Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh and Kanchan’s Sangeet

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh meeting Kanchan and seeing her mehendi. She asks can’t you be patient, we are meeting tomorrow, go now. Vishesh smiles. He says there won’t be any problem now. She asks did anything happen. He says we will face everything together. She asks why are you saying this. He says we have chosen a tough path, I want your promise, we will face everything together and always stay happy, think I m asking a gift of our marriage. She promises him.

Jaggi shows the toy delivery order to Vishesh. Vishesh calls on the courier company number and tries to get details. The man says sorry, I can’t give you details. Vishesh says I m Vishesh, I want the details, its about the palace security. The man says I will call back and give details. Jaggi says what if that man reaches Kanchan. Vishesh says no, there is no outsider coming in marriage, there are security guards in civil dress outside kanchan’s house and even at our house, I asked Kirti to stay alert, that man is afraid of something, we have to find it, he doesn’t know he will be gone if he tries to meet kanchan.

Kanchan comes in Sangeet. Ananya meets Dadi. Rajmata attends guests. Vishesh thanks Saurabh for coming. Saurabh says your happiness is mine. Vishesh introduces Sumer, Ananya’s husband. A guy gets a gift. The guard says we have to check all the gifts. Rajmata asks Manika who is that guy, he isn’t in guest list. Manika says no, maybe he is Vishesh’s friend. Rajmata says but Vishesh just invited Jaggi. The guy gives gift to guard and goes in. Rajmata misses to see him. Vishesh says I m glad that you have come in marriage. Ananya says yes, credit goes to Saurabh. Vishesh praises Saurabh.

He asks Ananya to prepare for dance, they have to give competition to girls’ family. Ananya says ofcourse. She thinks Kanchan won’t forget her sangeet day. Dhara gets ready in her room. The guy comes there and sees her. He turns to go. She thinks its some maid and calls out to take help. She hears him and turns. They fall on the bed. She gets shocked. She gets away and asks who are you, what are you doing here. He says no, I was leaving, you called out, I came to use washroom, sorry. She asks him to leave. He goes.

Ananya dances on Rukmani rukmani….. with Sumer. Everyone feels odd. Rajmata shouts stop this song. She takes Ananya with her and scolds her for her cheap act. Ananya asks what’s the problem. Rajmata says I understand what you were trying to do, how can you hurt Kanchan. Ananya says she has hurt me. Rajmata says I m unable to shut you up, you have to protect Kanchan’s honor with or without your will. Vishesh sings jab koi baat bigad jaye….. and dances with Kanchan. Everyone smiles. Vishesh and everyone dance on Ram ji ki chaal dekho….. Vishesh gets a call and goes. The man says we have found it, we can’t track that transaction, we are also worried. Vishesh says who can this be, who is ahead of me, how does he know everything. Jaggi asks what happened. Vishesh says courier company has no card detail. Jaggi says it means that man has big contacts, who can be such influential man other than you. The guy takes gift to Kanchan.

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