Would you miss Colors’ Krishnadasi?

Colors’ Krishnadasi is going towards its closure. As seen, Shravani has tortured the family members and became the cause of their death. Shravani has shown her true colours. She has threatened Kumudini and others. Aradhya has known Shravani’s true face and was determined to get out of jail to seek revenge from Shravani. Aradhya went through tough time in the jail. When the jail caught fire, Aradhya got a good escape. Aradhya who suffered from few burns survived the incident. Pradhyumna found out Aradhya after the fire incident and took her along, while Aryan believed Aradhya has died. Aradhya’s death news was celebrated by Shravani.

Aradhya makes a better plan with Pradhyumna to return home with a new identity. Aradhya decided to make Shravani realize her mistakes and pay for her crimes. Aradhya’s re-entry in a modern rich girl avatar was fair enough to take the track ahead. Aradhya convinces Aryan that she is not his Aradhya, in order to take revenge from Shravani. As the track is progressing towards the end, the show will have Aryan and Aradhya’s happy union. Both the lead actors Shravan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh made an adorable couple and will be hugely missed. Would you miss Colors’ Krishnadasi? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Komal randhawa

    Yes..bahut saara

  2. They make adorable pair and meaningful from their heart. I can’t wait for the series time to come.

  3. Avishi

    Yes I’m gonna miss them?

  4. Siddhi

    I am liking this track but will miss it

  5. Definitely………I would miss my cute aara

  6. to say the truth i can’t say but i love aryan and aradhya soooooooooooooo much but the track is not good

  7. RiyaDcruz

    Bohoth miss karoongi ……..,

  8. i read somewhere that season 2 is coming

  9. Yep surely will miss my Aara a lot????……..But I’m happy that season 2 is coming very sooooon so let’s hope that it will come without changing the cast because everybody in krishnadasi did a great job and or Shrana they just rocked loveeeeee you Shrana (Aara) as always your couple is the bestest????…….but can’t wait for season 2 and I think it will happen with out changing the cast but still hope for the best??………..and can somebody will confirm me that is the news real that season 2 is coming or not????????

  10. Nitha

    can’t evn say hw much i dem,wn evr I see dem thy bring smile on my face,I’m gonna miss my kd,aara ,shrana, so much???..I wish dat seas2 news turn true but ly wit shrana,udaysir,indraji nly ..plzzzz???

  11. make a come back with shrana……kd2 should be there ….itz a request

  12. I love this show.really miss aryan and aradhya

  13. Maleesha

    stupid colors.. they’re giving importance to pointelss, meaningless bigg boss. Can’t imagine life without arra, bt happy for their come back in kd 2

  14. series starting toh acchi thi but uske baadstory poora bakwas kardiya,i’ll miss AaRa

  15. I really miss kd cast and in season 2 I want kd cast in season 2 please

  16. I will miss this so badly was my fav show loved it a lot , still loves and will always love missa aara as well as shrana

  17. ginni jidi aroa


  18. Please dont end this show, i will miss aryan and ardhy toooooo much, Come soon pleaseee…………………..

  19. Hritika

    going to really miss the show

  20. Asra

    yes…i really miss thz show. .and really miss AARA very much….plz come back with season 2 with the same cast. .

  21. Tiyasa

    No not at all…..well not to hurt any1….

  22. I want krishnadasi to not go of air

  23. Really itz Sad to miss Kd???

  24. A.xx

    i dont want it to finish but apparently due to viewers they aren’t going to end it and are going to have another season or cintinuation ,,, (love Shravan) .x

  25. Krishnadasi I want aaradhya to get pregnant with aryens child on the last episode

  26. Yes…I will miss it .so much…

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