Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh learns Kanchan’s lie

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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh and Jaggi lying to Kanchan. She asks them to be careful to make onion and non-onion dishes. Vishesh gives the lantern to her. She asks them to leave. Vishesh says I have learnt cooking in hostel, come, I will make great food for them. Jaggi says where is my Sheetal. The girls make laddoos. They ask Kanchan about Vishesh. The girls ask her what does Vishesh gift her, diamonds or roses, when is he coming. Kanchan thinks they got after me, what shall I tell them, I don’t like lying. Kirti comes and says Vishesh is special like his name. Kanchan praises Vishesh. He sits washing utensils. He seems opposite of her description. He cuts onions and cries. The girl asks will he come in marriage. Kanchan says no. The lady says he has to come. Kanchan says he is busy now. Vishesh helps the workers. Vishesh serves snacks to everyone. Kanchan likes it. Sheetal misses Jaggi. He comes to her.

She smiles seeing him and hugs. He says I have come to take my bride. They hug and cry. Kanchan and Baldev come there and see a dupatta burning. Baldev blows off the fire. Sheetal and Jaggi hide. Jaggi goes down the ladder and slips. He shouts. Kanchan and Baldev hear him and stop. They see Sheetal. Baldev asks why were you hiding. Sheetal says I got scared of fire. He asks why is she crying. Vishesh asks Jaggi to be careful. Baldev asks Sheetal to stay happy. Jaggi sees this and hides. Baldev goes. Kanchan says don’t feel bad of his words, stay happy, happiness is coming in your life after a long time. Vishesh saves Jaggi and teases him. A man talks rudely to Baldev and demands more money for generator. Kanchan asks the man to say market rate. The man says I don’t talk to ladies. Chandar comes and scolds the man. He says Kanchan is going to marry in royal family. The man laughs and jokes. Chandar asks Kanchan to tell the man. Kanchan lies that she is Vishesh’s fiancee. Vishesh and Jaggi hear her and get shocked. Vishesh drops the laddoos.

Jaggi says it happened by mistake. The man apologizes. Kanchan says you will get your money, we don’t want things for free. Vishesh calls her Choti Rani. She goes. Jaggi says she is a liar, we will take her class. Vishesh says she was cleanly lying, don’t know why, we should ask her. Rajmata says I hate lies. Devyaani says its just a business, we should think of profit. Rajmata says you should be proud of family, my decision is final, you misused my name, you lied about the collector. Her brother in law apologizes and says my intention wasn’t wrong. Rajmata scolds him. She asks Manohar to shut the factory. She asks him to clean Vishesh’s room every day till he comes. Vishesh and Jaggi get servant’s quarter to share. Vishesh lies down to sleep. Jaggi apologizes as its happening because of him. He says we will go somewhere and come back in morning.

Vishesh says no, its fine, we have come here to set your love story, don’t worry. He gets a call from his mum. He talks to Rajmata and his sister. He lies about his stay. His sister says come soon, a big surprise is waiting for you. He asks what surprise. She says come home if you want to know. She ends call. Vishesh says they are not telling me some surprise. Its morning, Nandan says the idol won’t come today. Kanchan says but they said it will come on time, I had to surprise Sheetal. Nandan says its fine, you can gift it on marriage. She says its about ethics. Vishesh looks on. Nandan says I heard you are scaring everyone as Choti bahurani, I m joking. She says I don’t care, I can’t use others, Kanha and Radha will bless Sheetal. He says you lied for others, but you won’t use royal family’s name for yourself, but you didn’t get any relation. She says let me think and come. He thinks everyone knows about her lie, she doesn’t look a liar, I have to find out the matter.

Everyone dances. Kanchan feels tensed. She shouts stop the music and runs. Vishesh asks why did you run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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