A misunderstanding…(SwaSan ff) part 5

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**********EPISODE 5**********

Many days pass by Swara calls Sanskar to take the diet. After half an hour he comes. Sansakar sees Swara talking with someone

Sanskar : Swara, I’ll come or u busy??
Swara : Arey come, come. This my friend Nikhil and Nikhil this my college friend Sanskar

They both shake hands

Nikhil : Hi, nice to meet u
Sanskar : Me too..

Just then Nikhil gets a call

Nikhil : Ya, wait I’m coming…no don’t let them go…..ya ya I’m coming in 10 mins

He cuts the phone and goes to Swara and holds her hands which gets Sanskar unknowingly jealous

Sanskar : (mind) How dare he hold my Swara’s hand haan?? Wait…wait y am I worried about that chuck it…

Soon Nikhil leaves and Swara explains the diet to Sanskar while he is just lost in her

Swara : Sanskar…(no response) Sanskar (still no response)(shouts finally) SANSKAR!!!
Sanskar : Uh..hmm ya
Swara : Khahan khoy huye ho??? (where r u lost???)
Sanskar : Uh..nothing (murmurs) Lost in u
Swara : What??
Sanskar : Nothing (mind)Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai??(what’s happening with me??)

They shake hands and Swara feels a current pass through her and starts staring at Sanskar with love but soon snaps out when Sanskar leaves

Swara : (mind) Swara, yeh tujhe kya ho raha hai haan??(Swara, what’s happening with u ???) Chill, and ya this has happened with Vrithi na, I’ll ask her..

Soon she leaves to Vrithas’s house (now Vrithas and Vrithika are married). Swara rings the bell and the door is opened by Vrithas

Vrithas : Arey, Shona u here?? Come inside, I’ll call Vrithu…(shouts a little) Vrithu!!

She comes outside and was surprised to see Swara at her house

Vrithika : Hi Shona..
Swara : Hi Vrithi..

Swara’s words were left incomplete because of Vrithas’s phone call..

Vrithas : Ya I’m coming. Ok Vrithu, Shona I’ll leave

He goes towards Vrithika and hugs her. Both don’t seperate for a lot of time

Swara : Ahem…ahem even I’m there

She fake coughed for which both came to senses and Vrithika blushed little. Later Vrithas left from there

Vrithika : Toh Shona kaise aa na hua???(So Shona, how u came here???)
Swara : Wh actually…(she told everything she felt)
Vrithika : Hmm so this is the case u know na this happened with me when I was with Vrithas, and when he proposed me I got hold of my feelings, maybe something like that with u, maybe even u started loving him..
Swara : No I don’t think so …
Vrithika : The choice is ur’s what u want to do u decide ok..

Swara nodded and left from there. Soon in the middle of the night Swara got a dream that Sanskar proposed her and she happily acceoted soon they were about to kiss when Swara fell from the bed

Swara : Oh god!! What kind of dream was that??? Maybe Vrithu was right..maybe I do love him….But whatever is it I don’t know….

Few says later again Sanskar comes in Swara’s cabin and sees Nikhil talking to her and she laughing while Sanskar was burning in jealousy

Sanskar : (mind) Ugh!!! This chipku Nikhil how dare he stick to my Swara huh!! Wait…yeh mujhe ho kya raha hai. Main bar bar Swara ke bare mein kyun soch raha hoon(what’s happening with me. Y am I thing of Swara again and again)

Just then Swara saw Sanskar standing near the door lost in thoughts

Swara : Arey Sanskar u here any problem??

Just then Nikhil gets a call and leaves

Sanskar : Hmm Swara actually ma,
Swara : What happened to her???
Sanskar : She’s not following the diet properly. She’s only following when I’m at home. She doesn’t listen at all to Laksh or Uttara
Swara : So what can I do??
Sanskar : Please take leave from this job only for 3 months….please. I’ll give u double the salary if want
Swara : First of all I’m not working here for money ok and this job was my dream not just for making a carear understand.
Sanskar : Fine, remember I can do anything for my ma

Soon he leaves from there

Swara : Sorry Sanskar just because I feel for u that doesn’t mean I’ll leave my job for u.

Next day she came and found someone else in her cabin

Swara : Excuse me, who r u this is my cabin
Person : R u Swara Bose
Swara : Ya
Person : Hi, I’m Zohan Sharma
Swara : Ya hi, but how r u in my cabin
Zohan : Actually Dr. Arnav told me u have taken leave for 3 months so I am replacing u for those months
Swara : What?!!
Zohan : Yup!! Go talk to him if u want

She goes to Arnav’s cabin

Swara : Aru what’s this (Arnav and Swara r best friends but in the hospital Arnav is her senior)
Arnav : What Shona??
Swara : How can u do that, I never applied for any leave.
Arnav : But Shona yesterday Mr. Maheshwari came and applied for ur leave he said that ur going somewhere and u told him to apply an leave for u so I did. And till u return Dr. Zohan Sharma will replace u

Swara was shocked. She didn’t know that Sanskar would stoop so low then she remembered his words

Swara : Oh I see…..Mr. Maheshwari did it. Hmm ok bye Aru
Arnav : Ok bye. Enjoy ur trip..
Swara : (sarcastically) Ya I will…

She leaves in rage and in rage reaches to Sanskar’s office

Swara : SANSKAR!!
Sanskar : Ya Shona, so u’ll accept the job na
Swara : Yes only because I have no option. I never knew u will stoop so low Sanskar..

She said with teary eyes and left from there

Sanskar : (mind) Y am I feeling so bad seeing her tears??? Y?? God please help me


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