Mithai 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid saves Mithai’s life

Mithai 13th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid glares at Apeksha and asks her to leave, he says I regret ever trusting you. I am married to Mithai and you recorded proofs to blackmail us so your plan to marry me has failed, just leave me alone. Apeksha angrily leaves. Mithai says I never thought if Apeksha is here then what happened to Maa? Sid and Mithai rush from there.

Sid and Mithai arrive at the house. Mithai asks Indu if she is fine? Indu sid ays I am fine, what happened there? Sid nods and says let’s pack the bags and take her there. Indu says I want to rest for some time. Sid tells Mithai to bring Maa there, I won’t be able to handle everything there alone so I need your support to handle the family matters. Mithai nods and says I will be there soon. Sid leaves. Mithai makes Indu lie down and asks her to take rest.

At Dadu’s house, all family members do pooja.

Abhishek tells Girish that we can go to the registrar and ask for the property papers. Pramod says if we go to the police then we will be insulted more. Girish says my own son cheated me, I don’t know who to trust anymore. Agarwal comes there and meets them. He tells Girish that your real enemy is Mithai, just throw her out of the house. Girish asks how? Agarwal says we can kidnap her and throw her far away from here. Girish says just remove her from our lives, I am ready to pay any price. Agarwal says your problem is our problem now so don’t worry.

Dadu is telling the guests that Sid’s wife is coming here soon. Pramod tells Girish that just pretend we are happy.

Mithai is ready to leave for Sid’s house. Indu asks her to get ready as a wife now. Mithai says you know the truth about our relationship. Indu says I saw something different in Sid, he asks for your support now so be his wife. Shubham comes there and says she is right. Dadu has sent stuff for Mithai, he is ready to welcome his daughter-in-law. He gives the gifts Dadu sent. Dadu calls Shubham and asks if he reached there? Shubham says yes, and he asks Mithai to get ready. Dadu video calls Mithai and asks her to get ready as a bride, we will welcome you grandly. Dadu gives the phone to Sid and asks him to tell her to come fast. Sid smiles slightly and asks her to come fast, Dadu is waiting for you.

Indu gets Mithai ready as a newlywed.

Shubham is outside Mithai’s house, waiting for her when some goons attack her. The goons enter Mithai’s house and attack Indu. Mithai is shocked.

Agarwal’s goon calls him and says we have kidnapped Mithai. Agarwal tells them to kill her. Pramod tells Abha that Mithai’s game will be finished today.

Mithai runs away from the goons. Indu goes behind them. Indu calls Sid and says Mithai’s life is in danger, some goons attacked her. Sid is shocked.

Mithai is running away from the goons on the streets. She hides from them but they catch her. The goons say you won’t be saved. Mithai asks who sent you? The goon says we should steal her jewelry. Mithai says you can take it all but let me go please. She gives the jewelry to them and thinks to run. She tries to run but they don’t let her. The goon says you shouldn’t have messed with rich people. Mithai tries to leave but they ask for her mangalsutra. Mithai says don’t touch this, I have given everything. They try to force her but Mithai kicks them away. They grab her and break her mangalsutra. It’s about to fall down but Sid arrives there and catches it. The goons surround Sid but Mithai gets emotional seeing Sid there. Sid comes to Mithai and puts mangalsutra back on, he wipes her tears. The goons try to attack him but Sid starts beating them.

Precap: Sid attacks all the goons. One of the goon with knife, makes Mithai hostage and says don’t come close to me or I’ll kill her. Sid kills them and says how dare you touch her, she is my wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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