Hi friends ,sooo sorry for late update I was not feeling well but am somehow okay now,so I tried to update something small … lovvvvvvve u all and plz bear with my mistakes plzzzzzzzz….

the episode start with pragya sleeping and abhi who was starring at her thought she looks innocent but what ve I done to her,she is sleeping but the pain in her heart is visible on her face..what should I do????? with all this thought, he slept unknowingly….

it was morning and pragya woke up by the chirping sound of birds,,and she started to call,, mom plzzzz my tea she tried calling many times but there was no response so she opened her eyes lazily and reality hit her eyes…
she rushes to the wash room and freshen up,she came to the room and stood before the mirror drying her long hairs with the towel and droplet of water fell on abhis face..
he opened his eyes and looked at her,, he was mesmerized to see her beauty,he tried to approach her but jux then she turned and he pretend to sleep again..
pragya went to the kitchen but dadi was already there so she asked pragya to prepare some coffee for abhi,and she with hesitation made it ,she went to the room and found him sleeping and she murmured he is still sleeping as if he was awake all night…she placed it on the coach and went out,, while abhi who was pretending to have slept smiled at her antics and drank the coffee……..
pragya finished preparing breakfast and served it at the dinning hall everyone had it and liked it…
abhi tells that dadi today mitali didi made the food sooo special but mitali cut in and says lol it was prepared by ur pretty wife, abhi felt shy and blush while dadi coughed,, and pragya who felt irritated said she was full and went to her room..
everyone departed to their rooms…
abhi tried to confront pragya but she was ignoring him …
abhi lost his cool and pulled her towards him,she lost her balance and fell on his chest with her hand on his shoulder, they got lost in each others eyes,, pragya who came to her senses jecked him and stood up..
abhi to got up and says I really want to talk to u…

the screen diverted to bulbul who seek permission from jodha to pay pragya a visit as she missed her,
jodha granted her to go and gave her something to present to pragya ..
she left to mm and at the entrance she met ritika who began to taunt her saying I think u are a sister to that cartoon baby …
bulbul who looked at her in a confuse manner asked who are u referring to???
Ritika said that unwanted wife of abhi ,,,I know u made her married abhi because he is rich,but abhi is mine and no one can snatch him from me..I know ur poor mom forced her on aaab…….
but before she could finish a strong hand landed on her cheek and a voice saying baas,enough,,,yes its bulbul with her fore finger pointing at ritika and said not a single word against my family and watch ur tongue otherwise u shall be made to leave here without it..my mom is not a cheep woman to force her daughter into the arms of a man sake of his money ,,,and my sister is also not ill mannered like u to marry a man for his money…i feel pity for u bcos abhi is now my sisters husband and I don’t like any third party between them so stay away from them before I cross all limit…
Ritika gave her an angry look saying I won’t spare u for this insult,bulbul gave her a stern look and left to the house to meet pragya…
she met dadi at the hall,she great her and took blessing from dadi,
dadi blessed her and says ur sis is in her room and she showed her pragyas room…
bulbul reaching the door heard her sisters scream so she stood at the door and listened to their convo…..
abhi says am really sorry pragya I never new u were mr.jalals daughter that is why I married u to crush ur ego but am sorry…… but pragya who was in no mood to listen said u did not feel sorry ,,,u are saying sorry bcos u got to know my father is jalal but get onething in mind we don’t depend on his wealth we strive for our living and I don’t want to be recognized or respected by using someone’s identity….. never ve that illusion in mind to only respect the rich,,i think in ur perspective money is everything and the poor aren’t considerate at all,,but u ve to be realistic as money is not all that matters ..
it wasn’t ur might nor power to be born into a rich family and neither was it the poor’s wish to be born there as well,,.so stop being discriminative and respect everyone equally as the poor don’t ve fuel running via their veins instead of blood ,,,we all share same blood either the person is from a different country, town or family we are all one.. a kind of human like u makes me hate the rich sooo much..
u married me today in the name of revenge and a fault which was of u ..God knows what u ve been doing to others…u spoiled my dreams and my mothers desire,my siblings wish,,all has been scattered by u and my father so tell me why I shouldn’t arbor u ..I hate u ..
and abhi who couldn’t let his ego crashed easily says so do I,I hate u as well and am not apologizing bcos I fear or love u ,my hatred is still there for u…saying so he went out of the room and bulbul hide behind the Pilar..
but something within abhi made him feel uneasy,,,he felt why am i affected when I see her cry,why does her pain matters to me?? his heart says its love but his mind brush it off…
the screen shift to pragya who brake down and was crying terribly,bulbul entered and looked at pragya with teary eyes and anger..
pragya who felt someones shadow on her stood up with a jerk and was shock to see bulbul with teary eyed……….to be continued……
what explanation would pragya give to bulbul, and what would be bulbuls reaction to it…..to know more stay tuned..

Precab…pragya with dadis permission went for training and abhi who followed her without her knowledge felt an unknown jealous at pragyas closeness with her college com team mate suresh..and he was approaching them with anger…

and in other situation abhi was carrying pragya in his arms……

So I end here and plzzz bear with my mistakes, I would request all readers to give their sugestions..lovvvvvvve u all .
this ff was inspired by Trisha.lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu all?????????????….

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  4. Really awesome that ritika go to hell and PRAGYA is soo good and abhi is having more ego that’s why he can’t understand pragya or else he would be and precap was making me to lightly laugh abhi’s jealousness for pragya and could make me laugh only and other situation also nice and and eagerly waiting for the next part please update fastly.

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