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hello guys..sorry for posting it late..i was busy in something..don’t know in…

this update is dedicated to Sulbi…compensation for my small gratitude for your love…

Happy streets

The next Sunday I got up early . it was happy street day..The Municipal Corporation Mumbai come up with this innovative idea to reclaim the city roads for the people instead of their vehicle…As a part of this social initiative, on Sunday mornings till noon, no vehicles are allowed on a certain stretch of road. only pedestrians, joggers and cyclists were allowed. Several radio stations and newspaper would turn up to cover the every activities on Happy street day.

In order to make weekly event more happening and to bring more crowd several events were planned. Such as streets games, street dancing which would often end in flash mob..there were musical events set up at intervals along the route…keeping the fitness mantra in mind, they also conduct free zumba, yoga and aerobics it was all fun spending day there..

The gym was an official partner with Happy street campaign. So Every Sunday one trainer and five members have to go there to conduct open air exercise session..

When Arjun’s turn came, I opted to participate…

As decided the evening before, I was supposed to pick Arjun up at 5.30 am. When he asked me to do so, I thought he was joking..After breaking his car, I was reluctant to drive it..but he was serious, he suggested to pick one car instead of two..

“you’ll also get more driving practice..” he said winking at could I deny such a cute request from hansome man I agreed.

I had told Saral about my plans but I only limited to my participation in Happy street…I never disclosed, that Arjun was giving me company and I supposed to pick him up…I would have done this if Sam been with me..but she was too lazy to get up early.

“I am leaving from my place..” I texted Arjun as soon as I started the car.

It was 5.15 am and I was wearing my sport shoes along with gym capris and tank top. The previous day Arjun had shared google map location of his place.


The early morning breeze and the red-grey early morning sky was treat. And to add to the experience were the Sufi songs on the FM radio I had tuned to. And beyond all this was the pleasure to see Arjun and look forward to his company.

“ I am standing outside my society..” Arjun’s message arrived when I was minute away from his block

And there he stood in his trainer jersey, outside the entrance gate..seeing him frim distance I began to smile.

As soon as stopped the car near him, Arjun greeted me “ Good morning” as he opened the car door

I smelled musk..Is this his aftershave??

“Hi! Morning” I replied

As he locked his seat belt , I started car..

“ you live in this one?” I asked pointing tall building on our left..

“ yeah..sixth floor..but its on other side of road” he replied….
“Ohhh!!!” i felt disappointed as I didn’t get to see his flat

“ what happened?” Arjun


“Achhaa!! Listen, I may not come back along with you…”he informed me

“why?” I asked disappointedly..does he have to tell me now?

“ there’s this session of train-the –trainer in Malad branch of our gym…I may have to be there by noon…but I will confirm that with other trainer..before our schedule is over…”

“ okay …” I said and focused back on the road… none of us talked..we drove a while in silence

Arjun sat relaxed. The only time he pulled himself up was to increase the volume when one of his favorites sufi numbers was playing…

“Oh..I love this song….”he said as he turned the knob. He didn’t asked me before doing that, it was comforting that we passed the phase of formalities..and I enjoyed this close equation between us..

He hummed along “ Kun faaya kun…kun faaya….kun faaya..kun..hunnnn…”

“Yeah!! Even I love this one…” and so I too joined him in the singing…Arjun began singing out loud…I followed the suit…we both knew the lyrics well, and the soon the two of us were singing our hearts out together. We were smiling at each other and commending each other’s singing at the same time… soon the enthusiasm rose so high that Arjun could not stop himself from tapping his hands on dashboard in front of him in sync with the Tabla beats…and he did it brilliantly…it took the whole thing to a new level…and when the song ended he threw his hands in the air like a maestro!!

“Wah!! Wah!!!” I cheered for him and for both of us..

“ Saama banadiya hamane to….( we really recreated the atmosphere.) Didn’t we?” he said excitedly

“ Yes we did!!!” I replied

We reached the CHURCHGATE local railway station. This was where I have to park my car. Beyond it was the “ no driving” zone. After parking we were supposed to walk for about a kilometer in order to reach the designated place.

But out of the staion Arjun thought of something and said “ why walk when we can jog??”

I grinned and immediately started jogging…in no time arjun adjusted his pace with mine and the two of us jogged to reach our destination..

The freshly cleaned road ahead of us was covered with gym mats in various colors that looked like decoration.
Along with mats there were bosu balls and some light weighted was different feeling to find the road turned into workout arena. This feeling that you can lie down over the mat on an open road that people otherwise drive on was differently delightful.

“that’s you battlefield “ I said to Arjun looking at the arregements..

“looks like it is” he agreed

There weren’t many people around..but with every passing minutes head counts increased. It was already 6 am..and Arjun’s session supposed to start on 6.30 am…the gym’s admin team helped him fix the wireless microphone behind his head..he also went through the sequence of soundtracks he wanted the team to play..and all the while I was watching and busy admiring him….

We started fuctional traning…the peppy sound track’s and Arjun’s encouraging words made everybody feel like a warrior and the group workout caught everyone’s about five minutes every mat was taken up. I had lost his attention..but I was glad that he was focused on training the crowd that I too was part of…

There were happy faces when Arjun called it a was indeed tiring session but it was fun doing with Arjun…They all stepped forward to congratulate him. Many of them had queries and the sales team from the gym was there at the site to answer them…
But a group of girls caught Arjun and started clicking selfies with him..that to sticking to him..I felt something burning in my veins….i clenched my fist and let the nail dig in my flesh.
I so wanted to pull those clingy girls away from Arjun holding their hairs. I was so mad in jealousy..but his eyes on me whole time, and his innocent save-me-from-this-girls made me laugh..

I went there and said “ Girls, can I have my boyfriend back if you guys done with your photo session….”

With that I could see many pair of eyes went wide including Arjun’s mesmarising eyes…girls got disappeared soon..then I and Arjun burst into laughter on my trick…

On receving Arjun’s undivided attension again, we took the opportunity to spend the rest of the time roaming on road…we stopped at the college rock band playing. We then tried our skills on skateboard. Arjun was good at mingling with the school kids and asked them for their skateboards.

I tried to resist getting on it..but Arjun wasn’t willing to listen any of my excuses..And so I did get on the skateboard with one condition that he held my hand least I fell flat on my face. My companion cheated on me…He left my hand!!
I panicked and was too scrared to put the rear foot on the ground to brake. Instead, in my nervousness I squatted on the board to prevent myself from falling..but I was so sure that I would gonna fall soon in a upcoming minute…seeing my panic Arjun sprinted and caught my hand which was swinging in the air.

“I got You!!”
He said as soon as he held me and the skateboard came to the sudden rest..he was holding me by his hand wrapped around my waist tightly and our bodies were touching…I could sense his hand on my back..shiver ran down my spine….poor tank topic of mine was becoming sandwich between his hand and my back….I saw into his eyes..they filled with worry for me….We had intense eyelock..i got drown in his deep black depths…sudden clapping from kids broke our eyelock…

It was big relief that I couldn’t fall but I couldn’t have forgiven him for leaving me in the first place.i stepped down from the board and playfully slapped Arjun on his shoulder..

The kids watched us and laughed at Arjun, who adjusted his hair and smiled back at the kids..

The happy street day that Sunday morning was like street was so lively, so wonderful!! I never got chance in my college life to wonder like this and enjoy the small joys of life.. by 9.45 am we decided to leave..but I wanted to spend longer time with Arjun..but sadly, his Malad branch plan was on…and sadly I consoled myself tht I could see him next day morning..

He had planned to take local train and therefore we said goodbyes at the entrance of the Churchgate railway station.
I didn’t know why but I felt like giving him a hug. It was different experience being with him early in the morning, roaming on roads and having so much fun. Something Saral and I never had done. But then I stopped short of embarrassing myself. He took his ticket from counter and I left for parking lot

In the vast parking lot, it took me a while to find my car.
Bad luck welcomed me the moment I arrived near my car.

“Shit!!” the front tyre of the car was flat…kissing the road leisurely..

“ Oh no!!Shit!! shit!!” I yelled at my fate..

All the joy of the morning so far had to come to this??

I looked around for an instant for help..but there was nobody..because it was Sunday morning…I wondered, if somebody was kind enough to help me to fix tyre…the first person came to my mind was ARjun…but I knew he already on his way…

I pulled out my phone from my capris..there was 5 percent battery left…Cheers to my luck!!! I usually recharged my phone while doing morning chores…but that day, I left home early morning so had’t had the opportunity..

“Damn!! You to ditch me now!!!” I said to my phone as I quickly dialed to Saral

“ Listen, I am at Churchgate station’s parking lot and my car got flat tyre…and my cell phone battery dying…..”

…..” No I can’t leave this car behind…I need it at noon…Please Saral, come na…!!”

….” But you can go to your golf thing an hour late, na???”

——“ Saral plzzz understand…I didn’t knowingly puctured my car’s just happened…bad things happen sometimes!! Just like my phone dying as I talk to you…”

…..” Yes!!! I accept..i was careless that I forgot to charge…but the flat tyre isn’t my carelessness….”

“ ….Thik hai….then send the driver..”

“…In an hour..what I will do till then??”

………….” Don’t worry , make your drive your driver drive you and your colleagues from the golf course to the hotel..i will leave the car here….” I said in irriated tone and disconnected the now hardly had any battery left in my phone…My anger over took my helplessness…

As I sweated under the sun that was quickly getting hotter..Mumbai’s humid weather was getting on my nerves….i decided to find nearest service station..if I could get any help, that’s fine or I will take an auto to go home..Saral’s driver will get this car done once he arrive later in a day…But at last I wanted to try my luck by calling Arjun..he could come if he was still at the platform..

“Yeah!! Radhika!!!..” he said picking up the call

“ where are you??” I hadn’t say I didn’t had much time in my hand

“ In the Local…have reached Andheri station…why are you asking??”

“ I am in a in the parking lot my car……” and then I heard three dying beeps of my phone before it went dead..


I wanted to cry..and yell…the car was too hot to sit I walked up to a shaded spot near me and stood wondering what to do next…the possibility of me taking the auto and going home was higher…I was really pissed off

How could Saral not have come to help me??? Why was he never there when I needed him??? Still he cares for his damn business more than his soon-to-be-wife???

My eyes filled up with tears and I felt choking of my throat due to it….

I was thirsty so I walked to a shop..and drank half bottle in one go as brought it…I felt relived…air conditioning at the food court helped me cool down..both mentally and physically…I went to washroom, used the loo and splashed my face with water..

Just when I stepped out of the station, I heard somebody calling my name….and I turned back and…..there was he……..

“ What happened Radhika????huhh…huhhhh….” Arjun asked badly gasping for air..slightly bent forward he supported his hands on his thighs….he told me about this posture to take in a lot of air when person are short of breath…..

Without answering him I asked” how come you are here?? You were….two station away..right???”

“yes!!!” he said with difficulty and still gasping for air…

“ So you came back” I asked

“ You said you are in troble..and then…..and then your phone got switched off..i tried calling you many times…I got worried….”

Oh God!! He had come all the way back for me!! Deep inside my heart felt extremely satisfied..

“And you got down and took local back???”

He nodded

He had come back for me!!!

I could not hold myself back and did what I could not to do about half hour back..i hugged him tight and thanked him for being there for me…he didn’t make me feel award at all when I did that..he then took water bottle from me and had few sips as we walked towards my car..

“ It’s puncture!!” he announced pointing nail embedded in the rubber tyre

“ Yesss..what do we do now??”

“is this the first puncture of your life? “ he asked squatting on the ground with his hand on tyre and looking up at me..i was not sure if he was making fun of me..

I recalled and answered “ Second”

“ what did you do the first time..??”

“ the driver replced the tyre with the stepney”

“ that’s exactly what we need to do now…”

“ but we can’t do that now…” I announced

“ but why??”

“ Because there is no point in replacing one punctured tyre with another….”
“whatttt??” Arjun got up from the ground in shock “ you didn’t fix that flat tyre??”

I made helpless face “ I am sorry…”

Arjun slapped his hand on his forehead “ Damn!!”

About half an hour later we sat in what looked like an old wrecked car repairing workshop….the nearest service staion was far and guard at railway station recommend this workshop…Arjun called somebody in the gym and cancelled his training session…I felt bad about it..though I was relived he came to help me..

He preferred to carry both the punctured tyres so that in future I could avoid such situations..i asked to help him…

“ its easier to pick two than one..forget body balance session??” he raised both his arms holding the tyres, showing me that he was comfortable..

When we walked in, the place looked was full of old and dead, some were burnt vehicle parked all looked like junkyard than workshop….there was a handful of people, perhaps auto and cab driver and workshop staff, all of from their dirty, stained cloths they were smoking beedi or chewing tobacco..i could feel their eyes on me..all of sudden I was conscious of my tank top and body hugging capris..

Just at the entrance of the workshop, holding two tyres in his strong arms his muscle were stretched…he was looking smoky hot…, Arjun slowed down and waited for me catch up with him…

“Don’t worry!! You are with Me!! Okay!!”

He said without looking back at me.i felt glad that he understood my concern without uttering a word..

“ Bhau….Ya madam chi gaadi..puncture jhali ahe…..( Hey Brother, Madam’s car had punctures)”

Arjun’s local language broke the ice and awkwardness..Misjudging him to be a local person, the workshop owner immediately asked his boys to put a cot in the yard of the shop..his order was immdetialtly followed

“You spoke Marathi fluently…” I said

“sort of “ he said and winked

I felt so relived..Arjun’s company brought joy in my life I was miserable hour ago..

“ I wish Saral would have come running for me..just the way you turned up for me!!” I said suddenly

“ he must have been busy…”

“ Yeah!! Busy playing golf!!”

“It’s okay…..” he spoke after couple of seconds

I sighed..was it okay??always?

“ even I wouldn’t have turned up had I known your car had a flat tyre..i came bcos all I heard that you are in trouble…” he said and kept staring me

“ Really?? You wouldn’t have come” I asked him looking at him disbelief

He shook his head couple of time..before he started to nod..he looked adorable…like a kid

“ I would have still turned up “ he said pressing my shoulder comforting me..i felt good

Even I watched mechanic reparing tyre, my thoughts raced in different direction…My thoughts started comparing Saral and Arjun..

“ I wish he was like you” I said a loud almost comparing them two..

“ everything is alright??” he asked

I didn’t answered…” what it is?? Hmm?” he asked again

“ there is a lot of people can learn from you Arjun…” I said

“ I agree…” he smiled “ I am a gem of see!!!” I knew he understood what I was saying but chose to avoid the topic.

“ you are!! You care for people!! You fulfill all the responsibility in relationship irrespective of the nature of it!!”

I was too serious in my tone..i meant every word in it

“ what happened , Radhika? Do you want to talk about what’s bothering you??”

I nodded..i wanted to unburden myself..i spoke about my expectations that never got fulfilled..

For the next 15-20 minutes, I talked non-stop, sharing my life with him..

I knew that , people will call me gossip monger or miserable….but with every word I spoke , I felt lighter

In the initial few seconds, Arjun didn’t knew how to react..but gradually he got a grip and consoled me by patting my back….

“ I had sensed this after our sessions…but I never wanted to poke my nose in your personal matters..i am not sure how I can help you, but if there is anything..i mean ANYTHING…I can do for you, don’t hesitate to let me know…but I am glad that you chose to share all this with me…that you trusted me……”

“ I trust you Arjun..i do…” I said and couldn’t hold myself resting my head on his shoulder..
I was extremely emotional…he took his time to rest his hand on my head..

With that I felt that our bond had come closure beyond the trainer and client, friends was something special….

So how was it??? Did I bored you guys by this long chapter??? Actually I went on and on… me
What you guys feels for them now?? What you guys think about Radz shared her heart with Arjun?

Let me know….and please vote, share and comment..

Love you…

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    Loved to see the dynamics in Ardhika’s relationship are changing. Loved it Dipu dear and love you more ?????

    1. Dipika

      Omg gia darling.. I never could make fun of u guys darling.. Thank u sooooo much for supporting me n loving me darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  2. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Kavina darling thank you sooooo much ?

  3. Brin

    Outstanding, it show how much Arjun cares about Radhika, I hope Radhika dumps Saral and marries Arjun, eagerly waiting for the next update, Dipika you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me n loving me

  4. Dipu di.its amazing.that jealously scene superb.I loved this arjun.praying for saral radhika breakup you di take care.

    1. Dipika

      Chashni my sweet darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ?

  5. You should have not ask this question about this episode being bored???
    So my answer is…no way in million…I enjoyed each and every word of it….I m loving it…thanks so much for the update

    1. Dipika

      Awwwww thank thank you sooooo much kk darling.. Love u lots ? ? ?

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      Omg thank you soooooooo much arti darling.. I always makes my day.. Sorry for replying late… N thank you so much for making me happy.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

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    WOS Sam and Neil came face to face… Neil was admiring her… is this same Sam who was in school days? Sam dress attire was awsme… i luvd it… atlast they came face to face… now waiting for next chapter darling… i have joined watty dear… will come soon in watty dear… love you aloads… tc dear 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Sulbi darling thank you sooooo much much.. M soooo happy thta u liked the chapter.. Ur words boosted my spirits high… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  9. Amore

    Of course! you did bore me dipika…

    I was reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading and reading…. and suddenly… it finished… *pout*

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    1. Dipika

      Awwwww amore darling soooop cuteeee n so sweet of u.. Sorrryyyy for snatching ice-cream from u.. But promise i will brought itbfor u soon.. Thank u sooooo much for making me. Smile bright.. Love u lots darling ? ? ? ? ?

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    .. And yeah
    .. Boyfriend? When’s that happen OK no in real…. ? I want to see that soon…. What if she accepts him before turning her relationship down with Saral…. That would be a scene to watch.
    .. Right? Tc. .

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? ha saral hai hi bura.. Lol.. Burayi suits him… Lol.. Thank u sooooo much jhana darling for amazing support m love… Love you loads ?

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    Deepz, this is an amaaaazing chapter, loved it… He encourage her to take the car. The moments they spend in the car, singing and enjoying really nice. They cross the phase of formality, improvement is there…. Her jealousy and boyfriend dialogue. And then he come back only for her, he is a sweet person. And his care when rads feel abt her dressing, really nice, loved that…. She said everything to Arjun, wow totally a beautiful chapter…. After giving all these beautiful scenes u r asking us that u bored us. Never give more and more lengthy chapters I love to read that….. Ur writing is superb deepz, don’t ask this qstn again…. Waiting for next one….

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    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? ? ? asthu darling u made whole chap’s summary n took all Awsome things from it.. N made me sooooooooooo happy… U r my sweetheart darling…. Thank u sooooo much for lovely words.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

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      Subha darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ?

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