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Key Milestone

I jumped with joy when I saw my BMI report. Arjun had a satisfied smile on his face as he stood next to me watching my reaction. it’s just the one thing that the same machine used to mock you with showing highest percentage of all the things which need to be low.. And when the machine stated that my fat percentage had dropped below 13. I couldn’t not help from sharing delighted hug with Arjun.

We stood in the same little BMI room, where I had a panic attack when I was in Arjun’s company in the first… much had changed in the past six months- the fat percentage in my body, my figure, my routine , and all of that my relationship with my trainer, Arjun. People who seeing me after few months noticed my toned body and appreciated my efforts..

When the door of BMI room burst open, I saw Sam waiting restlessly for me..

“ what it is??” she asked as soon as she stepped in

Usually , she would have been left by then..but when Arjun had told her about my scheduled BMI test, she wanted to stop…Curiosity you know!! So after taking shower she came to BMI room…

I looked at the Arjun’s satisfied face and wanted him to give my results..i felt like Topper in some board exam..

“ Fat percentage 12.9 “ he said softly and waited for his reaction

“ What???really?? Oh my god!!” Sam shrieked

She placed her gym bag on the table beside us and opened her arms to take me in them. We hugged. She was happy for me…

“ so have you decided on what you are going to demand from this guy??” she asked , raising her eyebrows at Arjun.

Arjun chuckled. He knew it was coming. After all I had achieved a key milestone

“ not yet….what do you think I should get ?” I replied in amusement

To motivate his clients to achieve their respective goals, our beloved trainer had put in place very interesting bargain, he would set long term goals for all his clients- of course, after taking their permission…. If they were successful in achieving these goals, Arjun would reward them. He would either buy a gift or take them on treat. After deducting the gym’s share and taxes from fees paid by client, whatever money was credited to Arjun’s account, he would spend the same amount on the trainee, who achieved the key milestone

Once I has asked the reason behind this gesture of his and he replied “ it’s my way of thanking to my clients to make my training are the reason I get to do what I love to do…” such a fine mindset in a young fitness trainer!!

“ Go for shopping..and make him pay….” Sam said in excitement
I looked at Arjun hoping that he would dismiss Sam’s bizarre idea. It was Arjun going to decide not me… though he would not mind if I decides…but it would be weird he buying my cloths….it sounds so awkward…

“ A sportswear maybe or something related to fitness….” He replied

I was still not sure about it. I looked at Sam hoping that she would sense my awkwardness “ Hmm… no a dinner treat??”

Arjun pulled chair and sat on it while Sam and I complented over my opportunity

“we will take that as well..” she said

OMG!! Now this was more embarrassing..
I was already hesitant about the idea of Arjun spending money on me and here Sam adding to his expenditure.

“ we??” I looked at them..

“ her treat is pending…” Arjun answered

So, sam too achived her milestone recently

“ she said she would use it when right time comes…” Arjun added

“ and what was it?? The milestone??” I asked out of sheer curiosity

“ 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio “ Sam said excitedly as she twist her body right and left.

And I recalled she told me about it in one of our stream room conversation that 0.7 ratio is most attractive ratio for females. And there was not any doubt Sam had stunning figure.

“ this guy is making us looks s*xier day by day!!” Sam said looking at Arjun. We all laughed hard, enjoying our reunion in BMI room

“ that’s my job..” Arjun said raising his shoulder

He was used to it..Examine women figure and make them in shape…He is perfect craftsman.

“ quite a seductive job!! I must say..” I said

Sam and I then high-fived..we were teasing Arjun. We always do this to him when we three came together.

“ undoubtedly “ Arjun readily agreed with a smile. He was his usual self- never carrying any ill intension that would make us uncomfortable…Sam and I had talked about it earlier and we thought the same way about Arjun. He indeed was a great trainer.

“ so you girls decide and let me know later. Shall we now begin the workout?” he reminded me

“ No, let’s celebrate today!!” Sam insisted

“ you are done with your session and now you are stopping mine?” I asked

“ when is your rest day , sweetheart?” she asked

“ on Sunday…”

“ then make it workout day and make today a rest day, simple!” she suggested

If I cancelled my session, Arjun would have two and half hour to spare before his next session. Sam didn’t have anything to do till evening..ans as usual, I had no other plans apart from workout.. so , it was perfect time to take brake and enjoy..we planned for a lunch treat.

We didn’t even need to leave the mall where the gym was located as it had all the eating joints we would have wanted to go. This would also ensure that Arjun could get back to the gym whenever he was needed

When we stepped out the gym, after cancelling my session appeared very exciting idea..
“ Feels like m bunking my class “ I said stepping on escalator that would take us to the second floor

“ Yeah..along with the teacher!!!” added Sam with the wink as she and Arjun followed me. Arjun laughed at her statement..

“ you two crazy girls made me bunk my work!!” he said pouting

On the second floor of the mall, we walked straight into the store of branded sports wear which was right in front of the esclalators. Arjun turned to the left to check out the men’s section but Sam insisted he come along with us..

“ you are here for us..not for yourself, Mr teacher…” she said with fake anger

“ All right, Madam!!” he said and moved away from the men’s section.

Sam turned right and move ahead, while I waited for Arjun. He made a face behind Sam’s back. I giggled seeing Arjun react like that….i guessed he really wanted to look for something for him

“ what happened?” Sam asked when she heard my giggle. She looked from Arjun to me.

“ nothing…” I said smiling and dismissing it.

“ wow !! look at that….” Sam yelled the next moment. She was pointing at a mannequin that was wearing a stylish black sports capri with florescent green print on it and matching sports bra and running shoes

“ what??” I asked as Arjun and I walked towards the mannequin..

“isn’t it great??” Sam asked without looking back at me

“ but I have so many running shoes..” I said

“ No silly, I am talking about this capri and the sports bra..’ she said clarifying as she touched the sythentic fabric to feel its texture

Even though we weren’t in a lingerie shop, the mention of the sports bra, in Arjun’s presence, made me conscious..

“ yeah….but …..L-Let me first check out all the other sections…” I said quickly and stepped away from mannequin. I put hands on the stack of my tank top. But I could hardly focus on them for in that moment ALL that running thrugh my head was the mention of the sports bra. I realized then how conservative my upbringing had been..

“ what do you think??”

I heard Sam asking Arjun..God, why is she involving Arjun in this??
Suddenly, I felt the situation becoming awkward to me, given that we were in the store to shop for me. I didn’t have the courage to look behind me where Arjun and Sam were still admiring the mannequin.

“ Yeah!! Its nice..” I heard Arjun said behind me

Trying to save myself from further embarassement I pulled out a top from the pile without thinking.

“ how about this?/” I asked showing it to them hodling it in air and turned toward them
The idea was to distract them from discussing sports bra for me..but I failed

“ Nahhhhh!!” Sam made a disappointed face after it giving one look

I looked at Arjun for his opinion but he too shook his head

I turned back again to pick up something different. Something else! Anything!!

Nervousness had shooed away my excitement that I had felt in the BMI room , some fifteen minutes back. I landed into a difficult situation.

I would have been better off choosing a treat…

“ do you have more prints or colours in this??” I heard Sam say. From the corner of my eyes I noticed Sam talking about to the sales guy. He nodded and took Sam next to the rack where I was standing. It had an assortment of tiny and s*xy sports bras with criss-cross back straps and designs hanging in all their magnificence and commanding special attention..oh God!!

“ And do you have all the sizes available in these colours?” Sam questioned the sales guy and she pulled them out one by one…little did she realize that I might not share the same comfort level with Arjun, or for that matter any guy, that she had.
I even didn’t go to the shop to buy sanitary pads where they would have Sales guy…I knew that it was just sports bra not a usual bra…but still it making me hell nervous..

“ Not all the sizes, madam. But I can check for the one you require…” he said..Sam looked at me wanting to ask my size.

Don’t Sam!!

I tried to communicate to her to keep quite. But it was all in vein.

“what?/” she asked making it even more obvious in front of the sales person and Arjun

Run away, Radhika!!

While it took Sam some time to understand my discomfort, arjun was quick to sense it. He had caught me gesturing to Sam. Hence, h stepped forward – to take advantage of my sorry situation

Not let go of any sigle opportunity to have good time to tease at another person had become a common practice in our group,

“ now that you have lost such a good percentage of fat, you just upgrade your gym will look great in them…” Arjun said coming close to both of us, knowing well the discomfort he was causing me..

“ I will..” I said and immediately looked at the other side of the shelves.

“ Ohhhhhh…….I…..seee….. you are shyyyyyyy….in front of…….himmmmmmmm….” Sam almost sang out. In her hands still had a few hangers with sports bra.

“ what?” I pretented that I falied to understand her

“ … try these..” she bravely raized the hangers in her hand…

I felt mortified. Now I had to speak

“ Oh come on!!” I said and moved to the other body language made my discomfort clear..i hoped they would understand it. I didn’t look at the both of them

“ Raaaadhikkkkaaa..” Sam sweetly chanted my name.
She was enjoying putting me in the spot

I just couldn’t focus on the stuff I was looking for and I didn’t even know what I was looking for..

Sam walked to me and said “ last week in the stream room , you said you wanted to work out in a sports bra and do away with the tank top you wear over remember ?/”

“ I said I wanted to replace my usual tank top in loose one…” I corrected Sam

“ and the loose tank tops are going to reveal what you wear underneath…” she made her point..then she drew my attension towards her hand, she added “ these look s*xy!! Wear can wear loose tank tops over it…”

Meanwhile, Arjun walked to us, and in his well meaning yet teasing tone he offered “ I can walk out, in case I am making you guys uncomfortable…” the smile on his face stayed on his face even after he done talking..

There are girls in the gym, some of whom Arjun trains, who wear sports bras, and unlike me, they don’t feel the need to cover themselves. Here I was feeling awkward even looking at them in Arjun’s presence. What world am I living in? I thought to myself. This is 21st century Radz ,girls freely wears crop tops and all..and shows their flat stomach, and here I was bothered by sports bra which I was going to wear under loose tank tops… But I wanted to step up.

“ Of course not! I’m perfectly comfortable..” I lied even when my heart screamed NO!

“ Great!!” Sam said giving me the ones she was holding…
“then I want you to try this green, blue and….where is it…yes…this black one..”

Sighing , I looked into her eyes. She looked at me and winked, smiling.

I took a deep breath and said, “ all right..”

I picked up a tank top and the matching capris along with the sports bras that Sam handed over to me. I checked the size and found that Sam had picked up the correct size, even I had not mentioned.

Inside the trail room, in my private space, I looked at the sports bra. Fashionable and stylish, they were indeed designed to make wearer look s*xy. I admired them, and obviously wanted to wear them. The truth was, had it not been for Arjun’d presence, I would have got them myself excitedly. I took off mt t-shirts and trackpants that looked too large in front of the cloths I had picked.

I wear the combo and looked at myself in the mirror. I appered so different.. this woman exactly looking like me… Was this really me? I knew I had lost weight and toned-up but the way thses clothes revealed me, I felt it was someone else’s body! I wasn’t wearing the tank top yet. I didn’t feel like wearing it. The sports bra nicely exposed my chiseled collarbones and my well-shaped stomach. Inches above my capris, on my flat stomach, my naval looked s*xy. I jumped with joy…it was time to share this look with Sam.

A couple of seconds later, I opened the door and there stood Sam Waiting for me..her eyes widened in excitement the moment she saw me..

“ Wow!!!” she said clapping her hands. I laughed. Then she looked thoughtfully at me and said “ Buy them!!”

Happily, I turned left and right to check myself from side and back in the mirror of the changing room..i definitely looked s*xy.. And I liked myself that way. The outfit was perfect. But I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to wear it in the gym. Not without a loose tank top. I thought.

I looked at Sam with excitement.
“ try the others as well..” Sam insisted

“ Yes!! “ I immediately agrred and shut the door.

“ even I want to try them..” I heard her saying outside my trail room. Then I heard her bounding away. Good! I shouldn’t be the only one dressed like this.

I picked up the tiniest sports bra in the lot. I had no intension of buying it. Yet I wanted to see how I looked in it. As I changed into that sports bra , I heard the opening and closing sound of the door of another trail room..and I was sure that Sam has trying them and I knew how much she love to trade them.

I checked out myself from every possible angle, when I heard knock on the door “ what taking you so long?” it was Sam again…

She is quick, I thought.

“ just a second “

“ All right..make it fast..i just came in a minute..”
Prepared to show myself in that skimpy sports bra to Sam, I shouted “ hold on!! I coming…” and unlocked the door.

Just then the door of trail room opposite to mine also got unlocked and opened..
It was Arjun..Damn!!

Shock covered me and I instantly froze. Exhibiting my upper half in that s*xy tiny sports bra, I stood in front of him in my all glory!! I wanted to move my feet but they seem glued to the floor.. I wanted to shut the door close, but I hands not working, they were kinda stuck.

‘I felt naked..


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