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Since it’s also Sree birthday, I decided to include her in this story, I hope Sangee and Sree will love this story, happy birthday girls enjoy……

When Miss Khanna left with her friend, Sangee came out under the table, she was about to leave, when suddenly she heard someone crying, Sangee ask who is crying, a girl who was hiding inside the curtain comes out, the girl said her name is Sree, she said that her father works at the Malhotra mansion, she was here to confront Miss Khanna why she hurt brother Neil, now that she knows the truth that it was dadaji’s fault, he was going to do something terrible to Neil.

Sangee ask Sree what is Dadaji going to do, Sree said he was going to get Neil married to Tina, he is going to do it when Neil is drunk, when he is not in his senses. Dadaji is making a big mistake getting Tina married to Neil, that girl only loves money not my brother Neil. Sangee said we are going to stop him and I know how to do it. Sree said he is powerful, there is no way we can defeat him, Sangee said where there is will there is a way all I need is your help for this plan to work, are you with me, yes said Sree, what do I have to do, Sangee tells Sree the plan, my friend Sangee this is a perfect plan, dadaji will learn a big lesson from it.

While Sangee and Sree were walking the hall, the bully found Sangee, I been looking for you young girl, your father hire me to watch over you. The bully name is Billu but Sangee likes to call him bully, he is the bodyguard of Sangee, if you seen hulk he is the reflection of him with his big muscles, he is a huge man, everyone gets scared of him except Sangee because she knows he has a good heart since he is her bodyguard.

“Bully I want my father to do us a favor, will you take us to him.”

“Sure, does your friend know who your father is.”

“Right now my main concern is getting Nesam together, and that’s why I need my father for this plan to work.”

When Sree arrive at Sangee’s house, it was like a mansion, there were a lot of security guard. Sree ask why so many security guard is your father some kind of a don. Sangee was looking at her nervously, yeah he is a don my father’s name is Angad Sahi. Sree was like what, he’s the most dangerous man and he is your father. Look Sree I’m not happy what he does, I don’t live with my father, my mother and father are divorced, but right now he is better choice in getting Nesam together.

“Your father’s is waiting to see you Sangee” said bully.

“Lets go and don’t worry my father won’t harm you.”

So Sree and Sangee told there plan to Angad and he agree to help.

There plan was to get dadaji to sign a property paper, where he will loose all his money, then maybe this wedding will stop because that Tina girl loves money, if they loose money she will not get married to Neil.

That is where dadaji’s lawyer name Zubin which he trusts him will get the property paper sign, because Angad will threaten his life and his family and that is what he did, but my father doesn’t kill the family, he only kill people that are traitor in his business, I repeat not family, this was only to scare him so that Sangee and Sree plan would work.


It was time for the wedding, Sangee and Sree’s plan was all set. Sree was getting Tina ready for the wedding.

“So Tina Madame do you love Neil.”

“I’m marrying him because I love him.”

“If Neil was poor would you love him.”

“Look here girl, money is the most important thing if Neil didn’t have money, I would not marry him.”

“But you said you love him.”

“Yes I love him for his money even dadaji loves money then his grandson’s happiness,”

“What do you mean, said Sree.”

“Well dadaji threaten to harm Sam’s dad if she didn’t back out of Neil’s life, he was offering her money but that stupid girl said she loves Neil not his money.”

“What if I say, that dadaji is going to loose his property today.”

“Your joking right.”

“No they lost all there property, but hey if you want to get married go ahead.”

“No way I’m leaving, good bye and thank you for telling me.”

“Leave at the back side so Dadaji won’t see you.”

Tina leaves and Sree makes the call, “Sangee your plan is working she left.”


Dadaji left an alcohol for Neil, told him to drink it, but Sangee switch it so that Neil wouldn’t be drunk today.

When Neil took a taste it was all water, Neil decided he would go to the pub, but when he got out of his room, he saw the pandit and there was decoration, what was going on Neil thought, he had to leave but his little sister Sree his pichuchu stopped him, she said she wanted to tell him something. Sree took him to her room, and played a tape recorder where Tina confesses the truth of the marriage and what dadaji did to Sam. Neil was shocked the man who was his grandfather, how could he do this to him. Neil went to dadaji to confront.

“How could you do this to me, how can you separate Sam from me.”

“She is from the middle class family, she isn’t a high class society.”

“Then Sangee comes and say, “Mr. Raj Malhotra your not the high class society anymore. This house and money doesn’t belong to you.”

“What are you talking about,” dadaji ask.

Sangee shows him the paper, dadaji is shocked.

“Me and Sree are the owner of this house and money is ours now.”

“Nnnnoooo!” Dadaji say.

“We can give you the money back if you get Nesam married, apologize to Mr. Khanna and his daughter.”

“Fine I’ll do that” said dadaji.

Well dadaji went to Sam’s house to apologize and also fixed Nesam’s marriage, when they got married, Sangee and Sree gave dadaji is property back. Dadaji was happy, but Neil was not happy.

Nesam decided they were going to leave dadaji, dadaji said “this property belong to you, you can’t leave me.”

Neil said ” No, I don’t need your property, it was because of this property that I was going to loose Sam, if Sangee and Sree didn’t take control of your property, you would have gotten me married to Tina, you know it and I know it, it’s true so I’m leaving your house so you won’t harm my Sam again, good bye Raj Malhotra. ”

Nesam left the house, but Sangee and Sree had some few words to share with dadaji.

Sree played the tape recorder that confesses that Tina love money not Neil.

Sangee said “You are a selfish man, you don’t love your grandson, you let him suffer with a broken heart, what do you think will happen to you if you had your way.”

“What do you mean?” Dadaji ask.

Sree said, “Think about it dadaji your getting old, do you think Tina will take good care of you and Neil, now imagine yourself in bed calling Tina to give you water, you think she’ll help you out.”

Sangee said “She would rather go party then to help you out, now imagine Sam, she didn’t except your money because she loves Neil and she didn’t want to separate you from your grandson, don’t you think she would be perfect for Neil. We are sorry to take your property, but we needed you to see what you were doing to Neil and to yourself.”

Sangee and Sree leave the house, for the first time dadaji’s eyes were open, he had thought money was important, but now family was more important, the girls had saved him from making a big mistake.


That day dadaji apologize to Nesam he said that money clouded his mind that he couldn’t see the truth, he now knew that Sam is perfect for Neil. He also thank the girls for helping him see the truth.

They all lived a happily ever after.

The End

Please I want to see lot of comment, so silent reader please comment.

Sree I want to wish you a very happy birthday, may all your wish come true and Sangee happy belated birthday, all the best for both of you.

It’s 3:30 am, I can’t believe I’m writing at this time, hope it gets submitted bye now ta, ta…

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  1. Jeall

    Oops Brin, now I understand what a long episode means???

    Anyway I will be honest, I did not read your FF, busy with some projects. And end semesters. So yeah, I promise I will read your FF whenever i get time. But I am sure it must be good☺

    1. Brin

      Thank you Jeall, when you read my ff, please do comment, I will be waiting for it, stay blessed. ?

  2. arti viswanathan

    Awesome and excellent episode brin dear… I loved it…. Tc loads of love

    1. Brin

      Thank you arti for your comment it means a lot, stay blessed. ?

  3. Dipika

    Brin darling lol.. It was epic plan to cancel marriage.. Sangee n sree were Awsome yarr.. They United nesam… Amazing os.. Love u lots ? ? ?

    1. Brin

      Thank you Dipika for your comment it means a lot, stay blessed. ?

  4. Jewel

    brin that was nice. the way sangee and sree made understand dadaji, i liked that portion a lot….

    1. Brin

      Thank you Jewl for your comment it means a lot, stay blessed. ?

  5. Jessie

    Sangee and sree…hands together…super… nice one ya….!! Nesam getting married…dadu reformed…all is well at u loads….Brin….mothers dairy plzzz…I am irregular here but will catch Some how…

    1. Brin

      Thank you Jessie for your comment, it means a lot, stay blessed. ?

  6. Gauri

    Awesome episode Brin 🙂 loved it stay blessed

    1. Brin

      Thank you Gauri for your comment, it means a lot, stay blessed. ?

  7. amazing update ……….

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Subha for your comment, it means alot, stay blessed ?

  8. Great dear… i likd it…

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much, your comment means a lot, stay blessed. 🙂

  9. Sangee

    Hey superb Brin thank you so soo much.. I loved it…. Finally mission Nesam unison is done ??? once again thanks for the dedication…. Love you ? ? ? ? take care

    1. Brin

      I’m so glad you like the dedication Os I wrote for your birthday, always stay blessed. 🙂

  10. Awesome, very heart touching shot….brin my dearrrrr u pointed out scenerio very beautifully. ….sree n sangee’s played very lovely role here to unite nesam…..neil’s dadaji got very good lesson n their plan worked….very interesting n lovely story. ….keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart. ….n once again very happy birthday to sree n sangee….muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot, stay blessed. 🙂

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