MMZ – That one thing (SS )–Segment 5

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Here’s the next and final segment of TOT… Only epilogue remains after this update… I’ll start ‘Misconceptions’ after the epilogue…
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A meeting is going on in a conference room. Two people were feeling extremely awkward in the whole environment. It’s because they were meeting after three long months that to face to face. They both long forgot the purpose of their presence there. After the meeting is over, only two souls remained in the conference room to sort out their problems one last time. These three months were a hell lot of torture without each other’s presence in their respective lives. And also a hellion task to talk to each other now after what had happened because of their stupidity.
By gathering all the courage she can muster, the girl took forward the first step.
Sorry De…..’
Before she could complete her sentence her back was plastered to the nearby wall with a heavy body plastered to her front. The body which makes her weak on her knees and the eyes that are emitting fire and rage now were those eyes she fell in love with deeply and irrevocably.
Don’t…. Never utter that word again Ms. Mishra.’
What?? Ms. Mishra?? Are you out of your senses Mr. Arjun Mehra? I’m your Sweetheart and will remain forever, do you get that?’ said Radhika not able to take her Devil calling her formally.
Oh!! Now you remember that you are my Sweetheart. What happened that day when you left me alone to die with a heart break?’
That day I was foolish to let you go. I can’t live my life without you Devil, that’s the truth. But the word ‘marriage’ raised an alarm that was shunted out for a long time. I was unable to form any coherent thought that time, so left from there.’
Think twice before you call me Devil again. Because uttering that would find you beneath me on my bed naked. Our first time will be so hard that you will not be able to walk for a week.’ Said Arjun trying to make her understand how wrong she was in judging him.
She passed him a weird look that time. What is that look? Scared? Annoyed?? Scandalised??? But why? She’s expecting him to forgive her and take her into his life right? Then that will happen at some point of time one day. Or is she not ready for him yet? He came out of his thoughts and her “What?”
The answer did leave him shocked and surprised at the same time.
I thought you would say our first time will be so hard that I’ll not be able to walk for a month. I expect more from you (mischievously) Devil.’
You little witch. You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were afraid of that thing and you being my Snowflake astounded me again.’ Said Arjun and claimed her lips for the first time.
Radhika was smiling at his words but Arjun didn’t understand why.
I think I cursed you Sweetheart.’
Now I called you witch I guess.’
Oh that!! Of course I’m a witch, if I’m not a witch then how could I have cast a spell on you and get you thinking only about me all these days.’ Said Radhika with a wink.
Now which language are you talking?’ Asked confused Arjun
Amore Mio is an Italian word for ‘MY LOVE’ Devil.’
Love you Devil, I can’t live without you. Please we will get married. We both had enough by going through hell for three months already and making our NeSam go through hell because of us.’
Yes, I know. But wait!! How come you changed your opinion about marriage this sudden?’
It’s because of my Papa. He made me understand the importance of marriage. And now I think this whole meeting is brainchild of Mr. Dilip Mishra. That’s why he was insisting me to attend this meeting when I was hell busy with other projects. Not bad haan, my father really proved me how I got this kurafathi dimaag.’ Said Radhika with a wink.
Both chuckled at her answer and she told Arjun how her father made her understand the things.

Radhika’s dream project is to take over the chairperson position of ‘Magic Food’. The company is her parents’ hard work and the symbol of their first love. She cannot give away that privilege to someone else, so took over the company’s chairperson position after her studies. But she’s not the same chirpy girl which she was some months before when she visited her father.
Dilip noticed these changes in his daughter. She talks, eats and does her works only when asked for. But she kept the business floating and it’s steady to an extent.
One day when she returned home from work, he asked her to freshen up and come to his study. She did the same. When he asked her the reason of her agony, she shared her pain as how she loved Arjun and how he proposed; how she rejected him because of her fear of marriage. Only because of them how NeSam got separated.
Dilip listened to all these things patiently and gave her his side of explanation of how his life turned upside down.
Beta!! I know we failed you as parents (seeing Radhika is about to protest) No beta, it’s the truth. We failed you in every possible angle. You were broken beyond repair when our fights were started, I didn’t know what to do that time. The only thing we both that is your mother and I had in our mind is your secured future. That was our mutual decision to send you to boarding school. We did what we can do better, we got divorced. Divorce is our final mutual decision. I didn’t know that our separation will get you to this point that your belief on marriage institution will be broken into pieces. From the words I heard from you, Arjun loves you so much. That’s why he proposed you for marriage; he doesn’t want to lose you. Our marriage was broken because we lost trust on each other. That doesn’t mean it has to happen to you too. Life is all about choices, you have to make a wise choice. I cannot bring a nice groom when you still have Arjun’s name engraved on your heart. Think wisely and make a good decision.’
Radhika actually lives with her father. Her mother took her last breath few years back. She wanted Radhika to be the chairperson of their chain of hotels as her last wish. So Radhika completed her degree and took her position. Now her father’s words are ringing in her mind. He wants her to make a wise decision. How can she make a wise decision when her mind is addled up to a great extent? How will she ever meet her eyes with her Devil and her soul sister Sam? Only because of her fear, all her friends were separated and now living their lives as strangers.
Dilip understood the inner turmoil of his daughter. He rang up Leela Mehra, mother of Arjun and explained her entire scenario. Then these both planned to meet up these nut heads through a meeting. They insisted their children respectively to go to the meeting as it is an important one. They even told them it was necessary for the chairperson to be present in the meeting. Arjun and Radhika both found their parents’ behaviour weird and knew there was something amiss. But gave up those thoughts because of their trust quotient on their parents.
So that’s how Arjun and Radhika met in the conference hall of one of the five star hotels that is owned by Mehra’s.

Finally as we both sorted out our differences, shall we take project of uniting my Carrot and his Radish?’
Of course Sweetheart!!! Did I ever say NO to you? Waise did your Carrot’s father accepted him as his son?’
Yes, to an extent!! Neil always had this pain of getting separated from his mother. His father wanted him to become a doctor but Carrot wanted to become an engineer and a businessman. He got separated from his father and studied from his scholarships; only his fee for hostel was paid by his mother in secret. Now he fulfilled his dream of becoming an engineer, I offered him to join in our business but he’s not willing to do that, you know how he is!!!’
Yes I do know. We have a big mission of uniting NeSam, what say partner shall we start our planning?’
By the way, why did you call me “Snowflake” before?’
Because you are my unique girl who fought with all her fears and came back to me and claimed her love.’ Said Arjun with a long kiss on her lips.
Okay, now get back to work. No distractions allowed.’
See!! Who’s talking? The big distraction herself.’
Okay no jokes from now on, only work, alright?’
They both were happy to find themselves in the rapport they used to share as before. Now Mission NeSam unison started, let’s see what these devils gonna do.

Samaira was in deep slumber when she heard the shrill voice of her phone. She attended the call only to hear the shock of her life. Her love, her life was met with an accident. The person who called said that her number was on speed dial and so he called her. She without thinking of anything rushed to her wardrobe; wore the clothes she first laid her hands on and ran out of her room.
When she reached the entrance of her apartment building she’s welcomed by a familiar voice and a handkerchief on her face. She’s losing her conscious slowly. When she woke up the scene unfolded in front of her horrified her to death. Neil is on a bed with all kinds of tubes on his body. So the accident was real, but why did I find the voice that called me familiar? Who are those people who brought me here?
Her thoughts were brought to a halt with a slight movement from Neil. He opened his eyes and watching her wide-eyed.
What is happening here? I was told that Radish met with an accident, but she is fit and fine, that means that is fake call. Then why am I adorned with all these tubes as decorative pieces on my body? Ughhh….. I should have known this. Beetroot and Avocado….. I’m not going to leave them. First I need get rid of these tubes, for that I need her help. Okay Neil beta, chalo shuru ho jaa kaam pe {start your work}…
Radish!! Help me yaar, I need to get rid of these tubes now.’
What?? Why?? Are you crazy?? You were met with an accident and now you want to get rid of these tubes!! No!!! I’m not going to help you.’
Radish!! Please, I love you naa, I’ve not met with any accident. If I’m not wrong this plan is our Beetroot and Avocado’s…’
Exactly…’ said Radhika and Arjun entering the fake hospital room.
Carrot!!! You are not going to get rid of those tubes until you say sorry to both your Radish and Avocado.’
What? Why?’
Because of my fears, you left both of them yaar. I know how much you have suffered without your love and your best buddy on your side. So chalo, acche bacche ki tarah sorry bol do {say sorry like a good child}. And I’ll follow you.’
How can he refute his sister’s words when he very well knows he can’t live his life without his love and his best buddy? He lived his life like a Zombie in these three months, now when he got a chance, how can leave this chance?
Radish!! See I cannot go on one knee right now because of these tubes. Can you forgive me for my one mistake? I know I acted foolish, I also know that you were only trying to get Carrot out of her fear, but I lost my control when I saw tears in her eyes. I’m so sorry Radish, please forgive me. It took me three months to tell these words, but I promise I’ll make up to every missed second of our life.’ Said Neil.
Sam had tears in her eyes now. Her love is confessing his mistake and her soul sister and brother were responsible for this. She is happy beyond limits. She jumped on Neil and hugged him tight. Tubes were long forgotten, but Neil is unable to hug her back because of these bl**dy tubes. So Arjun helped him in getting rid of those while RaSam were talking and sorting out their problems. It didn’t take much time for RaSam to hug each other and start talking about anything under Sun. ArNeil were happy to see talking and giggling as earlier. They hugged each other and joined the girls.
All the 4 idiots shared a group hug now. This is how bonds are formed with trust on each other. There may be many storms coming in your life but we shouldn’t lose our faith on our loved ones, because those were the only ones who walk with you till the end of the world.
End of story????? Noooooo…… An epilogue is remaining. Will post it in another two days. Okay I think the reunion became a little filmy. 😛 But I didn’t get any other idea, so made their reunion like that. 😀 How did you like Dilip and Leela?

How many of you think Neil’s ONE thing is worth wait. While I was writing this, I got a feeling like “I think I’ve given them many hopes only to break their bubble”, so only asking. 🙁

So sorry if it’s not to your expectations.

Please do let me know your views on this segment. Have a nice day ahead. 🙂

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