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Sorry for updating it late…and i am so happy reading ur comments for this even i am laughing while writing this. This concept is just to have a fun…and hope i am not hurting anyone’s feelings here. Pls keep enjoy reading. Chalo..let start our fun ride

Here is the next shot:


Radha tells Naradha to do the arrangements for her travel to Earth and goes to her garden. Meantime, Naradha tried to connect to Krishna to inform about Radha’s arrival. He is trying a lot but he couldn’t connect to him and wonder what’s the problem. Then he hears Radha’s voice, “Naradha, don’t try too much. You cannot contact Krishna from now on. I know you will try to tell him and that’s y i deactivated ur connection to call Krishna..only to Krishna. So, better don’t try these actions and do what i said?”

Naradha is blinking listening her saying, “I thought Krishna is really a brilliant person , but now i got to know the truth is that you are behind him and made him dance on ur tunes.” and with angry face , “Narayana…Narayana”

@ The Earth,

Krishna is so indulged with SV in the Cafe shop and forgets that he has to go and meet another girl. His concentration gets distracted when someone saying about the time to another. He sits straight and thinks, “Why Naradha did not inform me yet about the next girl”

Krishna tries to reach him but he also couldn’t connect to him since Naradha’s connection is deactivated by Radha which is not aware by Krishna. He makes faces saying, “Nothing is working good in this Earth. What happened to this device, it was good when i was at Devalog, why it is not working now in Earth?”

SV looks at his confused face, “Any Problem?”

Krishna manages and gives a sheepish smiles, “Actually, i got a message to meet my long time friend. I need to go now. Bye”

Without waiting for her reply, he runs out and hides himself behind some tree and checking the device. He blinks what to do now?

All these are watching by Radha in Devalog, she smirks seeing Krishna and Naradha’s face. She control her laugh and gets the picture from Naradha saying, “Give me the next girl’s picture, i will send to him”

Naradha sends the picture to her and asks, “What if Krishna ji asks, why you are sending the picture and what happened to naradha?”

Radha just passes him a sharp look and says, “Do you really think Krishna ji will question me? And do you really think after seeing the girl’s picture he will rally think about you?”

Naradha’s eyes open wide and curls his lips downwards in the way of saying No and nods his head negatively. Radha just smiles seeing him and sent the picture to krishna.

Krishna is little surprised seeing the picture from Radha and gets into thinking why Radha sent the picture.

Naradha and Radha is watching him from Devalog and Naradha makes faces saying, “Devi Radha, now see..Krishna ji will find me for sure”

Radha, “Will See?”

Krishna shrinks his brows and slowly opens the picture Radha sent and gets mesmerised seeing charming, chirpy beauty in that picture and his facial expressions changed immediately..turning to bright and smiles widely.

But Naradha’s face expression gets changed seeing Krishna’s bright face and he is in verge of crying looking at Radha.

Radha laughs seeing him, “I know Krishna ji better than anyone. And don’t forget that he is Gokulakrishna who loves to play with girls. He likes to be surrounded by girls only. Your feelings will never reach his ears” and she pokes her tongue out to tease him.

Naradha looks at krishna smiling seeing the new girl and says leaving heavy breathe, “Hmmm…Devi Radha, Now i am in your party. let’s go to Earth and rock the floor” he finishes his statement angrily on seeing krishna.

There in Earth, Krishna ji forgets himself seeing the picture and set his locator finder and disappears from that place.

Krishna appears suddenly infront of a big Mahal and looks surprised. He blinks seeing the people coming and going from the Mahal, he looks himself once and goes little far. He circles himself once and now appears in a very simple yet elegant golden color Sherwani with sleevless jacket. He smiles seeing himself and gets excited for this new attire. He goes inside the Mahal and gets shocked seeing the people, kids all are enjoying the atmosphere and he almost lost himself there.

Krishna’s self thoughts, “Oh My Krishna, We always hears a prayer from the people that please give me this..that. But looks like we all gods should come and beg from the people in Earth. Let it be, next time if i hear someone asking me something, i will smash his or her face.”

The hall is very well decorated with colorful clothes and lightings and all are ready for the big fat wedding. Krishna looks at the top and gets mesmerised by the decorations and unknowingly he bumps into some one and falls on the floor. He closes his eyes due to the sudden fall and slowly opens his eyes to see the person. His eyes stuck at one point where the person below him opens the eyes and blinks at him.

Already Krishna is completely lost himself seeing the beauty below him and top of it, he feels that some are showering them with the rose petals. He is literally enjoying the moment and stares the girl continuously. For a sec, even the girl mesmerised in his charm and beauty but soon she gets senses and pushes him to other side and gets up.

Some few girls comes runningly and says, “Jessie Mam, are you ok?”

Yes and that’s our lady Ms.Jessie the great wedding planner. She looks gorgeous in her multilayered golden lehenga with an embroidery overall.

Jessie, “ ok. But the petals are scattered everwhere. Ask some one to clean this and get another bunch freshly”

The girls nods her and goes from there. Jessie looks at Krishna who still stands at the same place starring her, she goes to him and snapping her finger infront of his face to get him to sense.

Jessie, “In which dreamland are you in?”

Krishna, “Don’t ask which? Ask with whom?”

Jessie, “Why should i have to know with whom u r in?”

Krishna, “You should know Ms. Jessie”

Jessie is now shocked and taken aback thinking how he knows her name.

Jessie, “How do you know my name?”

Krishna, “I know everything about you” he pause and continues, “Including your dream boy”

Jessie’s heart stop beating for a sec thinking about her dream boy but soon she composes herself saying, “What you know about my dream boy?”

Krishna smiles and moves close to her saying, “Before that, let me introduce myself. My name is Arjun”

Finish….Finish….Finish. And that’s enough to hold Jessie’s breathe. Now her heart beats faster and faster that it might peep out anytime. She snapping her eyelashes coz of the sweet surprise hearing the name Arjun and a handsome guy infront of her.

(will call him as Arjun now)

Arjun now comes to her again and this time he snaps his finger infront of her to get her senses back.

Arjun smiles and jessie is completely out of vision now to see him…Arjun did not even move his stare from her and she couldn’t even able to face him..his eyes and moves her gaze from him.

Jessie without saying anything and tries to go from there but Arjun stops her saying, “Hey, Won’t say anything? Am i looking like your dreamboy or looking better than your dreamboy?”

Jessie did not even turn back but a cute, smile curls on her lips with a blush and she just turn her head to a side saying, “You cannot beat my dream boy”. Immediately she runs away from there to hide her blush.

Arjun smiles seeing the way she went and thinks to talk to her again. The marriage preparations are going on in a full swing and Jessie gets herself busy in the work..since it is her first order and she is doing it in a way better than the other experienced ones having a youthful and latest thoughts everywhere in the decorations.

She often blushes seeing Arjun following her and finds a way to talk to her but she keeps on moving here and there.

Finally she lands at one place where she & her assistants checking the varmala which has to be given to couples during the Varmala session. She holds the varmala in her hand and is checking the flower designs and length. She try to enact it where how the girl will make the guy wears it and how the attached color flowers should visible in the camera. She enacts it for her satisfaction and when does it in the way of making the guy wearing it, mistakenly she puts the varmala on the guy who stands infront of her with a wide smile.

It’s nothing but Arjun who comes in search of Jessie and found her talking to her assistants. He walks fast before she gets disappears again and comes infront of her when she did the enacting of girl makes the guy wear the varmala..and he got it unfortunately.

Jessie is standing like a statue seeing Arjun with the garland on him and with a cute smile looking at her.

Arjun, “So you confirmed that i am better than your dream boy”

Jessie jerks listening him and immediately removes it from him before some one sees it. She feels her face becomes crimson red, so she avoids looking at him and indulge in her work. After that she is trying to hide herself from him till the marriage gets over.

After the marriage is over, Arjun holds her to the corner asking, “You did not say me anything?”

Jessie, “What u want me to say?”

Arjun, “I said my name is Arjun and is that not enough for you?”

Jessie nods her head and steps away from him, but stops and turns to him saying, “I have a dream boy but i never seen his face and i expect one or the other day he will come and take me with him.”

She smiles seeing him smiling at her and she again steps back saying, “ be frank, the name Arjun itself is enough for me to go mad on you, but still i want to know more about you to make you as my dream man”

Arjun smiles widely saying, “Then come for a date with me, u will get to know more about me”

Jessie blushes hardly and runs from there without saying anything.

Arjun aka Krishna smiles and thinks, “3rd Wicket out. Now the last one…it’s really tough to cover the girls in the Earth than the ladies in our devalog. But so far, all these 3 girls were fainted in the name of Arjun…what about the fourth one?”

@ Devalog,

Radha & Naradha watching all these and looks each other. Naradha, “Devi Radha, competition is getting tough now, did you see ur patidev…got varmala darshan from that girl…R u not getting angry?”

Radha, “Mmmm…i know he is enjoying so much there and that too alone…he is thinking who will control him. Let me show him my power. What about our travel to earth?”

Naradha, “Everything is ready and soon we can start out travel” before he finishes his statement some securities comes with some bundle of things and hands it over to Naradha.

Naradha, “Look Devi, everything set ready. We can travel anytime to earth now”

Radha gets excited now and jumping seeing the arrangements and says, “Naradha, let see who is that fourth girl too? She is the last one right? So will see how krishna meets her and wflirting with her, then we will go and stand infront of him..but in new Avatar. Now you have to decide in which get up we both should be coz, krishna will identify us if we go in our own image”

Naradha, “Devi, u gave me a tough job. ok let me think”

He does a cat walk around there and thinks for a while and soon his face sparkles with some idea. Radha is excited and waiting for his answer.

Naradha runs to her and says, “Devi, i got two images..of boy and girl. That girl image will fit for u and for me, his image will not good but still i will adjust for ur sake”

Radha smiles and asking the images of the persons he mentioned.

For Radha,

( )

For Naradha,

( )

Radha looks at both the pics Naradha showed and she really liked to take up the girl’s image but for Naradha she is half heartedly accepted.

Naradha looks at her confused face saying, “Devi, what happened? U din’t like the guy is it? Do you think he will not fit for me?”

Radha, “No No No…i am worried because you will not fit for the guy..since he is more handsome than you”

Naradha’s proud smile fades away listening her and makes puppy face…Radha is laughing badly seeing his angry..jealous face.

Radha, “It’s ok Naradha…i am sure you can adjust urself to fit with him. But make sure that you don’t spoil him like you. So Shall we ready for the war now?”

Naradha makes faces saying, “mmmmm ok ok….i am ready”

Radha and Naradha makes them ready and starts their travel to Earth.

Precap: Modern Krishna meets the fourth girl. Radha & Naradha reaches Earth and changes into their new Avatar.


That’s it guys, how is the shot 3. Hope you all like it and enjoyed reading it. I laughed and enjoyed while writing and hope u too have a smile on ur faces.

It’s time for u all to share your views on this. Expecting eagerly.

Jaaazzziiiii, how is it baby? did you like ur role? Excited for ur comments.

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  1. Nayan

    It was awesome … I enjoyed a lot … poor krishna going to face angry radha …. naradha is jealous about krishna for being around with girls … waiting for next update … plz update soon 😀 😀 😀 stay blessed ♥♡♥♡♥♡

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Nayan dear 🙂 naradha is always a jealousy man na. Will update next in the week end for sure

  2. Gauri

    Sathya awesome……just tooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood Krishana ji to gaye ….Radhaji khabar lengi …. my fav line…’Hi I am Arjun…..after that finish finish finish….’ LOL Sathya you just rocked I am so glad you wrote this….I am sure Krishna in heavenly adobe must be rolling reading this 🙂 sty blessed love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Gauri dear…i know u must waiting for it and next part will be on weekend for sure. Lol that’s universal truth that after the name arjun we all will be like statue only. Awwww u r last line makes me fly high 🙂 Love u too dear

  3. Godddd krishn sve me from laughing attack….satzzzzz uake me have stomach aches with thos mind blowing chappyyy…radha devi disconnect the contact between narada n krishna….n jess as wedding planner..kya bbaat..they firat shower…varmala darshan..god..yeah u r right..juat the word arjun is enough to guv us Adreline rush….hahahahaha..radha gng ti radhika n narada gng to b neil..god..n fourth girl means ur entry…dhamaka to honga hi honga..ready for blast..satz SOOO MANY KISSES FOR this awsomest u loads…thanks for making us laugh whole heatedly

    1. Sathya

      dipu…i am there to save u na…y u calling krishna ji. I am so glad u enjoyed it and i want that only.yep adrenaline rush exactly. LOL i am thinking for my entry to make you all jealous 😛 😛 😛 love u dear

  4. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode sathya dear… I liked it…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Arti 🙂

  5. Shree

    I’m rolling!! ada akka.. lol.. ellateyum out.. sv aah coffee shop la ututu poyachu.. lol connection cut.. Krishna blinking.. radha is intelligent.. beauty with brains.. fit into rads.. naradha to neil.. haha… not so handsome.. lol.. haha… oh my Krishna! I love that.. no wonder I’m lord krishnas biggest devotee.. eh? not ask aah? will smash face aah?! vendanum na enna panradu? ipo ennaku kovam varudu.. Krishna.. unga baktara epdi neenga kayi vidalam? especially a good girl like me? jess!! haha.. lucky girl!! dream boy!! she lost her senses with the mention of arjun! varmala scene toh.. hehe.. blushing.. smiling.. running.. omg!! date!! haha.. too much of an adrenaline rush!! too cute re.. enna ya idu.. naradha keeps switching sides.. naalavudu neenga dhaane? that’s obvious.. loosu madri naanum ketutruken..

    loved it ka.. adutadu soon.. please.. love you

    1. Sathya

      he he he he he he he…thanks a lot shree :)lol Yes Krishna will smash ur face 😛 😛 😛 Aaama aama naane than..atha kekanuma enna…Naa varen nu sollu …thirumbi vara porenu 😛 love u too

  6. Brin

    I love it, it’s very different story, so very modern, you nail it, really I enjoy reading this, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin 🙂 I am so glad reading ur comment

  7. Hi Sathya Akka. Superb one. No words to say akka. Unga ellarkum pidicha Mari oru Arjun create panathu semma. But unga ellaroda own creations enaku rombha pidichuruku. I like all Arjun. Sooooo cute akka. Next Radha too on earth. Neil too. Jolly yeah. After reading i feel very happy. Hooooo. Now i m in bus but laughing myself alone. Others will think that i m mad to laugh alone. But superb akka. Ur writing chance ah illa. All writers simply superb.

    1. Sathya

      Lavi dear 🙂 romba romba thanks da 🙂 yes all these are our version of arjun. Yep radha vanthathuku apram than ini dipavaliye..thank u so much darling 🙂

  8. S.v

    Adapaavi krishna enna paadhila kezhativitutu jessie kuda duet paada poitiya irudi varubenla unna thedi vechu seyaren. Lol jessieee awww she is hell cute enakku romba pudichurukku evlo cute adhula arjun flat flat flat adha sollavey venam andha pera keeta naanum flat dhan. Idhula 3rd wicket outah mama iruma vara enga sanga thalaivi radha aanalum manish paul neil chi chichi lol seri waiting for the next entry and radha aka radhika and naradha aka neil to land the earth waiting for that eagerly….. love u soo much

    1. Sathya

      He he he…unoda timing mudinju pochu ma..enna panna 😛 Jessie is hell cute here i made a dress for her and i forgot to paste the link. Golden lehenga …lol pera ketaale chumma adhirudhula…but inga pera ketaale chumma mayanguromla…:P 😛 😛

      Oie naa sanga thalaivi ya…he he he oh god i laughed like a maniac seeing urs….love u too 🙂

  9. Jewel

    Naradha as Neil…that will be more interesting. This story is different sathya. Liked it. Waiting for next chapter

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear 🙂 Next will be on weekend dear 🙂

  10. nailed it.Sathaya dear, it was toooooooooooooooo……good! You dont know how long I waited for it. Update the next part soon??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much We 🙂 awww…m glad u loved it. Next part will be on Week end dear 🙂

  11. mindblowing update …….eagerly waiting next uuuuuuu tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Subha dear 🙂 love u too

  12. Meen

    Here comes my fav……woooow…..I loved it sathya……I know Jess must be showing her 32 while reading this…….she must be talking with d moon…..hehehe…..lovely sathya…..u r genius..muuuuha

    1. Sathya

      Meen dear 🙂 yep she will be flying on the moon now :P. Love u dear 🙂 muuaaaaahhhhh

  13. Vanshika

    Seriously sathya dii I’ll have to call lord Krishna to save me from laughing attack… Oh lord.. Seems lyk u hv special kripa of lord Krishna u ryt so nyc if lord Krishna will read it then imagine what’ll happen?? He’ll think u know him better than Radha,,, oh my Krishna… Btw waiting fr next ….beautiful dii love u don’t kip ur lil sis waiting fr long.. Jai shri Krishna,,. Kip leaving me speechless.. tathastu… ??

  14. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding….wowwww satzzz…I’m rolfing. …hilarious episode. …radha deactivated Narada’s signal to Krishna. ……poor ppl…..jesss entry was superbbbb. ..n Krishna’s lovelyyyyyy words to her were so cuteeeee. ….she is blushing n getting crimson. …so sweeeeeet narration. ..n radha n Narada ready to visit earth…wow but in monica n shravan’s avatar. …it will be awesoooooome. …radha teasing Narada was so funny. …..very veryyyyyyy amazing story n excellent dialogues. …I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh. …satz my sweeeeeetheart darling. ..I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh …I get so happy reading this refreshing amazingly awesoooooome story….keep it up honeyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode. .. . Love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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