Would you miss Star Plus’ Aarambh?

Star Plus’ epic historical show Aarambh starring Rajniesh Duggall and Karthika Nair along with veteran actress Tanuja, is soon going off air. The show will air its last episode on September 10. The show has impressive sets, costumes, wonderful script with dramatic twists, along with amazing performances by the cast. Even then, the show didn’t sustain its TRPs. Many twists and even a huge leap couldn’t win good ratings.

The show was launched on June 24 this year amidst a lot of expectations. Aarambh was always a finite series, but was conceptualized into 32 episodes. It is now reduced to 24 episodes. Aarambh is a very different show, with a totally fictional concept around the clash of two clans. The show is ending very early than expected. This news may dishearten the fans of Aarambh. The high budget show Aarambh is going to wrap up, but with an amazing climax scene. The show will be replaced by Akshay Kumar’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Would you miss Star Plus’ Aarambh? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may also leave a comment.

  1. Of course yes

  2. It is most amazing serials with very different story line and concept and not like other serials wwhereby the writers dragging and dragging . All of us from Malaysia love this serials very much. To hell with TRP rating.

  3. Fenil

    Always good show ended with low TRP.
    Don’t know why ppls are not watching.
    Ppls like bad shows Dragging wala,Force wedding wala,Makkhi,Naagin,Bhoot,Churail,Dayan wala.

    Epic show Superb performance by Karthika Nair and Rajniesh Duggal especially .
    Finite show and aur finite ho gaya with 24episodes……very upset

    Will miss this show.
    Love this show.

    1. Aarti32

      Sahi kaha Bhai..acche shows khatam ho ja rhe h, aur faltu walo ko extension pe extension mil rhe h??

    2. Prajkta

      Agree with you dost
      good shows often end with low TRP

    3. Well said. People love watching sad stories like saas bahu drama and forced marriages with revenge backgrounds. The show is going on really well and I will definitely miss it badly

  4. NerdyBirdie

    I am quite upset. At the same time I wish a channel like Sony TV or Life OK ran this show. As they give their shows a chance and care about online support. Not this money-bagging Star Plus that only promotes “nayi soch” as long as it suits its TRPs.

    1. yes me too want to see this show. hope it run in some other channel

  5. I am terribly disappointed ,,,,,and I am going to miss kartika and Rajneish.

  6. good show always ended with low trp.nothing new.

  7. Albydork

    I am really dissapointed that the show is ending so soon. I love Devesena and Jaldev chemistry. Ghanaians watching this show will really miss it especially me.

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    Its too sad to see star plus ending this epical show. There is no problem in the show with any script,set, Costume, casting but Indian audience and their 2rs nakhre is shutting it down. Let the two main lead relief so that we can enjoy their movies in near future. Star plus# nayi soch(mocking). star plus ki nayi soch hai Saas ki drama aur Nazayash aulad… Damn star plus!!!
    colors,sony and life ok is running this type of show very nicely. Do that Chandra Nandini star plus and make Rajat Tokas an old man soon. I feels sorry for Rajat to act a father in such young age. I have nothing against his show. but Aarambh was so nice that I am frustrated with its closing news.

    1. Fenil

      Agree Sony TV is perfect for this type of Show.
      SP ki toh kya baat karu.

    2. Prajkta

      Agreed with you Astha
      Arambh should have been on Sony or Colors would have got better chance
      SP ke toh bas naam ki nayi soch hai otherwise the shows are all based on same old concept

    3. So true Astha–! I loved the show post leap…it has a lot of potential.. they should give it until end of September to realise it’s potential .

      One thing suspicious to me is the TRP charts..on the premier week 24th June the ratings showed Saath nibhana Saathiya with 2.1 TRP ( which means that it was TRP of Aarambh..I feel something fishy is going on with this shows TRP..SP should investigate it instead of closing this show down.

      This is IB Nivi.

  9. Really disappointed ?

  10. Priya Chopada

    This is just idiotic. Such a nice show on based on our ancient roots is ending. The irony is a stupid laughter show is replacing it. There are many laughter shows on all channels and their quality is so low.
    Arambh should continue. My favorite show.

  11. Jayani

    It’s d only serial after amny yrs dat I loved any serial after 2 yrs already… I will miss it so much… It’s lyk an integral part of my lyf… #Aarambh #VarunSena

  12. I really love this show this is my favourite show . Je late ata hai is liye ise kam dekhte honge. Or je din mein bilkul v ni ata adhe logo ko to pta hi ni ki je show ata hai

  13. Not at all…just bcz of it my fav serial wrapped up…Just like that arambh deserves it..good..missing u koi laut ke aaya hai…

  14. Abigail Thomas

    My heart is breaking. Why is this beautiful serial, unique love story coming to an end?
    Please… I want 50 episodes

  15. Please vote this serial …. In the hope of that Star Plus continues this show looking after it’s popularity … We want this to be continued.

  16. Very bad move from SP…hope they recall this…Star Plus should encourage shows catering to a different range of audience….it’s a very good serial…never stagnates and marches on…very engaging…I absolutely love the show…one of the very few shows I like….very very sad….

  17. I love this show very much.hope for season 2 .

    1. This is my favorite show. I like devsena and jaldev. Please continue it. this is the only show I watch so adamantly I want it to continue. Please do something.

  18. It’s my favorite serial please can’t do that

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