Mirage AnuPre SS Part 3

Anurag was called to give the report card.
The teacher patted him:Congrats Anurag.There is a vast improvement in you.You won 70% marks.
Anurag was surprised.He was very happy.
Prerna was very happy for him:Congrats Anurag.

Anurag:Thank you so much Prerna.It’s all because of you.
PRERNA:No,it’s because you worked hard.

All the Basus were very happy.Nivedita was shocked.
She thought:How did this duffer score 70%?
Arvind hugged Anurag:Congrats beta.I am proud of you.

Arvind,Devayani and Anushka smiled.
Arvind:Let’s invite the Sharmas for dinner to celebrate.
Anu:Nice idea.

Anuskha was in the kitchen.Anurag hugged from back.
Anu:You are so happy today?Because Prerna is coming here for dinner.Right?

Anurag smiled:Yes Maa.She is the only friend I have.Please make tasty food for her.

Anu:Ok beta…agreed.
They smiled.

The Sharmas came with Prerna for dinner.Anurag was very happy,so as Prerna.
They sat for dinner.Prerna smiled at Nivedita.Nivedita turned off her face in anger hurting Prerna.
Anurag:Di…didn’t you see Prerna?

Nivedita stared at Prerna:Yes.
Anurag-Prerna felt bad.
Anurag whispered:Prerna,don’t feel bad about di’s behavior.
PRERNA:It’s ok Anurag.

A few days later….
Anurag prepared a project.Nivedita who entered Anurag’s room in his absence took his project.
Nivedita:I will destroy this.Let me how you are going to get internal marks.
Nivedita was about to tear it.Suddenly Prerna held her hand.Nivedita was shocked.
Prerna took it from her.
She stared at Nivedita:Di….I know that you have never loved Anurag though he loves you a lot.But don’t be so cruel to him.If so,I may even forget that you are his sister.When I am there don’t think you can ever hurt Anurag.

Nivedita was shocked by her boldness.

After a few days….
Anurag was absent in the class.Prerna really felt sad without him in school.She went to Basu Mansion in the evening.
She saw Devayani.
PRERNA:Dadi…Where is Anurag?
D:Anurag is sick.That’s why he didn’t go to school.
Prerna went to his room where Arvind and Anushka were forcing Anurag to have medicine and he was refusing to have it.
PRERNA:Anurag….if you don’t have medicine, I will not talk to you.
Anurag:No Prerna.Don’t say so.I will have medicine.
Anurag had medicine.
Anushka:Wow Prerna.His parents couldn’t make him have medicine.But when you told him to have medicine he had it immediately.
Prerna smiled.
Anurag fell asleep.Prerna covered him with the blanket.

Arvind and Anushka smiled.
When Prerna left Arvind told Anushka:Prerna is so mature.She is looking after him so well.It will be so nice if Prerna comes to our house permanently as Onu’s wife.
Anushka smiled:That would be nice.But it’s too early to say that.Now they are small.
Nivedita who over heard it got angry.

Anurag-Prerna’s friendship became stronger and stronger.Anurag’s happy days did not last long.
Arvind-Anushka met with an accident.Arvind died on the spot.
Anushka was bed ridden for days counting her days.Anurag couldn’t bear the pain.
Anushka:Onu…don’t cry.If I go away from you….
Anurag:No Maa.Don’t say like that.

Anu:Even if I go away from you me and your father will watch you from heaven.You won’t be alone.Dadi is there and Nivedita will start loving you.
Nivedita who overheard this smirked:I will never love Anurag.He is only my step brother.
Anu:And Prerna is there for you.She will never let your eyes be wet.
Slowly Anushka closed her eyes.Anurag screamed:Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Prerna and Devayani came inside weeping.Prerna hugged Anurag to console him.
Nivedita smiled:Your mother took over my mother’s position taking advantage of my dad’s situation.God punished her for that.
Anurag was really hurt.
Devayani:Nivedita….stop it please.Onu is already upset.Don’t make him more upset.

Nivedita:Dadi…you are always worried for Onu.Not for me.

Nivedita left the room angrily.

Anurag was in heavy depression taking treatment.
Shashi Sharma got transferred to US.Prerna was sad to leave Anurag.
PRERNA:Babuji…I can’t leave Anurag alone in this condition.He will be alone and his condition will worsen.
S:But we can’t leave you alone here.

Prerna shed tears:Please babuji..
Sh:Don’t worry Prerna.We can take Anurag along with us.
Prerna was very happy.

Devayani gave them the approval to take Anurag to US.
D:I want my Onu to be happy.Only with Prerna he can be happy.
They flew to US with Anurag making Nivedita irritated.
Nivedita:Why always God is giving happiness to Anurag?

Anurag found the new place strange.
Prerna showed him their house.
PRERNA:Anurag…that is our house.

We will always be happy there.
Anurag smiled slightly.

Anurag got nightmares about his parents and screamed in his sleep.Hearing him scream Prerna came to his room.He hugged him to comfort him.
PRERNA:No Anurag…no…
Anurag fell asleep on her shoulder.

Shashi took Anurag to the psychiatrist and after some months Anurag got rid of depression.

Anurag resumed schooling in US.He got admission in Prerna’s school.Anurag was nervous.But Prerna gave him strength by taking him to school and introducing him to everyone.

After schooling they joined the same university also.Anurag did business studies.

Anurag got restless not seeing Prerna around him.
Anurag:Where is this Prerna?

He searched for Prerna.
In the crowd he saw her eyes.

  1. Shesha485

    Nivedita stoop so low for making Anurag depressed. Prerna supporting Anurag by opposing Nivedita is nice actually. Sadly, Anushka passed away so soon. Gladly, Prerna took Anurag to USA. Waiting for the part to progress.
    Is the little Prerna is Nikki from KRPKAB? Who are those other casts ie. Anurag and Nivedita ?

    1. Jasminerahul

      School AnuPre who are shown in this part are from Parvarish.Thanks a lot

  2. It is really interesting pls post next episode soon

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode. Anurag and Prena’s bond was so good. Prena took a stand for Anurag when Nivedita tried to trouble Anurag . It was nice that Anurag scored good marks with Prena’s help . I love it . But sadly , Anushka and Arvind died so soon.
    Thankfully, Prena took Anurag along with her to US . Nivedita is getting so jealous. I think it was her jealous that turned AnuPre’s love story into a bitter one .
    Waiting to see their romance .

  4. Jasminerahul

    thank u very much

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