Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh learns about blackmailer

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata asking everyone not to tell anyone about Kanchan, as she is their respect now, there is much work to do. Nandan and Kirti come to give haldi. Dadi taunts them. Vishesh meets Nandan. Nandan says we came from Ganesh puja to get blessings from everyone for Kanchan’s haldi. Rajmata and Manika put the coin to do the ritual. Dadi angrily goes. Vishesh gets his Kuldevi coin and says you won’t need anyone’s blessings now. Nandan smiles. Rajmata says come sit, we have to talk about marriage.

Kirti says I have switched off Kanchan’s phone, I will manage. Vishesh asks what are you doing here, what happened, tell me what’s kanchan going to wear in haldi, I want to see her. She says its not allowed. He asks won’t you help me. She says fine, I can make you see her on video call, you need to teach me driving. He says done, promise. Rajmata comes to Saurabh’s house. She gets some gifts. Trishna says I heard you agreed for Vishesh and Kanchan’s marriage. Rajmata says yes, I did this for children, maybe you forgot that I m elder. Trishna taunts her for her wrong decision. Saurabh shouts on her and apologizes to Rajmata. He asks her to go inside. Trishna goes. He says I m also surprised with your decision, I never imagined, your one wrong decision will affect coming generations. Rajmata says a mum decided this, not Rajmata, I can do anything for Vishesh’s happiness, I won’t regret. She gives him marriage invite. She asks him to come with family. She requests him not to let anyone know Kanchan’s past. He says I gave my word before too, this matter won’t go out. She thanks him.

Kanchan comes for haldi. Maasi smiles and makes her sit. Kirti gets her phone and shows Kanchan to Vishesh on video call. She keeps the phone there and goes. Kanchan asks for her phone. Maasi says I will give it if I see it anywhere. Kanchan’s haldi is done. Nandan smiles. He asks Maasi to get money form Kanchan’s locker. Maasi gets cash and sees kanchan’s phone. She gives phone to Kanchan and goes. Everyone dances. Vishesh smiles. Kirti asks kanchan to dedicate a song to Vishesh. Kanchan says no. Maasi asks her to sing. Kanchan sings Raabta…. Kanchan’s phone rings. Kirti gets the phone and goes. Kanchan dances with Maasi. Kirti gets tensed and answers. The man says if you don’t move back from marriage, I will get your poster printed. She worries. Vishesh says what happened to Kirti. The man threatens further. Kirti cries and drops the phone.

She sees Kanchan dancing. Vishesh says there is some matter. He calls Kanchan. Kirti sees his call and answers. He asks why are you worried, whose call was it. She says he knows everything, he blackmailed that he will defame Kanchan. He gets shocked and says relax, go to some other room and talk, tell me what’s the matter. She tells everything. She says sorry, I thought I will handle this, but he called again. He gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, did this call come on Kanchan’s phone. She says no, I have hidden her phone. He asks her to send the number. She says its private number, I m scared, if Kanchan receives call then she can’t handle it. He says you need to be strong, stop crying, Kanchan shouldn’t know this, keep her phone away, don’t look worried, keep smiling, I will not let anyone snatch Kanchan’s smile, its my promise.

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