MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 2)

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Hi All, Thanks a lot for the great support and its wonderful to see your amazing comments.

Yes, as you all said, Ardhika knows each other where in Arjun determine to make her Mrs. Mehra but Radhika hates Mr. Mehra to the core.

And i am going to narrate the story in the way of handling both past and present. Parallely i am planning to handle it..hope u all like it. Enjoy reading.

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 2)

Episode 1


Recap: Nesam’s love, Prerna’s discussion with Sam parents. Proposal refused by Sam’s brother and Rads meet him to convince him but inturn he asks her to marry him.

Radhika hugs her pillow tightly and tears finds it way from her eyes and makes the pillow wet, she murmurs, “I JUST HATE YOU ARJUN”. She lies at the same position for some time and after that goes to her wardrobe and searching for something.

Finally after digging it she takes a Diary and goes to her bed. She opens it and turns to the first page where she sees the picture of Arjun and her together.

Ardhika picture

( )

She rolls her fingers over the picture and tears oozing from her eyes. Suddenly her mobile buzz with the caller id “Saral”, she immediately hides the diary again to the same place and picks up the call, “Hi Saral”

Saral, “Hi Radhika. Am i disturbing you?”

Rads, “No…Not at all. Tell me”

Saral, “Come to ur balcony”

Rads goes to balcony and see Saral waving his hands standing at the entrance of their house. She smiles and waves too asking, “What are you doing here?”

Saral, “Nothing..i just came this way to meet my friend and remember you, since you did not come to office thought of meeting you now. Shall we go for a small walk?”

Rads, “At this time? It’s already late”

Saral, “Hey C’mon Radhu, it’s just 8 PM. We still have time. Will just go for a beach walk and i promise i will drop u back home safely”

Rads, “But Saral, I don’t know What Mom will say?”

Saral, “You want me to talk to Aunty?”

Rads, “No No…ok wait. I will come down”

Rads goes down to meet her mother and tells her, “Maa, Saral came and i will go for a walk with him and be back soon”

Prerna gives permission since she knows Saral as her best friend. Saral & Rads drives to beach and get down for a small walk.

Saral, “Such a nice climate right?”

Rads, “Hmm yeah. It’s so chill”

Saral then notices her holding her hands across her chest tightly to control the chillness, he immediately takes out his jacket, “Have this radhu”

Rads smiles and is about to take it from his hand but instead he himself covers it over her. She smiles saying, “Thanks Saral”

Saral, “It’s ok yar. But i am so happy today that i got some time to spend with you alone. It’s been a long time that we both are hanging out”

Rads, “Hmm yeah”

Saral, “Why u did not come to office today? Any problem and you are not glowing as usual”

Rads, “Nothing Saral, just marriage tension”

Saral jerks, “Marriage? For you?”

Rads, “Naah..for my brother. You know na he is in love with Sam and we spoke everything to Maa and she also agreed for it and discussed with Sam’s parents too”

Saral, “They did not agree is it?”

Rads, “No..even they agreed for it..but, she has a brother and he is not accepting” while talking about that her voice becomes so low.

Saral, “Why?”

Rads realize what she was saying and to change the topic, “Leave it Saral. I want to relax myself from that tension now. I am enjoying now. Let’s have kulfi now. Come”

Both goes to the kulfi shop and buy one for each and continues their walking. Suddenly Rads stop Saral and turns back to look at the surroundings.

Saral, “What happened? Whom are you looking?”

Rads, “I felt like someone is stalking us”

Saral, “Nobody is there. Don’t dream now itself”

Rads shrugs her shoulders and walks with him, “Hmm..Saral, what happen to ur Marriage?”

Saral freeze for a sec and says, “Actually, i stopped Mom to search a girl for me”

Rads, “Why so?”

Saral, “Because i found a girl for my self”

Rads jumps to his side, “Really? You are in love?”

Saral, “Mmmm…well only from my side. But i haven’t speak to that girl yet”

Rads, “Speak na. Who will refuse u Saral?”

Saral gets happy and asks, “So u sure, that she will accept my love”

Rads, “Cent percent sure. She should be lucky to get you. If you need, i myself go and talk to her”

Saral chokes, “No No…i will find right time to talk to her”

Both smiles at each and sits on the platform for sometime to enjoy the breeze.

Rads again started, “Saral, do you have her picture?”

Saral, “Yes”

Rads, “Show me”

Saral, “No way. First let me talk to her then i will show u”

Rads, “No…i want to see her now itself” she started pulling his mobile from his hand by holding his another one. Saral tries to keep his mobile away from her and she even leans on him more to get the mobile, but suddenly an electricity jolted on her body hearing a familiar voice infront of her, “What are you doing Radhika?”

Radhika freeze at the same posture how she is and Saral looks at her shocking face and turns to see who it is

Radhika too turns her face to look at him and it is none other than Mr. Mehra standing infront of them with his hands inside his pant pockets.

Rads still holding Saral’s hand and she holds it till Arjun’s gaze moves on it with lot of anger in his eyes.

Radhika too follows his gaze and finds her hand in Saral’s and slowly she takes it out. Both gets up and she looks at Saral.

Saral, “Who are you?”

Arjun looks at Radhika saying, “Who allowed you to come out at this time? I will drop you home. Come”

Rads gets furious and replies, “Who are you to question me first? I don’t need ur help and just leave from here”

Arjun folds his fist to control his anger and says, “We are going to be a family Radhika. And i have all rights to question you”

Rads, “Family? Listen Mr. Mehra, till now neil & sam is not married and ofcourse you have not accepted yet for this marriage. So don’t utter any nonsense like this to me”

Arjun smirks, “I don’t care Neil & Sam will get married or not, and my rights on u is nowhere related to that. So don’t argue more and come with me”

Saral intereferes now, “Hey Mr. she is saying right? Why don’t u understand that she s not interested to come with you”

Arjun did not move his gaze from Radhika and waits for her to come with him.

Arjun, “Radhika, Come”

Saral, “She won’t” by saying this he holds her hand and glares him.

Arjun gets more furious and steps towards her but Saral stops him by keeping his hands on his chest and pushes him backwards. Rads gets scared seeing them and tries to control Saral.

Rads, “Saral, stop”

Arjun keeps on moving to her but Saral keeps on pushing him and Rads tries to hold Saral but at one point Saral gets more angry and pushes her away for stopping him and she is about to fall on the ground but manages to stand and looks back at them.

Arjun’s patience lost and he holds his collar by one hand and is about to hit his face but stops when Rads shouts as, “Arjun”. He stops hitting Saral and looks at Radhika who looks scared seeing them both.

He pushes Saral back and grabs radhika’s hand and pushes her inside the passenger seat of his car and he takes driver seat and ignites the engine.

Saral looks lost and stares Radhika inside the car struggling to get out but the door is already locked by Arjun and he moves from there. Rads stares Saral till he gets disappears from her view.

Rads gets more angry and turns to his side saying, “What the hell do you think about yourself?”

Arjun keeps silent and drives the car fastly.

Rads, “I am asking u only Mr. Mehra. You are crossing your limits and you don’t have any control over me”

Arjun, “Who asked you to go out with him at this time?”

Rads, “That’s none of ur business. It’s my life and he is my friend. I can go out with anyone at anytime and you are no one to question me. Mind it”

Arjun in a cool voice, “Talk in a low voice Radhika. Firstly, you shouldn’t have come with him out and Secondly, you are defending him which i don’t like at all, Thirdly, i have all the rights on you and remember ONLY I HAVE”

Rads, “Just stop ordering me first. I know what i am doing and you don’t need to poke ur nose. And remember you are nothing to me and who the hell are you claiming rights on me?”

Arjun stops the car with a jerk and gets down from the making her scare more. He comes to her side and drags her out. Rads blinks at him and then she realizes that they are infront of their home.

Rads glares him angrily and walks to her home but with a sudden jerk she pulled towards Arjun and with no second, he captures her lips with hers by holding her face tightly. Rads freeze and did not react at all..infact she is not even understand what is happening now with her. But soon she gets her sense and starts pushing him from her but no use.

Arjun himself frees her and she stumbles back looking at him with tears in her eyes which is ready to flow out any time.

Arjun smirks at her saying, “It’s just a beginning Radhika. Hope you listen my words”

He is about to go but stops and looks at her, “Looks like History Repeats again. Good Night”

Rads stands like a statue with angry tears in her eyes and stares his car going from there.

She comes to her sense and wipes her tears and makes herself calm to go inside. She runs to her room just mumbling Good Night to her mom and locks the door.

She falls on her bed and cries thinking about Arjun.


PAST, 5 yrs before,

Rads POV:

It’s my first day class in B.Sc Computer Science and i want to be in at correct time before getting bullied by seniors. I was moving here and there to go front from the people walking before me. Finally i came near to my class and just few steps need i should be in my class but suddenly i felt some one pulled me with a force, that i couldn’t even stop myself but falls on it…his chest. Before i think what is happening, my lips getting crashed with his. I stood helpless and soon i was hitting him and trying to push him but i was failing continuously in my effort. Tears flowing down my cheeks and i am hitting him badly with my full force.

After a few minutes, he frees me from his grip and moves away from me. I was starring with such a hatred i couldn’t control my anger and pulls him by collar & gave him one hard slap. Each and everyone around there stood shocked seeing me in full rage. I could see his anger rises and his eyes becomes red due to the extreme anger and is steps towards me. But he is stopped by his friends and soon our HOD came and took us to his room.

HOD, “Radhika, just think once, tell me ur decision.

“I already decided sir. If you are not punishing him then i will do a police complaint against him” i replied back to him without any hesitation.

I felt a strong sensation on me and i know he is glaring me angrily. I did not turn back to him and firm on my decision.

Others tried to convince on me but i hold my grip strong and did not bulge it.

HOD to him, “Arjun, you are suspended for 10 days & u r not allowed to write your this semester exam and you should ask her sorry infront of everyone.”

Arjun…his name is Arjun, crap such a shame he has this name. I storm out from the HOD room and waited for him at the same place where he harrassed me. He comes and with him HOD and staffs also came. He is hell angry and his face becomes so red due to the angry he hold it by folding his fist.

He walks to me and in low voice, “Sorry”

“I didnot hear” i said seeing somewhere.

He gritted his teeth and shouts to make other jerk, “SORRY. ENOUGH”

His voice echoes everywhere and other stares his scaringly but my hatred for him gets hyper and i just walked to my class without even looking at him back.

I could hear some murmurs and i am sure it was about me. And that was my first meeting with Arjun.


Arjun POV:

I was studying my Final year in B.Sc Computer Science and that was the first day college for the juniors. Me and my friends were waiting for the juniors to enter in and we were ready to rag them. I always like to have a bet and i never lost it. My Friend Sanjeev, kept a challenge for me and without even asking it i accepted the challenge.

Sanjeev, “Arjun, you agreed for it and u should do it”

“I Never return back in my words. Just Tell me what is the challenge?” i replied him.

Sanjeev smirks, “You should kiss a girl who comes first from the crowd…and kiss me…it should be on her lips”

I was shocked at first but i cannot go back now and it will spoil my image infront of my other friends. I accepted it and wait for the girl who storms in first.

So many girls are started coming in and i find no one looks good or attractive..after all i am gonna kiss her and she should be little good when compare to me right.

But my luck, she came moving others behind her and she is walking to her class and i rushed to her and pulled her in my embrace and kissed her. She pushed me but i held her tight and i released her after winning my bet.

I smiled at her and at my friends, before realizing it i felt a heat in my cheek and yes..she slapped me hardly…before i react soon our department people came and took us to their room.

HOD was trying to convince Radhika..yes her name is Radhika. He calls her by that only.

Because of her i got punished 10 days suspension and semester out and more than that the big insult for me is i said sorry to her infront of the whole college.

I glared her walking to her class and my friends controlled me and took me to them to calm down. I couldn’t, my mind is occupied just by her..whenever i think about her automatically my anger rose to the peak and i think to throttle her neck for insulting me like that.

And that’s my first meeting with Radhika



Arjun lost himself in his thoughts and remenisces his first meeting with Radhika 5 years back in their college. He gets up from the bed and stands in the balcony looking outside having the breeze.

Radhika also goes to her balcony and stares the moon sadly thinking about her moments with Arjun.

Background song to convey their feelings on each,

Nafraton Mein Mili, Tu Muhje Iss Tarah

Dil Yeh Sambhal Na Sakha

Teri Baaton Mein Hai, Ajab Sa Nasha

Badli Yeh Manmarziyan

Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

Khwaaishon Pe Likhi, Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan

Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan

Daastaan Ek Nayi, Khwaabon Pe Saji

Bekaid Manmarziyaan


Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

Precap: Saral Proposes Radhika. Arjun warns Saral not to be near with Radhika anymore.

That’s it for today guys. Hope u like.

Have you guys like the way of giving the flashback parallely with the present. Or you feel this is not good and need the seperate section for flashback. Pls tell me whether u like this way or not. Expecting ur comments eagerly.

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  1. Excellent episode sathya… Wait 4 next…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Saran 🙂

  2. U rocked… It Di…nd the description is perfectly fine…. Don’t change it plzzz… 1st meeting WS terrific… Really awsm….I really live this arjun…the possessive 1…he really Roch with this attitude… Nd as always…our chirpy beauty is mind blowing… No doubt in that…. The past. ….nd present combo…is good…
    Continue lyk this….nd just smile….coz many r there who r waiting for u….

    Nd 1 more thing…thank u so much for giving us such brilliant story everytym….we can’t understand Wt u r going through while writing…. BT for us u all write nd post as early as possible…. Thankful to all the writers… Whether it be…u , Jessie Di, dipika Di, Myra Di, meen Di, astha Di, agree Di ….or any 1
    Thank u again on behalf of all the viewers nd silent writers….thnk u… u all…stay bless….nd never ever loose hope….coz evrytym we will there 4 u all……
    Last mei 1 choti so cheez…..
    ” there is no medicine like hope,
    No incentive so get, nd
    No tonic so powerful as
    Expectation of something tmrrw”….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Ana dear 🙂 Okay i will maintain the past and present parallely….looks like all like it. Yep in this FF he is more possessive than we expect. I made it in that way that we can’t predict whether he is good or bad. And Rads is so naughty girl and bold to. U will have so much of tashan between them. Thanks for ur soothing words and especially the last lines. Its wonderful 🙂 love you

  3. arti viswanathan

    Awesome and marvellous episode sathya dear… I loved it..

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lottttt arti 🙂

  4. Jewel

    this is superb sathya, arjun as possessive angry man, i loved this…when they are fighting it giving me the same feeling that original serial gave, and u added that ardhika song as background, i was so happy by seeing that. i love that song…. i like the way u describing past and present parallel. waiting for next one….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear :). Yep Possessive angry man…wow that’s a great compliment i got from you girl 🙂 thank u somuch and i tht song is my fav too and i had that as my ring tone also..suddenly i thought abuot it and added here. Will post next soon

  5. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you got me hooked, I love this story, eagerly waiting for the next update, Sathya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

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    and the song!!!!! goooossshhhh, i miss them badly
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    1. Sathya

      I know u love it 🙂 thank u micuuuuu . Yep mee too miss it badly and that’s y i add it.

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  8. Myra

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    Or its just revenge or something?
    Please let it be love….please!
    Love you loads ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra 🙂 About Arjun and his behaviour u will get to know soon. Since past and present comes together, u will get to the real reason for rads angry and arjun’s possessive. Love u too 🙂

  9. S.v

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      Unaku mayakam varutha..venumna Tiger ah vara solli kiss panna sollave 😛 😛 😛 SV thank u so much for ur words. he he he about Saral i wont say anything now. 🙂

  10. Hi..its kavya..sathya akka you rocked it as usual..flashback parallely vantha no problem..because it’ll make us imagine that situation..keep on going akka…

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    1. Sathya

      LOL…Naaga enna poi kamal kooda compare pandriye maa…unake ithu aniyaayama illa :P. Yep un viruppathai niraivethuren..kandippa marriage udane kidaiyathu. En na..rads is not that soft to accept his demand easily. but when she takes that decision it will be a strong one and u will know why…but athuku munnadi neraya iruku paaka 🙂

      Saral la pathi enna solrathu…mystery man. U wil know in future.

      ETL ipo illa pa.. 🙂

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    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot chashni dear :). Yep Marraige will take some time…Chashni..i am a tamil girl…nallave puriyum 🙂 that’s y all calling me as Akka

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so so so much Dev 🙂 yep history is repeating. love u 🙂 np ..u comment from now ..don’t forget…my warning to u 😛 😛 😛

      1. Dev

        Jo aakya satya ji

  15. Nayan

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Nayan dear 🙂 about saral..u will know it slowly. will update next soon 🙂

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    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling…thanks a ton dear 🙂 lol could be he might be a volcano..but all this is small dear…u yet to see more…yep i told na…it will be little intense since Ardhika will be a couple…without romance..kaise hoga ?

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      Thanks a ton gauri. You always my energy booster..if is see comments from u na..i felt like ok i did something good 🙂 ur words made my day darling 🙂

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      Thank u so much Meen…awww ur words r so soothing me dear ….yep i am ready for the tight jhappi from u 🙂 love u so much 🙂 muaaaaaahhhh

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      Thank u so much Aastha dear 🙂 yep history gonna repeat. bg song is nice na..i love that song so much and i have that as my ringtone also. next post is on the d way dear

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    1. Sathya

      Hemu dear 🙂 thanks a lot dear. U will know about Ardhika past and Saral’s character everything in future episodes…

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      Roma darling…i am so happpy and jumping seeing ur lovely words. yep the first glimpse itself will say more about Ardhika. Saral’s one u know it later. Arjun will never miss the chance of getting rads with him. you will face more shocking and surprise events in future. love you sweet heart 🙂 tight wala jhappi to u 🙂

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