left your phone and went out. That’s y I came here. Now you continue your work” she left to her place leaving Radhika lost in her thoughts.

Nivi comes to her in the evening, “Radhu, ready? Shall we leave?”

Radhika with boring tone, “Where?”

Nivi, “You forgot? We supposed to go to Arjun’s home. Before that we have to go to our home and get ready. Come fast. It’s already time”

Radhika, “I am not coming. You carry on”

Nivi, “Why?”

Radhika, “Not in a good mood”

Nivi, “It will be good when you see Arjun”

Radhika, “Don’t irritate me Nivi”

Nivi, “Stop your nonsense. I very well know why you are not coming?”

Radhika pass her a look but kept quiet and Nivi continues, “See Radhika, avoiding the party won’t help you at all. Be brave and face the reality. Prove yourself that you are not influenced by Arjun. Be normal and today you can realize what you feel for him. It will help you in finding yourself”

Radhika feels Nivi is saying something sensible, she agreed and gets ready for the party.

Nivi and Radhika reach Arjun’s home and gets a warm welcome by his family. His Mom and Sister greets them happily and makes them feel comfortable. Arjun goes to invite other friends also. Nivi and Radhika got busy with his friends who is known by them also.

Arjun’s friend Naveen, “Hey do you anyone know why Arjun kept this sudden party?”

Murali, “No Navi, even we do not know, but you are his best friend na…how come you don’t know about it?”

Navi, “I just came today morning from Delhi, so I don’t know anything. When I asked him, he said it is a surprise”

Radhika and Nivi silently hearing all the convos happened there and waiting for Arjun’s surprise.

After sometime, Arjun comes to the hall and greets everyone, “Friends, thank you so much for coming here. I know I informed few at the last moment, still you all joined with me in my happiness. I want to tell you all something very important which is going to happen in my life soon. Let’s have the surprise now. Maa” he calls his mom and signed her something.

Radhika gets some unknown tension arising in her heart, she feels restless though everyone is happy around there. Suddenly all started whispering to each one’s ear, Radhika and Nivi turned to the side where others are starring.

Radhika gets shocked seeing a person walking with Arjun’s mom, Arjun goes front and extends his hands to her and joins his with hers tightly and get her to the center stage.

Tears started dwelling in her eyes and Nivi gets confused seeing her and asking Radhika, “Who is she?”

Radhika, “Jenita”

Nivi knows who is Jenita but never seen her before.

Arjun wraps her by her shoulder and said, “Today we going to exchange the rings and make ourselves bind to each officially. I want to have this function simple but with my friends. Hope you all like the surprise”

Everyone started clapping and wishing them for a beautiful life. Radhika stands like a statue but her cheeks becomes wet which she did not realize and touches it after finding it very difficult.

Nivi hold Radhika’s hand tightly to console her and Radhika hides her tears in her smile when Arjun sees her.

He got Jenita to his friends and introduces her to everyone including Radhika and Nivi.

After sometime, the party started and all went to dine together at the backyard where they arranged the dine party. Radhika whispered, “I need to go Nivi”

Nivi, “How can we go now? Everyone is going there, if Arjun don’t find you here then he will definitely question you”

Radhika, “Let him. But I can’t stay here anymore. I am going if you are not joining also”

She is about to move but Nivi too accompanied her and did not want to leave her alone.

Radhika and Nivi reached their apartment, as soon the door opened she walks silently to her room without even saying anything to Nivi.

Nivi left her alone for an hour and come to her room to check and finds her crying and confessing her feelings seeing Arjun’s image in her mobile.

Nivi sighs and murmurs, “Be strong girl. I hope this disappointment should not make you lose your strength and confident”

Nivi comes out from her memories and feels bad for Radhika. Arjun gets upset knowing about Radhika’s feelings on him. After the ring exchange ceremony, he searched for Radhika to make her befriend with Jenita, but he couldn’t find her anywhere and got to know from Naveen that she already left. After everyone left, he messaged her but did not get any response and came to her flat to meet her. But he got to know her love for him which makes him appalled. He did not want to hurt Radhika, he likes her so much but he loves someone else. He can’t cheat both the girls, he hold his head and lied on the sofa and confused how to handle this situation.

Jenita looks at her engagement ring happily and thinks to call Arjun. Her dad comes to her and takes her to the hall and makes her sit beside him. Jenita questionly looks at him asking, “Do you want to say something dad?”

“Yes Jeni, I know you are happy that you got your love. But I want you to make us happy”

Jeni, “I don’t understand Dad”

“Well, I want Arjun to convert into our Religion before your marriage”

Jeni is shocked hearing it and replied, “He won’t dad. How can you expect him to do so?”

“Why can’t I expect it? Like others, I also have some expectation for my daughter’s marriage. You came and told me that you are in love with Arjun, a Hindu guy. I accepted it knowing he is your happiness. But I want my Son-in-Law to be a Christian. I am fine with Arjun but not his religion”

Jeni, “What you want me to do now?”

“Tell him my expectations and if he really loves you he will accept it”

Jeni, “If he is not?”

“We sacrificed our society and prestige for your love infront of our own people, and want to re-gain it by his conversion. I know he also madly in love with you, he will accept it for sure. “

Somehow he brainwashed his daughter and made her mind to talk to Arjun. Jeni’s mom came to him asking, “Why are you putting such a condition now after engagement? You should have told this before that right?”

“If I would have put this condition before Jeni would never ever understand and accepted it. Now she knows we sacrificed something for her love and now she will try to convince him to convert since she wants to return something for our happiness. Anyways I will be happy if Arjun accepts it”

“What if he did not?” Jeni’s mom raised her doubt.

“Your brother’s son Lawrence is on his toe to marry Jeni. Don’t worry, either way it is good for us”
Next day, Arjun gets up from his sleep hearing his mobile ringing continuously, he finds himself lying on the sofa itself. He picks up the call and it is Jeni, “Hey Jeni”

Jeni, “Arjun Where are you?”

Arjun rubs his eyes and yawning, “Home”

Jeni, “I need to talk to you something very important. Pls come to our regular place”

Arjun looks at the clock and asked, “So early?”

Jeni, “Yes, and come soon” she disconnected the call leaving him puzzled.

Arjun & Jeni meets at the beach bay restaurant and stares the sea silently. Arjun lost his patience, “What you want to talk so urgently and now you are sitting silently?”

Jeni gets tensed and nervous thinking how to open up the topic. She takes a deep breathe in and asking, “Arjun, do you love me?”

Arjun looks him weirdly saying, “Have you gone mad?”

Jeni, “Just answer me please”

Arjun sighs and replied, “Yes. I love you so much”

Jeni smiles and asks, “Will you do anything I ask?”

Arjun narrows his brows and looks at her suspiciously asking her, “Somehow I know you are upto something but I don’t know what is that? It will be good if you ask me directly what you want from me?”

Jeni gulps and pressing her hands in tension. Arjun looks at her tension and worried thinking her in any problem.

Arjun, “Tell me Jeni”

Jeni, “Arjun, you know right? Dad was not happy for our love initially and later after lot of struggle he accepted it”

Arjun, “Hmm, so what’s the problem now?”

Jeni, “Actually, Dad requested me something before our marriage”

Arjun, “Continue”

Jeni, “He…He…wants you to get converted into my religion before our marriage” she stammers and somehow completed it.

Arjun’s face clearly depicts no reaction and anger is getting build up but kept silent and asks, “What you said?”

Jeni avoids looking at his face and turns other side showing him her back and said, “He sacrificed so many things for me Arjun. To make me happy, he hide all his worries and acting to be happy in front of me. I want to see him happy by heart. I told him that I will make you agree for this condition”

Arjun started laughing making her shock and confused. He looks at her face and said, “Do I look like a fool?”

Jeni, “Arjun”

Arjun signs her to stop and continues, “Don’t talk anything and make me insane. Leave me alone”

Jeni try to touch him and he shouts at her saying, “I said leave me alone”

Jeni gets scared and go away from there.

Arjun lights his cigar and starts smoking remembering Jeni’s condition for his marriage.

Jeni paces around her room with lot of tension and often looking at her mobile expecting a message or call from Arjun. Her parents watching all this from outside and her dad smile slightly looking at her.

“Why are you doing like this?” her mom questioned him.

“I know it hurts her, but at the same time i want to re-gain my prestige also in front of our relations. I will be happy if Arjun agrees my condition”

“If he is not?” she asks.

“If he is not, then the decision will be my daughter’s”

Jenita couldn’t control her and called to Arjun, “Hello Arjun”

Arjun, “What?”

Jeni, “Arjun, I have asked you something and you haven’t get back to me yet. Don’t you think how important that is for me?”

Arjun, “If I did not get you back means, you should know how important that is for me. I am in middle of my work. Don’t disturb me for some time” he disconnected the call without even waiting for her reply.

Naveen (Arjun’s friend), “Why are you showing your anger on her? She is just a pawn. You have to talk to her father. He is tuning her”

Arjun, “Why she is dancing for his tunes? She don’t have brain? Can’t she think before asking me such a question? How can she even think to ask me? If she loves me really, then she should immediately refuse when her dad asked her. She shouldn’t have carried that request to me. That irks me more”

Naveen, “It’s ok. I can understand. But now you have to try to make her understand that her expectation is wrong. Okay, have u talk to Radhika?”

In the mean time, Arjun forgot about Radhika and suddenly he remembered her and try to dial her number.

Radhika in her office gets disturbed by a call and gets worried seeing Arjun’s number. She picked her Mobile and run to the conference room to make sure none should hear her conversation.

Rads in between her breathe, “Arjun?”

Arjun smile hearing her voice, “How are you?”

Rads, “Fine? Why your voice is so dull?”

Arjun, “No I am not”

Rads, “I can find the difference Arjun. If you want you can share with me, otherwise no problem”

Arjun smiles and replied, “Shall we meet today?”

Rads hesitates and later she accepted to meet him.

Arjun & Radhika meets in their favorite place, they both indulge in a deep silence. Different thoughts are running in their minds. Both are waiting for other to start the conversation.

Arjun looks at her who looks at the kids playing around there and initiates the convo, “R u okay?”

Rads stammers, “Yeah…i am okay…in fact I am good” and avoids his gaze.

Arjun, “Radhika…I seriously don’t have an idea about your feelings on me”

Rads sighs, “It would be better If we don’t talk about this topic Arjun. It’s my personal thing and I don’t want you to take a blame on it and worry for that. I carried a feelings for you and not you made me to think like that. I am the sole responsibility for that…so please stop worrying for me and I will get back to normal soon”

Arjun kept quiet and she continues, “Apart from this, what is bothering you?”

Arjun informs her about Jeni’s request for their marriage. Rads get shocked and said, “But you said that you both agreed to give freedom to each to follow their own religions even after marriage right?”

Arjun, “Hmmm….yeah even now I am into that, but her dad manipulated her a lot and now she caught in their net”

Rads, “Give her some time, she will realize her mistake”

Arjun, “Will see”

Rads, “Mmmm…Fine, I have some work…see you some time. Bye”

Before Arjun reacts, she walks out from there leaving him still worried looking at her the way she is going.


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