MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 11)

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MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 11)

How are you girls? I am very very very sorry for being sooooooooooo late. I know you all must be very angry on me…I really apologize from the bottom of my heart. I stuck up in my official works and couldn’t spend time on writing. Okay, no boring now let’s get into today’s chapter:

Radhika smile at Sanjeev saying, “Because you are also one of the person, one of the reason why I hate him so much”

She leaves from there leaving Sanjeev in shock. He stares the way she goes and gets lost into his past with Ardhika.

Ardhika’s past;

Radhika sits in her class with her other friends but her concentration is not on the class and lost in her own thoughts. Kriti finds her not in part of their chatting, pats her shoulders to make her come to reality.

Radhika takes a deep breath after a jerk and looks at Kriti with a pouting face. Kriti understands her thoughts and whispers in her ears, “Radhu, are you still dreaming about the kiss is it?”

Radhika stares her angrily and pushes her on the floor from the bench and walks out hastily leaving her there itself.

She doesn’t know where she is going but she realized that she is alone and isolated when she stops walking and glares the surrounding.

Her heart beats fast than before analysing the reality, she walks front gathering the courage but she gets pulled back before she takes next step. She struggles to shout but couldn’t do it since her mouth is shut by a strong hands, before she understands what is happening, she is being pushed to the wall and locks by a strong personality.

She composes herself and gets shocked seeing Arjun stands infront of her, starring her with a smirk on his face with his hands tied across his chest. For a moment, her dream comes infront of her face and disappears. She is sweating badly seeing him there, starring her luringly and approaching her slowly.

Radhika started crawling back to the wall but the more she can do is plastering herself to the wall. Arjun walks to her increasing her fear more than before and locks her in between his hands. He leans towards her face asking, “How come you become friendly with Harsh within one day?”

Radhika blinks hearing him and did not know what to reply but still she tells herself not to loose her courage infront of him. She compose herself and gathers courage to give a befitting reply to him, “That’s none of your business. I become friend with anyone whom I want to and I don’t need to explain all my personal stuffs to a stranger like you”

That’s it and that’s more than enough to make a person rage and that too a person like Arjun. He fumes in anger listening her reply, he make himself more close to her body and hits on the wall harshly beside her making her jerk in fear. He grits his teeth and spits the words, “That’s my most important business Radhika. You should not talk to me like this and now you need to get a punishment for your behaviour to me”

Radhika widens her eyes and looks at Arjun who is moving very close towards her, she started pushing him back but he holds her hands and ties it at his back by wrapping his waist, pulling her to his chest. All of a sudden he cups her face and capture her lips to his and starts sucking it mercilessly yet softly.

Radhika who did not expect this, closes her eyes tightly and became statue till he releases her from his grip. He slowly loosen his grip on her and looks at her face who still in the same position having her eyes closed tightly but breathing heavily and tears rolling on her cheeks.

Arjun stares her face lovingly and calls her name in his husky tone, “Radhika”

Radhika slowly opens her eyes and looks at him with full of tears in her eyes. She is breathing heavily continuously and tears on her cheeks making him startled little but he composed himself seeing her. He tried to touch her face but she pushed him back harshly and started running from there to her hostel.

Kriti looks at Radhika who enters inside the room like a storm and locking the door hastily. Kriti, “Radhika, what happened? Y u look so tensed?”

Radhika sits on her bed with a thud and recollecting the moment she had, she immediately goes to basin and starts splashing water on her face and goggling her mouth with water and mouth freshner.

Kriti blinking seeing her activities and finds something fishy in her behaviour. Radhika wipes her face and leans on her bed having her eyes closed. Kriti, “Radhika, I asked you long back. What happened?”

Radhika gets nervous thinking and gets restless. Kriti, “I am asking you right. Are you gonna tell me or what?”

Rads stammers, “Kriti, My…Dream”

Kriti, “Haan, your Dream?”

Rads, “Who…kiss….arjun”

Kriti, “I know that right…you had a dream of Arjun kissing you right. Now what happened? Tell me that?”

Rads rolls her eyes and stammers, “Arjun…kissed me”

Kriti rolling her eyes saying, “In your dreams…I know that baba…why are you still talking about your dreams? “

Rads takes a deep breath and says, “Dream became true”

Kriti blinks once asking her, “What? He kissed you in real? Again?”

Rads keeps pouting face and nods her head saying, “Mmm”

Kriti, “What did you do?”

Rads,”I couldn’t do anything, he locked my hands”

Kriti, “Expected one. But after kissing what did you do?”

Rads, “I pushed him and ran away from there”

Kriti opens her mouth in shock asking again, “You just ran from there?”

Rads nods her head looking at her and Kriti continues, “Means, you did not even scold him for kissing you”

Rads rolls her eyes left to right and nodding her head as No. Kriti widens her eyes in surprise look saying, “Means, Radhika you accepted his Kiss…Means you are in love with Arjun”

Rads looks on shocked hearing her and reminiscing the time how she loosen herself when he kissed her, she comes to reality when Kriti shakes her.

Kriti, “Radhika, Are you realizing or not? You are in love with Arjun…you such a mad girl started loving him”

Rads, “No way. I don’t love him. You misunderstood.”

Kriti, “Okay, tell me then why you did not even scold him for kissing you again, when you slapped him when he did the same thing on your first day?”

Rads shut her mouth of not knowing to answer Kriti’s question, she keeps blinking, breathing heavily and keeps her right palm on her heart to control the fast beat of her heart.

Kriti smiles looking at her saying, “Don’t hide your feelings Radhika. I know you very well. Now you are not accepting it but your heart already started falling for him and yearning for his touch. That’s why you can’t stop him when he kissed you again”

Rads closing her ears and shouting, “Stop your nonsense and leave me alone”

Kriti shrugs her shoulder and leaves the room by locking the door from outside. Radhika sits there like a statue for some time and walks towards the mirror. She looks at her reflection which has lot of confusion on her face, suddenly she sees the mirage where Arjun kissing her, she immediately close her mouth by her hands and runs to her bed, she covers herself inside the blanket and murmurs, “God, please save me from this Devil”
Past ends,

@ Present,
Radhika comes out from her past when she hears Prerna’s voice. Prerna calls her saying, “Radhika, Are you happy with his marriage?”

Rads smiles at her, “I am happy. Don’t worry about me and just concentrate only Neil’s marriage process”

Prerna cups her face saying, “Now it is not only Neil’s marriage, it is my daughter’s wedding also. You both are getting married at the same day, same mandap and same mahurat”

Radhika gives a shocking reaction since it is a news for her and did not even expect this twist. Prerna continues, “Okay, come down with me. Everyone is waiting for you. And we all decided to have a simple engagement for you and Arjun. You know what, I am so happy for you, Arjun likes you a lot and once we decided to have an engagement today, he immediately went out and purchased a simple and elegant ring for you. I am very happy that he cares you and gives important for you”

All the while, Radhika’s mind was listening all what prerna said but she couldn’t react for it. She comes down with her mom and stand near Arjun who stares her with full of love. Samrat calls everyone and welcomes them for his son’s engagement. Everyone claps to cheer them up and Arjun turns to Radhika to make her wear the ring he got for her.

Radhika looks at him doubtedly and makes him wear the ring Neil gives her and whispers in between the claps and makes sure it is only audible to Arjun, “Why you want to have our marriage on the same day, same mahurat? Still you did not believe me even after I signed the agreement?”

Arjun smiles looking at her and picks the ring her got for her, lifts her hand and wears the ring saying, “I won’t repeat my mistakes and I won’t leave even a single chance for you to run away again from my life. You are bounded to me with me Radhika. Believe me, I am your Destiny and You are my Everything” he replied her in between the claps and plants a gentle kiss on her knuckles saying, “Congratulations for becoming my to be wife, Radhika”

Everyone gathered there cheers them up by giving a huge applauds seeing their pair and wishes them for the engagement. Sanjeev who looks all this from distance murmurs saying, “Two opposite poles are going to be one, God only knows what going to be happened? And yes, as the theory said, Opposite poles are attract to each other, but here it looks like only Male pole is attracted, Female pole is not even moving an inch. What will be the climax for this theory?”. He stares them thinking about their future.


That’s it for today. I will try to post next one soon. Thank you for reading it patiently, and let me know your views for this.

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