Mmz-Depths Of Hatred And Heights of Love(SS- Part 4 & 5)

Good Morning to me and Yes a happy birthday too…I never had any happy birthdays since I eloped from my wedding and distanced myself from my family…But Sam always plans something special for me which distracts me from the ‘ I miss my family’ trauma of mine.

Initially there had been not a day in this two years when I didn’t missed my family….On my last birthday I had called Ankush bhai to know about their wellbeing But the answer I got left me gloomy and remorseful for the whole day and even several weeks after that…. He said I was a curse bestowed to my family….Sam kept on consoling me whole day But it didn’t help much…..I just couldn’t forget his words and they still ring in my ears loud and clear enough to engulf shattering pain in my heart.

I know I shouldn’t have ran away But they left me with no other option….I cannot marry someone who I met just for couple of times and I wasn’t ready for a big commitment like marriage that time….I had received an appointment letter from the leading TV news channel just a week before my marriage….I wanted to live my life on my own terms and I think though our parents give birth to us and play both primary and secondary role in our life still they are not supposed to control us or make us feel our home like a prison cell.

When all my attempts to stop the marriage went in drain….I took a decision and I swear on God that I wasn’t even a bit happy about the same…. Which girl on this globe would be happy after being sole reason for ruining the most happiest moment of her family?!…..But I couldn’t just throw my life so I chose my dreams over them….Call me selfish b*t*h if that justifies my personality.

In this two years my life has undergone many changes…Now I have matured a lot in terms of responsibility of my own self… I have learned to be on my own no matter what…I faced a hell lot of challenges when I placed my first foot in Mumbai….But all those hardships gave me a hell lot of guts too….

Sam always tried to set me up with a gentleman But I couldn’t bring myself to do relationships or even dating…I never got to wear any western outfits in Rishikesh neither indoor nor outdoor….But now when I look at myself in the mirror…I can say I dress up to make myself feel good and not to impress a guy…

When I and Sam walk on the streets together holding hands and shopping through the malls….People turn their heads and always judge our character by our clothes…I mean if a guy changes girls like shirts than he they say let him enjoy…its his transformation from a boy to a man…when a girl does more than one relationship they taint her character and call her a whore….Honestly I haven’t loss my first kiss to any guy yet though I went on a date reluctantly and all credit to Sam…She z seriously a pain in ass at times But still she z the most wonderful person I ever met….

My life was going all smooth with my daily pivotal chores with no change in my routine….But after that disastrous party event I can no longer have precious peace….I don’t know why that rich…arrogant…cocky womaniser z suddenly smitten by me….I have heard and written a lot of articles on his life and believe me his life z really a interesting topic to discuss….But I am not such a person to gossip about someone heartlessly…There are many disputes between him and his dad according to the sources though they do the perfect family act in front of the world…

Oh God!!!….I am not supposed to think about that jerk and here he z always messing up with my mind…Hopefully I look forward to today though I am least interested in celebrating my birthday.

I took a relaxing refreshing bath and got dressed in a blue crop top and rugged tone jeans and braided my hair in a long pontail…I said my morning prayers and got ready to head to my workplace…Today z like any other day for me But Sam z really excited about celebrating my birthday…So she forced me to take a half day and spent the evening with her….Sometimes she sounds like a demanding possessive boyfriend But I don’t mind….She z the only friend to who I can speak my heart to….She left the house half an hour ago after wishing me….We take turns in cooking But today since its my birthday….We are going to go out for dinner later….So fingers crossed because our plans always crumbles up because of me…I often have to do overtime and Sam really curses my boss like a pro on such days.

As I reached my office building….I got a warm welcome and a lot of birthday wishes from my colleagues….Our office atmosphere z quite flexible and friendly though we have a hell lot of competitions among all of us….I got two bouquets too obviously from guys who were trying to get a positive nod from me But I am least interested in any of them….Today whole day I kept checking my watch to be home before Sam shows up here….I don’t want her to think that I take her for granted….She z the only one who expects from me and I can’t let her down for anything in this world.

Finally my wait was descended and now I can leave during the mid break as it z my half day to work….I grabbed my purse and paced towards the elevator and pressed the basement button….I stepped out of the elevator and took a cab to reach home.

Thankfully I reached before Sam….she z not home yet and this z the first time in this two years I have arrived on time….I splashed cold water on my face and wiped the water droplets with my napkin…I slowly untangled my hair free from my ponytail….I grabbed a comb and brushed my ebony black curls softly caressing them with my other hand…I walked to the cupboard and pulled out a red off shoulder knee length dress….I got changed in that and switched on the TV to kill time since now I had to wait for Sam…I was switching channels one after another as I couldn’t find anything interesting….

But my eyeballs almost dilated and my forehead ceased with lines of worry and beads of sweats started forming as I clutched the mattress tightly to muffle my frustration somewhere…I started reading the content as my heart was hammering in my chest and I felt it will stop any moment.

The headlines were…..

‘Arjun Mehra, the famous business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor in town was spotted with a journalist of the leading news channel, News India.’

“ The couple were spotted holding hands and embracing each other….This news z sure to break a zillion of hearts and grab a dozen of eyeballs as there are speculations about the billionaire being already taken….If that so than we wish the couple for their newly blossomed romance But if we take a look at the controversial history of the billionaire who z alleged to be a canosova or a free spirited Playboy then we wonder how long this newly budding romance will last long!?”

I raked a hand through my hair doomed by the current happenings in my life which were like some heart stopping storms….My all hard work and struggle throughout this two years to set up my own identity and a successful career went in drain as now the world will recognize me with his name….I know this news would have spread like wild fire and now my all dreams and aspirations got burned in those flames now…

My tears prickled out from my moist eyes….This z the worst birthday ever….I was lost in my thoughts just then the sound of the doorbell took my attention away…I walked to the door expecting it to be Sam on the other side….I just wanted to pull her in a bone crushing hug right now…

.I opened the door and my eyes brimmed with unstoppable tears after finding my parents at the doorstep….It just pulled the string of my heart….I couldn’t bring myself to say anything as my throat went dry and I was totally speechless….I looped my arms around my mother’s neck and hide myself in her blossom as first time in my life I was so much scared to face the world….And she hugged me back and welcomed my affection for the first time in 23 years….

My relationship with my mother was nothing like the what you share with your mom….She never accepted me as her daughter and all my life I have grown up with this thought that my mom despises me with a passion….I was the most loved and pampered kid in my household as I was the only daughter born to my family rest of my father’s siblings had all sons…But my mom wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence in her home….I still remember envying my friends for the lovely moms they got….I would bury my head in my pillow and cry myself to sleep thinking about this only void in my life….But I had a old down to earth grandma who passed away when I was 12….So I never actually got my share of motherly affection.

Today as I sat between both my parents waiting for them to tell me that what do I owe them for this sudden visit….

My Dad broke the ice finally….He took my hand in his and squeezed it gently and looked straight into my soul through my moist eyes….He cleared his throat and first in my life I heard him saying sorry to someone….And the guilty sad expression on his slightly wrinkled face was killing me….I don’t like seeing my father seeking an apology from me and for whatever the reason z that….His helpless weak smile makes it worst for me to hold back more from breaking down.

He cradled my face and kissed my forehead and confessed,” I am extremely sorry for forcing you into all the miseries in this two years….I was so blinded by the delusions that I couldn’t see your tears….I did a terrible mistake by treating my daughter like disposable bait to earn more power….No father in this world could have ever done that to his daughter…I can never forgive myself for that….And I know even you can’t….But please don’t hate me.”

This z it….Now I can’t hold back my emotions more…I looked up to see his face and it had nothing except guilt washed over. He seemed so powerless….sluggish and vulnerable…It tugged my heart strings see him spineless as for the first time in my life I saw him without any pride and ego….

I took a deep breath and spoke in a choked tired tone….It was so difficult for me to breathe properly as I felt like a fish drawn out of water taking his last breaths…But somehow I managed stuttering,” Pa….Papa…I forgive you.”

His face instantly lit up like Christmas tree….He took my hand in his and whispered,” I promise from now on I will never force my will on you…..I promise to always respect your decisions and trust them….You are best daughter I could have asked for.”

We cried together to our heart’s content as for me this z the last time I am crying over all that happened two years back….

Now I have decided to bury all those painful memories and look forward to make new start with my precious family who I love and they love me back….After so many years I am feeling this warmth and the immense happiness sinking inside me after feeling loved.

Part 5


But my happiness didn’t last long….My jaw dropped on the floor after my eyes witnessed my father hugging Arjun who entered inside….I wish I had closed the door not that it would have stopped him from invading my privacy But still I could have had few moments of peace with my family.

But the question that kept bugging my head was how does my father know him so well?!….I walked to them expecting them to answer my queries….

My father turned to me and gave me his million dollar smile which I don’t know how I earned it….He took my hand and to my utter shock he placed it on Arjun’s who had forwarded his hand….

I got the biggest shock of my life when my father told me that Arjun brought all this together….He faked my illness and convinced them to rush into Mumbai…He sponsored their tickets and their stay here….He made them realise their mistake and planned to knock me down with this unexpected surprise or should I say 440V shock.

This z just the least and the most nerve wrecking and awful news z that I am being told that I and Arjun shouldn’t have hidden our relationship from anyone and get married….I stared at the 6 ft man towering over me with so much of rage with a piercing gaze….How dare he drag my family into this…You are so dead Arjun Mehra…..I wish I could pull the trigger at you and shot you dead….

I have never seen my mom overwhelmed with happiness and the thought that her happiness z because of me halts me from disclosing that there z no future of the illusion this man created in front of their eyes….He f**king trapped me to accept his proposal…I don’t understand how can someone be so heartless to play with someone’s emotions….Its like beating someone to death and then asking him about his wellbeing.

I had it enough….I can’t take this anymore….I took his hand in mine and gave a forced smile to my parents and excused myself from them….I dragged him outside my house and I was about to slap him across his face But he caught my hand before it could lash out at his cheek….He twisted it and I winced in pain….He trapped my hands behind my back and pinned me to the wall behind my back….His face was just inches away from mine….my heaving up chest was pressed against his rock hard one….I was terrified to even look in his eyes which were staring deeply into mine…

I looked away and He growled and threatened me,” Don’t you dare hide those beautiful eyes from me…” I still had my gaze fixed down at my feet…I almost shuddered with fright when he screamed near my ear sending shivers down my spine,” f**king look at me, will you.”

I looked up at his face which was a facade of unidentified emotions I couldn’t recognize…was it love or something else?!.

He touched my forehead to his and spoke in a hushed tone,” I didn’t intend to put you all through this….I got your background checked few weeks ago and then I got to know about everything related to you….I just wanted to give you back what rightfully belonged to you….When I met your father and made him realise his mistake….He questioned my relationship with you…I was caught off guard there….I was about to say that I am a friend to you But he had seen some pictures of us which were traveling all over the net and like everyone else He believed the rumours about us being in a relationship….I thought I will explain him later and the following day was your birthday which was the only thing I had on my mind that time…..So I didn’t clarify anything….But if you want we can go inside and tell them that whatever they are thinking z not the truth.”

I could feel his hot breath near my neck and it created a tingling sensation on my body….I couldn’t bring myself to say anything all I could do was stare at him….

First time I have seen him so closely….He can make Greek Gods cry at his sight….He was so devilishly handsome….Well handsome would be an understatement….He was perfection at its finest…His steel grey dark bright eyes which held mine like magnetic poles….His sharp sword like nose resemble so much perfection….his jaw was sharply accentuated….I couldn’t hold a eyelock with him anymore so I lowered my gaze.

He loosened his grip on my hands and spoke,” Radhika…I want you to give me a chance to prove that I am a changed man now…I haven’t had any flings since 7 weeks after my eyes were mesmerized by you…..I will gladly give you anything even my life if that’s what you ask for But don’t ask me leave you alone which I can’t do now….I don’t know what I have in my heart for you….But I just can’t take you out of mind…your thoughts bother me everywhere…..Do you know how much dangerous you are for my existence?!”

Me?!…I pose a threat to him….Joke of the day…I cannot even kill an ant and here he z telling me I am dangerous to him….He z the one who has taken away my peace and messed up with my brains….I had no relief in past few days….But I can’t deny the fact that today he gave me the best gift of my life….And if I search in the depths of my heart….I have a crush on him maybe from the day I first saw him….I don’t know what to blame….His intimating personality or his aristocratic manly beauty….

“ OK” was all I could bring myself say….I was so damn affected by his proximity that I lost my voice and my thinking ability both…I don’t even know why I wanted to give him a chance….When I tried to find the answer of this question inside me….My brain and heart were debating on all the things I felt for him…His earth shattering laughter broke my trance of thoughts.

He stroked my cheeks and spoke in a slurry velvety soft tone,” See I promised you that I will get a positive answer from you in two days….”

He gave me a winning smirk and I smiled back reluctantly as it was the reality.

Not that he forced me or blackmailed me to get a Yes through me….He simply figured out my painful wound and healed it instead of doing the over the top things guys do to woo girls…..Though I love simple gestures But how the hell he knew this?!….I am so bugged by my curiosity right now But I think I won’t ask now….Anyways we have plenty of time now and I have all time for my interrogation session with him….

Now the newest problem z that my father z asking us to fix a engagement date…..Hell I have just updated my relationship status from single to dating And here my father wants to succumb it from dating to married….And whole time here that jerk was having the best time of his life with my father….He also assured that once he approaches his family then engagement will be on cards soon….

Sam came home late all drenched in rain and was flabbergast after I gave her the updates on my life….She at least made a long list of tons of rules for Arjun to follow when he z with me and yes also gave him a warning that if she ever sees tears in my eyes than he’ll regret the day he was born.

Funny, isn’t it?!….A tiny skeleton like Sam scaring a muscular built like Arjun Mehra….But He only laughed sportily when she dared and accused him of all the pain I went to….If it had been some other person in her place Arjun would have chopped his tongue for sure.

Surprisingly I am very happy seeing my loved ones so pleased with me….Not every day you get to be the reason of your parents happiness, right?!….And if things don’t work out between Arjun and me then I will tell them the truth….For now I just want to live this beautiful feeling of being loved and cared for.

Now we are walking down in my compound holding hands….He z having that unmoving intense gaze on me which enthralled me and makes me uncomfortable with a lot of butterflies in my stomach….I have never felt so reasonably nervous in presence of any guy in my life But Arjun just manages to send shivers down my spine by just one stare of his….

I was so lost in watching the night…It was a very beautiful night with crystal bright moonlight and a huge curtain of stars studded like pearls shining in the sky above our head…

He tucked my lose hair strand behind my ears and spoke in a hoarse tone,” You really love watching the night, don’t you?!….But little doe someone really needs to tell you that the beauty of night z nothing compared to your bewitchingly midnight black strands.”

He just nicknamed me and complimented too…What kind of a nickname this z?!….By which angle do I seem little to him….I don’t know but I feel so numb at the pit of my stomach whenever he touches me….I don’t know what he has in those mesmerizing steel grey eyes that causes ripples inside me whenever I look into them…

I blushed under his piercing gaze on me….Somebody really needs to tell him that I won’t run away if he shifts his gaze somewhere else….When he brought his face closer to mine….I felt he was going to kiss me But I felt his lips on the top of my head.

I watched his retreating figure descending as he walked closer to his car….He turned to take a glance at me and waved a goodbye and a flying kiss too….He got inside his car and drove off and I watched him leave until he was out of my sight.

I am unsure about everything single thing that took place today….It felt like I will just open my eyes and this new found happiness will fade away in thin air….But I would be lying to myself if I say I am not happy….

My lip curve stretched upward as my heart bloomed with happiness beyond limits…I got back my family….This will the one thing for which I will always remain grateful to Arjun….

He asked me for a date tomorrow and I couldn’t bring myself to deny as I was so lost in his eyes that the Yes escaped my lips without my own notice…

So tomorrow z sure to bring a new dawn of surprises….I am looking forward to meet him and I hope I don’t reveal that I have a huge crush on him….I don’t want to give a boost to his ego….I hope he lives up to his promises.

So guyzzz….how was it?!….You people want Arjun’s views nah?!..His will be after two or three more updates….please wait for it….Now the story has just paced to their story….But there z lot more in store….Because don’t forget the title also has hatred along with love….Now whether they will destroy each other in their hatred or burn to flames for each other that you have to see…

I might update three months later….so please wait for your suppu….love you all…muaaaaaaaah….tc

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