Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh gets threatened

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man asking about the gift, which reminds him of her always. Kanchan asks Kirti for phone. The man says you have seen CCTV footage in engagement, you got the second gift also, I can reach you soon, break this marriage, there is still time. Kirti ends call when Kanchan comes. Vishesh asks about the gift. Kirti sees the toy. Vishesh recalls Kanchan’s fear. Kanchan comes there and asks for her phone. Kirti doesn’t let her see the toy. Rajmata comes there and gives shagun to Kanchan. She pours the cloth over the toy. Vishesh signs Kirti. She hides the toy. Maasi welcomes Rajmata. She asks Kanchan and Vishesh to get ready. Vishesh calls Jaggi and asks did you trace location. Jaggi says no. Vishesh says we have to catch him soon. Maasi makes Kanchan and Vishesh do rituals. She tells the importance of the jhulan rituals and asks them to always balance their lives. Rajmata and Maasi do their aarti and give shagun coin. Rajmata blesses them. Vishesh thinks I won’t let your happiness go away. Kanchan smiles. Everyone blesses them. Kirti gets call again and signs Vishesh. Jaggi says Vishesh, ask Kirti to talk for long. Rajmata says I shall leave. Kanchan says I promise I will try my best to not let you complain. Rajmata blesses her and goes.

Vishesh asks Kirti to keep the man engaged in talk. Kirti asks what do you want now. The man asks her to break the marriage. Jaggi tries to track the location. He tells Vishesh about the moving location, maybe he is in car. Vishesh says fine, I will go. He tells Kanchan that he has imp work. He thinks he won’t let Kanchan’s life get ruined. Kirti asks him to come in front and talk. The man says I will come, but you will get defamed first, break this marriage right away. Jaggi hears the conversation. He says that man is going to some dhaba. Vishesh says I m not far. The man threatens Kirti. Jaggi says he stopped at some village. Vishesh says I won’t leave him today. He looks for the man. Kanchan comes and asks whom are you talking to. She takes the phone to talk. Kirti worries. Kanchan says call disconnected. Vishesh says there is no one here.

Jaggi says its last location, call disconnected, sorry. Kirti says Vishesh and I are planning a surprise. Kanchan says I was thinking there is something going on between you two. Kirti takes her phone and asks her to maintain distance with groom before marriage. Kanchan sees her mum’s pic and smiles. Nandan gets food for her and talks to her. He feeds her. He gets emotional and cries. She hugs him. Vishesh gets a call from the man. The man asks where are you finding me, are you running after shadow. Vishesh says so you made the call, shadow uses darkness and plays, the day you come in light, you won’t be able to hide. The man says I proved my manhood already.

Vishesh says shut up. The man says why are you marrying Kanchan, she has a big stain. He says you stained your upbringing, tell your deed to your mum, she would tell you that she would have not given you birth, come in front of me, I want to know who are you. The man laughs and says you won’t know. Vishesh says I will reach you, then I will teach you a big lesson. The man says I heard many of such threatenings. Vishesh says this time you won’t get saved. The man says I really liked Kanchan. Vishesh says she has become a tigress now, go and meet her, you will know your place, you can’t do anything, Kanchan is enough for you alone, but the bad news is, I m also with her now, I will wait for you. He goes. He recalls the man’s words and gets angry. He says he wants me to break this marriage, but why, if he wanted Kanchan, why did he return after 3 years, what’s the reason, I don’t understand, this man will try to reach Kanchan, I have to stop him, but how to reach him. He worries.

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