Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh plans a date

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh saying I have sent kids for picnic, as they work really hard. He says I was born in this city, but I have no sweet memories, I returned after 8 years and didn’t had any excitement, today I felt like I got welcomed here, I promise you that I will break your trust. She cries. He signs her to wipe her tears and smile. She smiles. Vishesh and Kanchan see the moon. They imagine their togetherness. Marhami si chand…….plays…. They hold each other and smile. They romance.

Vishesh says this is our new secret. He gives her a box. She checks it. She sees a phone cover and smiles. He asks did you tell anyone about me. She says yes, I didn’t like to lie. He asks really, who lied about being my fiancee. She says please, that was stupid thing. He

says when you used to say that, I used to wish that it turns true, so I was saying. He does shayari. She smiles. He says I want everyone to know about our love, we are in love, the news will spread in the city. She says you are Mathura’s prince, everyone will know it. He says its my plan, people will tell my family about our love, I won’t hide, but I won’t say either. She says family will know it today, then how will you hide. He says I didn’t hide anything, let me hide it for some time, please.

She nods. He asks will you come with me on a date, don’t worry, we will go on a drive and have your fav lunch, then we will talk a lot. She agrees. They smile. He thinks it will be our first date, I will make it your life’s most beautiful day. Vishesh’s brother Shubham tries to get a pen from the floor. His wife goes to help. He gets angry on her. He says you want to show that I can’t pick the pen, did I ask for your help, I don’t want your pity, let me die. She keeps pen and goes. Kanchan gets Vishesh’s call. He says I want your help, suggest me, what color shall I wear. She asks why. He says for our first date, suggest something that I look good. She says anything. He says tell me what you like. She says blue color suits you a lot. He says fine, I like it too, send the morning soon. She smiles.

She says what shall I wear, what does he like. She checks her dresses. Kirti comes and sees her. She teases Kanchan. Kanchan says I m not getting my new dress, there is some kid’s birthday tomorrow. Kirti smiles and says wear it, its in dad’s room, I will get it. She goes. Jaggi asks what, you want a car on rent, why. Vishesh says I have some work, just tell me will you arrange. Jaggi says fine, you will get it. Vishesh says send it where I say. Jaggi says okay, don’t worry. Vishesh calls Kanchan and asks are you ready. Kanchan says come home and pick me, dad isn’t at home, you come, none will happen. He says fine, I will just come. Kanchan makes cup cakes and takes it in a tiffin box. She goes out and sees Vishesh waiting. They see each other and smile. Sona sona….plays….. He opens the car door. She gets shocked seeing the similar red car. She steps back. Vishesh looks at her. She recalls the incident and drops the box, purse….. She shouts no….. and cries. Vishesh asks what happened, are you fine. She shouts stay away, don’t touch me. He gets shocked.

Kanchan sings and hugs Nandan. Some men tease Kanchan. Vishesh beats the goons. The news reaches Rajmata. Rajmata comes to meet Kanchan at her house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guess Vishesh will try to find out who rented that red car ? 3 years ago that is if they erased the records

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