Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh makes a promise to Rajmata

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh sitting sad. He gets Kanchan’s video call and wipes his tears. He answers call and smiles. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She says look at me. He cries and says I trusted my mum, today I felt she has become part of crowd, the way she spoke about you, I felt I m talking about someone else. She pacifies him and asks him to think being in his mum’s place. She says promise me you won’t hurt her heart. He says promise. She says the power of love will give us courage to overcome all problems. He smiles and says we will convince mum.

Dadi sees Shivangi’s pic and likes her. She says Rajmata got mad to reject Shivangi and choose that poor girl. Dadi says I will get this alliance fixed. Ananya asks really, will mum agree. Dadi says she has to agree. Ananya smiles. Vishesh sees Kanchan smiling and asks what’s special today. She says I have written a poem for you. He asks her to recite. She says you got shine in the night lit by the moonlight… you got my heartbeat, you are chocolate and icecream, you are the mosquito who loves, not bites, you are maths paper which I can’t understand, I feel lucky, I love you. He smiles. She asks what happened. He says it was lovely like you, I understood your feelings, you are the first person who wrote a poem for me, its special for me, promise me you won’t write poems from now on. She says so mean and beats him. He asks what was that, popcorn, mosquito, seriously. They laugh.

Kanchan comes home and sees her scooty sold off. Nandan hugs her. Kirti says I have kept everything ready for you. Kanchan gets scared when lights go off. Kirti says sorry, I didn’t keep emergency light ready. She goes to switch it on and gets hurt. She says its fine. Lights come. She asks Kanchan to freshen up. Kanchan hugs her and thanks. Dhara cries in darkness. Shubham comes. She asks did Renu come here on engagement day, did you call her, how can you do this, you didn’t think about my feelings, our relation, my efforts, you have to forget her and spend life with me, its enough now. He calls Renu and asks did you reach home, fine, good night. Dhara cries. He goes. Vishesh asks what, 2000 cars of same make. Jaggi says yes, its like finding needle from the desert, we can’t find the culprit. Vishesh says Kanchan wants justice, not defamation, I will take help of law at the right time. Jaggi says I know, its tough to do this, both families are involved, if Kanchan knows this, she will worry her, forget it.

Vishesh sees the maid taking the food trolley and asks for whom did you get this. Maid says Rajmata didn’t have food. Jaggi says I shall leave now. He goes. Vishesh gets food for Rajmata. She turns away. He says you can scold me, but have food first. Dadi looks on. Rajmata asks what about kanchan. He says I love kanchan a lot, but I can’t make a new relation by breaking your heart, I won’t step ahead without your permission, its my promise. Dadi smiles. He says one more thing, I won’t marry anyone else, you won’t ask me to marry. Rajmata and Dadi get shocked. He asks Rajmata to respect his word. Its morning, Rajmata comes to meet Kanchan.

Rajmata says Vishesh can’t see anyone else than you, you have to leave from his life. Kanchan says sorry Rajmata, I can’t support your decision. Manika says you don’t keep this fast, what if Vishesh asks for Kanchan as his gift. Rajmata thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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