Mithai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai apologizes to the family

Mithai 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mithai tells Dadu that she is ready to marry Shubham. Dadu gets excited hearing that. Shaurya is passing by and hears the news too. Dadu asks Mithai if she was under pressure from the medical reports? Mithai says not at all, I just think that whatever you decide will be for the best. I just have a condition that nobody else will take care of my duties. Dadu says no one will stop you from caring for your mother. Mithai says not only that, I want to get my father’s shop back, I will earn on my own and get it back. Dadu says Shubham will support you in everything. Mithai says everything will be fine, I won’t talk about the reports. Dadu thinks I shouldn’t tell Indu that Mithai knows about her illness. Dadu tells Mithai to not talk to anyone about the reports, Mithai says it’s my promise.

Shuarya comes to Karishma and Kirti, he tells them that Mithai said yes to marrying Shubham. Kirti says I am so happy for them. Sid comes there and calls Kirti. She asks what happened? Sid says we have to go to the police station with Mithai. Girish comes there with Gitika and Chacha. He shows the photos and asks Kirti what is all this? Kirti says they were some local goons. Girish says this goon was behind that Mithai, I have had enough of all this. Sid says you are over-reacting. Girish says you are taking her side when your sister was kidnapped? Sid says it was not her fault. Girish says wow, you are taking her side? I won’t let that girl stay in this house anymore.

Bhura is in jail, he tells his man that I am fine. The man shows Kirti’s photos to him. Bhura says we will use these videos. The man says I have sent the photos to Girish, Bhura says they will throw Mithai out of the house soon.

Girish gathers everyone in the living room and tells Mithai to get lost in this house, my daughter was attacked because of this girl. Dadu comes there and says Mithai won’t go anywhere as she is going to be our daughter-in-law now, she has said yes to marrying Shubham. All are stunned. Dadu says we will marry her to Shubham. Girish says that Bhura kidnapped my daughter because of this girl. All are shocked. Sid says it was not Mithai’s fault. Girish says don’t take her side. Sid says her safety is our responsibility as Dadu has chosen her as our daughter-in-law. Those goons are arrested already. Kirti says I am fine too. Dadu says Sid is right, everything is fine now. Girish says my daughter was kidnapped, if Sid didn’t reach there on time then anything could have happened. Dadi tells Sid why didn’t you tell us all this? She tells Sid and Kirti how dare you hide this from the family? We don’t hide things in the family. Mithai is an outsider but you both are not. Chachi says that the goon could have done anything. Mithai comes to Dadi and says I am really sorry for what happened, I can’t see anyone getting hurt from this family. Please forgive me if you can. Dadi asks Mithai if she has said yes to this marriage just to protect herself from Bhura? Mithai says not at all, I would die before putting this family in danger. Dadi asks Shubham if he is ready for this marriage without any pressure? If you don’t want to marry then I won’t let anyone force you. Dadu says first everyone should know why Mithai said no before and then said yes. Her reason is that she now knows Shubham will support her in fulfilling her dreams. Shubham tells Dadu that you have always chosen best for me, I will accept everything you ask me for. Dadu smiles and says we will have two marriage in the house now. Gitika hugs Mithai and says congrats. Dadi is not happy with all this.

chachi tells Chacha that I think this Mithai will spoil my Karishma’s wedding. Chacha asks her to stop thinking like that.

Karishma tells Shaurya that Kirti got kidnapped but didn’t say anything as she didn’t want to spoil my engagement. Chachi comes there and says Gunjan would have broken off the engagement if she got to know that goons are behind all this. Everyone will focus on Shubham and Mithai now. Mithai hears all that and says I would never want anything to spoil Karishma’s wedding.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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