It was a mistake to love you.. Chapter 7

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Hey guys, this is Pavithra here. I am back with my ff. Now with its 7th chapter. A big thanks to those who commented on my previous chapter and thanks to silent readers too. I dedicate this chapter to my dearest friend Athira chechi (ahk26barbie). I met her in TU. She is from my state,Kerala. That’s why I call her chechi. I lost touch with her. And even now I don’t have talked to her for the past 1 month. Hope she will be reading this. Hope you guys like this one too.

Recap:- Keerthi sees Madhav at temple…

Next day,she goes to school. She didn’t know that this day would be the worst day in her life.

She reaches class and this day she was happy. When Mishal saw her, she went to Keerthi at once.

Mishal: I couldn’t digest what you said yesterday.

Keerthi: You are still stuck there? Time passed yaar. Its next day na!

They smiles. Suddenly Sera comes.

Mishal to Keerthi: Why are you not telling this to Sera?

Keerthi: I don’t know why, I wanted to say that to you only. Not to anyone else.

Mishal: As you wish….

Sera sees them whispering to each other.

Sera: Hello,mere jaan? What are you whispering dear?

Mishal looks at keerthi desperately.

Keerthi goes to Sera and puts her hand around Sera and says..

Keerthi: Vo Kuch nahi hai, mere Jaan!

They laugh!!!

Mishal feels relieved….

Mishal: (in mind) Keerthi, how can you be so lovely yaar. I hope you will be happy as you are now. I hope you will be able to get your love. You are really sweet…. Love you yaar..


Classes starts………

Teacher was teaching – Growing As Girls And Boys….
Something the students didn’t like at all because it was all pointing to them!

Teacher: Hmmmm, I can understand how irritating it mist be for you all! So, I am giving you a task. This is in the next class. Every boy should say the things of each girl. This is the task only for boys and we can have girl’s task in the next chapter which is related to the same thing.. Girls will have another task… OK…

Everyone agrees.

Madhav and friend, Rupesh was talking about the task.

Madhav: Madam’s was a good idea,na?

Rupesh: Hmmmm, ya.

Madhav: I will prepare as we have many things to say about them!

Rupesh: ha ha , that’s true….

Madhav: But there is nothing to say about Keerthi as….
(He stopped, those words slipped from his mouth)

Rupesh: Kya? Tumne kya kaha, Madhav?

Madhav: I said she doesn’t have any thing to say as she has all kinds of problems. That means,we can say that she has no problems or good things to say as she is full of those things….

Rupesh: oh, OK! I thought something else, Madhav! I can see these days you have a soft corner for that Keerthi…

Madhav: oh! This must be your misunderstanding…

Rupesh and Madhav smiles…

Madhav: ( in mind ) so, I should clear this doubt very soon yaar. Hmmmm


Next day, in class.

Teacher came into class.

Teacher: So, children, ready for the task?

Students: Ready hai, madam

It started. And later it came Madhav’s chance to say….

He started with Neha…

Madhav: Firstly Neha – She is like a child. The whole class believes so. But its good to hear it. I hadn’t any problems with her yet.

Kalyani was now jealous of her best friend Neha.

Kalyani: (in mind) so, Madhav doesn’t hate Neha like does with every girl. Oh! So he may love her. Then what shall I do.

Someone comes and asks the teacher to go and meet the principal.. So teacher excuse from class and goes..

Madhav continues… And at last it was Keerthi’s things to things to say.

Madhav: So next is Keerthi – and she is the last one. So Keerthi, I have nothing to say about her as she has all kinds of problems…. (Everyone laughs)

( Keerthi’s expression cannot be expressed by writings )

He continues….

Madhav: She always argues with me… Not only me but the whole boys. She dosent know how to like someone. She has just hatred towards the whole boys and especially me…..( he raises his voice) Keerthi, you and your gang had insulted and challenged us a lot. (He points his finger to her and raises his voice more)
You are gonna pay for this, Keerthi. You are surely gonna pay. We will teach you we are.

Madhav finishes and excuses from class.

Keerthi had a paper in her hand and when she heard all this, she crushed the paper so badly. She had tearsin her eyes.

Madhav goes straight to a private area- toilet!! He locks himself and he stands against the wall with hands on his face. Madhav takes a deeps breath and he simply cries…

He was whispering Sorry continuously…

Keerthi was still at the class controlling her tears.

Mishal: Keerthi, its okay! Come on yaar. Be strong like you always are. Don’t be another Keerthi for him…

Keerthi: No, mishal. Don’t worry. I am alright. And I won’t be another Keerthi for him. I promise….

They smiles….


Keerthi reaches home.

She sits in her chair and thinks what all he had said.

A tear rolls from her eyes. She wipes it away.

Keerthi: So, today proves that he hates me as much as I love him. The why should I love him this much? I am being a fool now. I will pay back for this atittude he had shown today. I say,Madhav you wait and watch. But, what about my love for him? What will happen to my love? Why did I love him? It was a mistake to love you, !Madhav. It really was. I promise myself, today onwards I will try to hate and forget you…. (She started crying)
And one day, I will hate you and there will not remain any relation between us. I will hate you. But its truly difficult for me, but I have to hate you for my sake…..

PRECAP:- Keerthi dreams of Madhav and Madhav too dreams of Keerthi…

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes. Ignore the short forms, of any…

I will try to update as soon as possible. Do let me know what you think of the story by dripping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading…



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  5. Madhav!!! Why? He repents for his mistake but humiliated Keerti just to clear a misunderstanding! ?
    Poor Keerti! She’ll start hating Madhav now! ?
    Post as soon as you can!
    Loads of love,
    M Di

    1. Pavithra1616

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