Would you miss Life Ok’s Kalash?

Life Ok’s Kalash airing since 23 March 2015 has been the most stable show in the prime slot. The show will be having a closure on 17th March 2017. Devika is in dilemma and feels divided between Sakshi and Ravi. She realizes Sakshi has lost her husband and has much sorrow and regret. Devika has faith in Ravi. She knows Ravi is innocent. Nivedita and Saket try to frame Ravi in Monty’s murder case. Devika wants Monty to get justice. Devika got her belief back in Ravi because of Sakshi. She feels hurt knowing Sakshi wants to get Ravi punished.

Nivedita instigates Sakshi to go against Devika and Ravi. Sakshi wants justice for Monty, and does not know she is being a puppet in Nivedita’s hands. Ravi gets arrested. Ravi hopes that any miracle happens. He feels sorry to hurt Devika and believes he has shot Monty. Nivedita and Saket’s plan gets exposed in front of Devika. Devika gets to see Saket. She realizes he is alive and gets a shock. She confronts Nivedita. She understands that the evil duo is behind Monty’s murder. Devika asks Nivedita about her surprise to reveal Saket’s survival truth. Nivedita gets left with no option, than to kidnap Devika. The final episodes of Kalash will bring Devika’s fight to prove Ravi innocent and get justice for Monty. She will be exposing Nivedita and Saket’s crime. The show will mark the ending with a happy union of Ravi and Devika. Would you miss Life Ok’s Kalash? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave a comment.


    Show me sab badiya hai but ravi and devika ki love chemistry bhut kam dikhayi gyi hai, jaydatar evil hi winner dikhaye hai..

  2. While I will miss this show, I find that Devika has too many monologues, she stands there talking to herself and it’s the same thing she says multiple times, so that made it very boring…

    1. The whole show was crap. All characters are from different planet where people make noise while thinking!!!

  3. Thank god finally the rubbish is over

  4. Really miss this show and specially ravika luv u guys … Hope the second season of this come soon with the same characters all the best guys fr ur future projects.

  5. Siddhi

    It started on by birthday

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