mmz love for eternity (Part 21)

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Chappy dedicated to my lovely sister sree. Pikachu happy birthday baby. Love you a lot. Wish all your dreams come true and you reach successful heights in everything you do. Stay blessed and keep smiling. ???????????????

So here is the promised birthday gift. Hope you like it. love you lots and lots.

Enjoy reading.>>>>>>

Nikhil stood in the ring in his true self. A fighter. He wore his torn jeans, and knuckles plastered with cloth across. Panting hard he swiped sweet beads which were forming on his forehead. It was his third fight this day. Victor stood outside the ring with a gloomy face. He hated it when nick went all the way just to release his frustrations and he always see this as an option. But in real reality it was not an option, it was self destruction. His own signed death warrant and the worst part is nick knows it well. He himself wanted this. It’s a part of his life which made it willingly. But why? The question lingered around which has no answer. No one knows the answer except nick himself and he doesn’t share it with anyone. When nick met victor, victor was being bullied and abused by his own mates. They were new to college and victor wanted to focus on singing and his own band. Nick helped that day but as a stranger without any return and has distanced from victor too. But as all say you don’t know who your best friends will be.

Victor made efforts and had always been nick’s back from that day and their friendship continued. They trust each other, yet some things cannot be changed. Just like nick, he always stayed in aloofness, he wished to die, he thinks he deserve all the pain in the world. So all the fighting. But no one knows the real agenda behind this. And no one wish to care. That’s what nick thinks. But in real, arjun always had his tabs. He has personally asked victor to be his side all the time, knowing nick would run away from everyone. He never understood what is the relation between arjun and nick? There is something hidden inside.

Victor thoughts were interrupted when the crowd roared to life and cheered with all their might and he knew nick has won another match. The opponent lied on the ground immovable. Even after winning there is no sign of happiness in nick’s face. His face stoic. Sometimes radz reminds him of nick. Both stayed in one house and have the same characteristics. Victor knew nick was planning on another fight by the looks of him and the way he talked with the referee. But victor had enough for the day. Something triggered inside nick after the little incident in the classroom with sanju. Victor moved forward and pulled nick down grabbing his elbow.
“ hey bro. let’s get out of here.” Victor said excitedly not showing his concern or irritation.
“ Sorry. I had planned another fight. It will start in 10. “ nick said dismissively.

“ Nick it is already your third fight. Let’s end this now. We can go and celebrate your victory bro. please.” Victor pleaded. But nick pay no heed to his words and turned around when someone was calling him.

“ okay fine. Lets invite arjun to the fight then, he will cheer you around.” Victor deadpanned.

Nick stopped in his tracks. This is the last thing he wanted this night. No way will he be seeing arjun now. Puffing air and shaking his head nick he turned towards victor and said calmly” Let’s get out of the hell hole and celebrate the winning. I’m sure you won’t say no for the drinks.”
Victor smiled and simple nodded his head and both strolled towards the exit. Victor was happy that his trick did work.


Sid and Neil stood on the foyer contemplating to ring the bell. Both knew what will be waiting on the other side of the door. Sid was fuming, he didn’t anticipate this day to end like this. First of all, his row with his parents and now Sam will give him an earful. He cursed himself for not being discreet and scolded kaira silently for letting these people know about him.
“How Sam did knew? “ Sid asked the question which lingered his mind form long time.

“ I don’t know baby. But see now we are here and your Sam will skin us alive. Thanks to you I’m in this situation.” Neil exaggerated.

Sid ignored hi smocking endearment and said witfully” oh yeah now she is my sam. Else she is your jaan, your darling. Right? “ he held his hand to stop neil from countering and said” now go and knock and stay by my side else forget about your date tomorrow. “

“How the hell do you know about the date. I will kill that arjun if he is present here.” Neil raised both his hands in air exasperatedly remembering arjun threatening about the date on the day. Sid shrugged his shoulders copying Arjun from the day.

“ and by the way it was your fault. You should have come to us not run to the tracks. “ neil added dryly. Sid huffed and gestured him the door. Neil rang the bell and waited. Their wait didn’t last for two seconds the door opened and there stood Sam glaring at both.
“ hi baby. How are you?” Neil moved forward to hug Sam but she placed her hand on his chest and stopped him.

“ I thought you two wouldn’t dare to ring the bell at all.” Sam fumed.

“You were standing there till now.” Neil added thoughtfully after understanding her anger. “ Sammy I swear it has nothing to do with me. Sid is the culprit here. He is responsible for everything.” Neil added frantically.

Sam motioned both of them to follow her inside and both nodded their heads side by side first. After listening to the sound of clearing her throat both nodded their heads up and down and reluctantly moved inside nudging each other. Sam laughed inaudibly at both who were acting like kids.

“ Neil” piyali’s sweet voice rang through neil’s ears and aq smile crossed his lips. Sighing he truned around to see his future mother in law standing and watching him confusedly. Then she turned her attention and murmered” Sid” then shook her head when she saw her daughter smirking behind them.

“ My lovely aunty, how are you? I missed you so much” neil moved forward and hugged her visibly relaxing. “ I miss you too beta.” Piyali mumbled.

“ Sam, I will give aunty company while you two have your talk.” Neil said and without waiting for an answer he walked out into the kitchen with pulling piyali along.

Sam laughed at his antics and asked Sid turning to him” Where do you want to talk?” without answering Sid sauntered and climbing up the stairs reached Sam’s bedroom. Entering the room he moved towards the balcony and stood clutching the railing with his both hands. The serene tranquility of the moon’s lighting, the peaceful surrounding, and fresh breeze of air brought his calmness. His stature visibly relaxed and unintentionally he closed his eyes experiencing them.

Radhika stood in front of the mirror gazing at her own reflection. Dressed in white dress covering her ankles and a white shrug she looked like an angel. She had a satisfied smile on her lips and she murmured while wearing her white pearl earrings” Arjun you will now know, not to mess with me and boss me around.”

Picking up her white sling bag she walked out of room and descended the stairs waiting for him to arrive. At exact 6 p.m the room echoed and she knew he had come. Without wasting time she opened the door and there stood arjun with his usual smirk. Oh what she can do to wipe out that stupid smirk from his face.

Arjun moved forward pulling her in his arms hugged her tight baffling her in the process and pulled away in that lighting speed . he had that smugness passing his features but radz wanted to irritate him so she asked” Do you like the dress Mr. Boyfriend?”

Arjun’s eyes sweeped on her from head and toe and linger on her for some time. He placed the bouquet of white roses which he brought in her hands and gave a satisfying smirk. Then she heard something which made her face palm herself and at the same time throttle his neck. “ Actually you look like a bride waiting to be taken to altar and I’m more than happy to be that one.” And grabbed her elbow pulling her forward. “ now come lets go.”

Radz struggling in his hold squirming and pulled herself away from him. arjun faced her and asked innocently” what happened baby?”

“ nothing. I will be back in a minute” saying this radz sprinted to her room running on the stairs. She could hear Arjun chuckling behind her. but she didn’t wait or turned around.

Radhika waltzed into her closet for finding something to wear. She was irritated to the core. She had no dress which was colorful. She could hear arjun mocking her from outside the room” See baby I told you already. Lets go for shopping. But you didn’t listen.” And she could visualize him smirking. She wanted to wear something black but left it as she knows arjun would come up with another comment and she was not in mood for other now.

After rummaging her whole closet she found one top that could go for now. the color was hard to recognize as it was a printed fabric in various design and colors. Perfect and she chose beige Capri to go with it. after donning herself she walked out of the room and was greeted with a grinning arjun who stood beside the door leaning against the wall, tapping his fingers on his thigh.

“ lets go.” She announced and without further ado walked forward. Arjun shook his head and tagged behind her sauntering. After reaching the foyer she waited for him to get into his car, but that was not to be seen there. turning around she asked” How are we going?” without answering her, Arjun walked past her and stood beside his bike. It looked like a deadly machine. “ Are you serious?” radz hesitated.

Arjun nodded his head and gestured her to come forward, placing a helmet on her head and pulling the straps tight he said” now you are fit to sit. Jump on. We have to go. It’s already late.” The bike roared to life as he turned the ignition on. Exhaling a deep breathe radz hopped on the back seat of the bike and clutched his shirt tight when he jerked the bike and moved forward.” Radhika you should clutch me not my shirt unless you are planning to fall.”

Arjun raced the bike when he heard no answer from her or any action and muttered “ Your wish baby.” Radhika placed her hands around his waist plastering herself on him and her head on his back closing her eyes at the effect of gushing air while the bike zoomed into the heavy traffic of Newyork.


They stopped at the carnival grounds. After parking the bike Arjun held her tight so that she won’t fall and given the Newyork weather it was always cold in this time of the day. Cool air seeping through the fabrics of clothes making them freeze inside. Radhika cursed herself for not bringing any jacket with her. Arjun walked to his bike and pulled a sweater jacket from the bag hanging on the side and placed it in her hands” Here. Wear this. I don’t want you to become ill.”

Radhika without another word grabbed the jacket and threw on her shoulders and tightened it around her torso. Sighing at the instant warm provided from the jacket she mumbled thank you. Arjun gave a sheepish smile and tucked her along with him while muttering” Oh baby, no need of thanks. You will get all the night to say thanks to me. Radhika watched him puzzled. She knew something was cooking in his brain but she have no idea about it. Sometimes his ideas can be dangerous and wished she wouldn’t be victim of those dangerous ideas.

But all her wishes and thoughts stopped and she felt dizzy when they halted at the ferris wheel and arjun produced two tickets and pulled her towards the long line. She was sweating hard and her head pounded with the fear that crept inside her. ‘this is so not going to happen’ she told herself and tried yanking her hand from his hold. But all her futile attempts were in vain as she noticed he knew she was afraid of these still he wanted her to ride them.

“ I’m not sure what you are going to do. But that will never happen. I will never ride on the death machine.” radz said frantically attempting for him to leave the idea.

“what ? why not? don’t tell me you are afraid.” He mocked tauntingly. “ I thought Radhika sekhar is epitome of bravery but what am I seeing?” he provoked her.

“ bravery is not to go and jump in the pit and pity.” Radz countered back.

“So. Prove it then. Let’s see how brave you are.” He added” this will be like a challenge. The one who wins will do anything the other calls for.”

Radz thought of it. it was a golden opportunity served on her platter and he himself is offering it. She smirked and said” So if I win you won’t trouble me.”

Arjun nodded his head and grinning wide said” Okay. It that’s what you want. We will do that. So you are ready for the night.” he challenged her and radz nodded her head against her better judgement noticing his grin. She knew something was not right here but her mind seems to stop right now and focus on the death machine which she has to climb as they were next on line.

They rode all the wheels and rides. Ferris wheel, booster, carousel, enterprise, freefall, gravitron, and the list goes on. Every time they stand in line Radz prays for herself and gains confidence remembering challenge and steps in the ride. Arjun was way too much enjoying her squirming and whining like a kid when she was forced to climb on the rides. She screams at top of her lungs in fear while he screams joyfully and pulls her up wontedly when they were in high air. It was a fun and after two, three rides radz eased herself and she enjoyed them and then she would start pulling him for the next ride. She didn’t complete become her old self but he could notice change in her and that was what he needed. He wanted his radhika. The girl with whom he fell in love unknowingly at the tender age.

Finally the rides were finished and they stood at the cotton candy counter for grabbing their own cotton candy to savor the night some more. When they were walking beside each other with candy’s in their hands they gazed at a group of people standing at a counter. It was shooting game and the winner would get a stuffed animal.

Arjun pulled Radz along with and pushed aside some people and stood in front of the bar that was held to separate them with the game. It was a three shot game. The perfect shot, the one who shoots the bullet at the center will win the game. There was a dummy gun placed beside the counter. “you don’t have to play this stupid game and I don’t even need that stuffed animal.” Radz chimed in and turned around to walk. But arjun pulled her back with her elbow and said” who said I will play?” arjun raise dhis eyebrow at her.

“ then what are we doing here?” radz fumed at him.

“ you will play the game and win me the stuffed animal darling. I know you don’t like all the stuffs but I want a memory of this date.” Arjun grinned and continued” so hurry up and win fast.” And pushed a bill from his pocket at the man behind the counter and placed the gun in radz hands.

“ you…” radz words trialed off and she held her chin up squaring her shoulders.” Okay fine.” And focused on the target. The target went missing every time and radz fumed more and cursed arjun while he chuckled at her.

After three attempts she was about to return the gun back but stopped when arjun pushed another bill in the hands of the man and stood behind her and looped his hands around her. He touched her arms and held the gun straight. Radz has already forgot to breathe at the sudden proximity he created between them. His own heart was galloping loud in his chest. She gasped her breath and closed her eyes when he placed his fingers on her and pulled the trigger. The bullet entered right at the center piercing the cloth and hit the back wall.

The man handed the stuffed animal to radz and they moved from there. “ Oh how I wish we had missed the target, I could have got another chance to hold you.” aRjun flirted again making the tension ease between them. Radz chucked the thing at him hard so that it would hit him screaming profanities while he ran chuckling.

Finally after his laughter and radz profanities ended they were out of the carnival grounds and stood beside his bike. “ You promised me you won’t trouble me more.” Radz exclaimed.

“Of course yes. And I intend to keep my promise. So you have all the day to you. We will meet Monday morning.” Arjun deadpanned.

It took some time to process his words and she hissed at him when understanding fell upon her.” wait? What does that mean? You said you won’t trouble me. then why will we meet on Monday. “

Arjun chuckled “ Baby I’m keeping my promise. You said and I quote’ you will stop troubling me if I win’ and yes I will stop troubling you but you didn’t give me time constraint. Right?” and put the helmet on his head hopping on the back.

“what the hell?” radz screamed. Arjun placing his hands inside his ears said” please radhika don’t shout now. see you won the bet and I’m keeping my promise. It is wise and you should respect that.”

“ Respect my foot. You fooled me.” radz accused him.

“What? Me!!! you said your own terms and said you are ready then how did I fool you. And now you are accusing me. Actually I can just say today I won’t trouble but being the most generous person and the best boyfriend I’m giving you a day off.” Arjun glared her showing her that she has offended him.

“ yeah how could I forget the best boyfriend whom I didn’t ask.” Radz said dismissively and put on a helmet on her head knowing it was a waste of time arguing with him. He would eventually win at last. She has to admit he was smart for his own good and now he was showing his smartness on her.

“ oh my poor baby. Don’t worry yo would ask for me one day. and I promise you that day will definitely come and very soon.” Arjun cooed and ignited the bike and it roared to life. “ and have you noticed the changes. You are actually talking, cursing for God’s sake and you show more emotions now other than that blank face. that’s a progress baby. We will soon cross the bridge and you would love me like I do.”

His words lingered on her brain shutting her for some time making her stop thinking and focusing on his words. It was indeed true. She was feeling more than she could have and showing more than ever she had. Her first impression was right. He was injurious to her health and it was proven now. She wanted to distance herself room him but that is a long dream now. She knew she was trapped with him. She could do anything now. She has to just wait and watch what new act he pulls in and how far they go? With these thoughts she hopped on the back seat of the bike and involuntarily placed her hands around him plastering herself feeling his warmth.

Okayyy I know this is getting older. Me apologizing every time. so this time no talking. Just comment and tell me how you feel about the story.

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