The miracle of my life (Episode 6)

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This is a longer than the usual. So enjoy.

Recap: Swara returns from the party. She again meets Sanskar while
jogging and is thinking about the similarities between him and
her dad

Author’s POV


His bade papa’s voice brought him back to this world.

“Where are you lost? What is your views on this propasal?”

Sanskar thought for a while. Though Swara is tries to behave like a typical heiress- trying to be rude and cold, her work is really commendable. After she took over the company her company has been doing miracles. Even before she officially took over this she used be an integral part of the company and helped her company to hold their uno position. Well this is what he heard. And no one can ever find a flaw in her work. Professionally speaking it would be very profitable for them but some how deep down in his heart he had the feeling that Swara would not be particularly happy to see him. His guts also told him that this step is going to bring about a huge change in his life.

He thought that the change would be professional. But our boy was not aware of the plans destiny has in store for him.

Swara on the other hand became immersed in her work and completely forgot about the morning incident. She heard a knock on her cabin door. It was her secretary.

“Mam we have got a call from Glitz. They want to patner with us for their ad campaign. They have requested for a meeting. Shall I schedule it today evening at 5?”

Her secretary was very much exited. Afterall who would not be excited to patner with ‘Glitz’? This company proved that even Indians can compete with international fashion houses and went in to become very successful. They had big clients in their kitty. But Swara was hesitant. She was hesitant in working with Sanskar. She knew she was being stupid. On the professional front if her company would get this offer it would take them to new heights. But….. no she can’t let her personal life cloud the growth of the company.

“Confirm the timings of the meeting with the Maheshwaris and inform me. If they are ready then get the preparations done for the meeting.” Swara told her secretary.

After a few minutes her secretary informed her that the meeting has been finalised. They are going to meet them at Dreamz at 5.

Laksh barged into Swara’s cabin.

“Swaraaaaaaaaa pinch me. Come on pinch me once.”

Swara frowned. This guy’s drama never ends. She exactly knew where this conversation was going.

“Laksh, its high time you quit this job and try your luck at movies. I am fed up of ur drama. And yah what you have heard is true. If everything goes well we would be patnering with the Maheshwaris.”

“Lolll Swara. You know me so well. Even before I could ask my question you anwered it and I am so excited. Like me and Sanky are going to work together. This is going to be exciting.”

“Laksh, Sanskar is coming here to work but not to loiter and joke around. Its high time you start being serious. Just because I am behind your back you come to office. Though there is no denial in the fact that there are no flaws in your work its time you become serious and attend the office regularly like I do. This company is not mine solely. Even you are a partner of it. Just think about the hopes Uncle has on you.”

Laksh was gaping at Swara. But none not even Swara could make him serious.

“Ofo meri maa. What a long lecture you gave me for just telling that I am gonna have some fun with Sanskar. Swara, u know what – u work so much for this company that you do even my share of work. As you are doing my share of hard work too I need to pay you back for your kindness and I do that by enjoying on your behalf too. So the scores are even now. Aren’t they?”

Swara frowned. She just realised that she could do nothing to change this guy’s attitude. She raised her hands in helplessness and continued with her work while Laksh went over to Tina to know more about the meeting. Ragini too was informed about this and she too just like Laksh was excited. All three of them sat down and prepared the presentation on what plans they had for Glitz.

While they were seriously engrossed in their work a knock on their cabin door disturbed them. They lifted their heads only to see Sanskar at their door. Swara now was cursing her fate. She was not yet ready to face him in the meeting but here he is even before the scheduled time.

“Hello pals. Whats going on?”

“Nothing much Sans..” Ragini was about to reply when a phone call cut her off. She excused herself. Laksh and Sanskar hugged and Laksh went to bring some refreshments. So stupid of him. He could have ordered Tina but no he himself had to go and bring them leaving her alone with Sanskar, Swara thought. She was looking in all directions except at him while Sanskar was observing her clearly.

“Do you have any problem with me Swara? I can clearly notice that you are quite uncomfortable around me. Anything wrong?” Sanskar aksed.

Swara was shocked with his question. How could he know this? Yes she was feeling uncomfortable but how could he guess that? And how could he be so frank. Like there was no beating about the bush. He straight away asked what he wanted to. Personally she liked such attitude but right now its making her feel a little awkward.

“Nothing like that Sanskar. I am like this only.”

Swara thought to remove the feeling of discomfort she had when he was around her. She has to stop being childish. She closed her eyes and thought of her father. At once her mind relaxed and a calm appeared on her face. She took a deep breath and released all the awkwardness she felt for Sanskar. Now she looked at him. Yes now she is normal. She gave him a tiny smile. Meanwhile Laksh returned with the refreshments.

“Vaise buddy the meeting is at 5. How come you are here at 3 itself? Did un..” Suddenly realisation hit Laksh.

“Swaraaaa its 3 and the three of us didn’t have our lunch till now. See you made me so involved in the work that I forgot that I had not eaten anything. I will never sit with you and work. I was wondering why I was beginning to feel so hungry seeing the refreshments.” Laksh said and scoffed at Swara. Swara inwardly smiled looking at his antics while Sanskar was letting out a hearty laugh.

“Have I missed something?” Ragini asked entering into the cabin after finishing her call.

“Nothing much Rags. Its just Lucky’s drama.” Sanskar replied

Meanwhile Swara was wondering where Tina had gone. She knows her work very well and she generally reminds them about their lunch when they get too involved in work. She must have definitely noticed Sanskar and she should have escorted him in but she did not. Swara started to feel that something was fishy.

“Swara where are you lost? Have something. Even you must be starving.” Ragini’s voice disturbed her thoughts. She nodded her head and started having her lunch puzzled by the absence of her secretary. They all finished their lunch amidst chatting and jokes by Sanskar and Laksh while Ragini too sometimes joined them. Swara did not talk mich but was just smiling at their bickering.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was an unknown number. She took the call.

“Hello Miss Gadodia. Hope you are well.” It was a male voice on the other side.

“May I know who is this?”

“U need not know me Miss Gadodia. U just need to know that your secretary Tina is with me right now. If you will screw up your meeting with the Maheshwaris she will be back safe and sound. Even if u won’t screw it up she will be back but will be dead.”

Swara froze. She was shocked with this development. She was about to yell but she realised that she was with Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar. She excused herself and went outside.

“Hello Miss Gadodia. Are you still on the line?”

“Yes I am. Do u have any more demands or is this your only demand?” Swara asked mustering up all her courage.

“I am not a greedy man Miss Gadodia. I will be satisfied if u fulfill this demand of mine. But remember if u try to be oversmart and try to inform anyone or do anything stupid it will cost the life of your beloved secratary. So be careful.”

“I will act acoording to your wish. But Tina should be safe. Even a single bruise on her I will make sure that you will bite dust.”

“I am a man of my words Miss Gadodia. Tina will be safe until and unless you do the required.” and the line went dead.

Swara became pale. She never anticipated this kind of a situation. Her mind was blank like a white paper and nothing was going on in her head. Tina’s life was in danger. Who were they? Why were they doing this? She could not figure anything out. She went to her cabin and gulped a glass of water. Laksh entered her cabin and told her that the Mahehswaris arrived and everything was set.

She moved into the conference room. She decided to take a small risk. As soon as she entered the room she requested them to make themselves comfortable.

“Hello uncle. I am so glad that today Dreamz has got a golden opportunity to take up the ad campaign of Glitz but there is a small problem.”

Everyone in the room were puzzled.

“I want to reschedule this meeting to another day. I am sorry but whatever I intended to present I have yet not completed working on it. So I request you to reschedule the meeting.”

Swara’s words came as a shock to all those present in the conference. Swara was known for her perfection. It was so unlike her to reschedule a meeting. Laksh and Ragini in particular were looking at her with question mark faces. They knew that Swara was lying as the presentation has been completed and all three of them together did that. They had no clue about whatsoever was going on in Swara’s head.

Meanwhile Swara’s phone once again rang. This was another shock. Swara never encouraged phones in meetings and she hated that practise. But today not only she has brought her phone, she didn’t even put it on silent mode. Swara attended the call.

“Miss Gadodia. I think u don’t know the meaning of screwing a meeting. But it definitely doesn’t mean rescheduling it. Don’t you think you trying to play games with me is a little dangerous?”

“I am sorry. I will do it this time. But nothing should happen to Tina.” Swara whispered and the line again went dead.

Now Swara turned towards the group of people infront of her.

“Swara, don’t you think its weird that some time ago you told me that you were ready for the meeting but now you claim to be unprepared?” Sanskar questioned her.

“Well I think its no use being diplomatic. You are right Sanskar. I am prepared even now. I lied to avoid this meeting because I am no longer interested in this deal with you.”

Durga Prasad Maheshwari was shocked. He did not expect this. Sanskar was staring at Swara as if he was trying to read her mind. But Laksh was outraged. He was very close to Sanskar’s family and he treated Sanskar’s father as his own. Same was with Sanskar. He could not bear the insult of his Dp uncle.

“Swara enough is enough. You have enough of your nonsense. Today you have crossed all limits. Even though you are my best friend since childhood I can’t keep quiet even when you are commiting such a big mistake. Apologise to uncle right now. Right now.”

Swara’s heart pained. She herself was feeling very guilty and was relly pained to speak to DP like that. But she had to do that. She thought Laksh and Ragini would understand. All of them were misunderstanding her. She could explain things later. But right now Tina’s life is important. The most important thing.

“Swara Gadodia never apologises to anyone Laksh. You should have understood this after being with me for these many years.”

“I am shocked Swara. Utterly shocked. I thought I know you but no I am wrong. The Swara who is standing infront of me is not the one I know. I thought the pain of uncles’s death made you cold and rude and believed that at heart you were the same old Swara. But I am wrong even this time too. You have changed completely. If you had been our Shona you would never have done a thing like this even if u would have done something like this you would have apologised instantly without any ego. Well if you won’t apologise to uncle then this will be the last day of our friendship. Think Swara. Apologise or I will leave your life.”

Ragini was not able to process anything. She just could not believe her ears. Laksh would never say something like this. His words reflected how angry he was. She could not understand why Swara was behaving like this. Yes she was angry with Swara but she wanted an explaination. She did not want this breaking of relations and all that stuff. She just wished Swara would apologise so that things could better.

Meanwhile Swara was heart broken. She felt as if someone had stabbed her heart. Out of all the people Laksh her best friend who has always supported her was now threatening to break their relationship. Why couldn’t he think that his Shona would never do a thing like this? Why couldn’t he think that there must be a reason behind her behaviour? For the first time in 8 years Swara wanted to break down. She wanted someone to soothe her pain. She wanted her dad badly. But for now she has to pretend to be brave and unabashed. Someone in this room itself is providing info to the kidnapper. Otherwise how would he get to know that Swara was trying to postpone the meeting? She wanted to confirm her doubts and so she told the members present in the room that she wanted to postpone the meeting. When she got the call of the kidnapper threatening her not to play games her doubts got confirmed. She could not afford to lose Tina’s life. She had to do this. She was confident that she could talk to Laksh later.

“I will never go back on my words Laksh. I will not apologise to Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari and thats final.”

Laksh had tears in his eyed. He could not believe that his Shona cared more for her ego than their friendship. He had enough.

“Good bye Miss Swara Gadodia. This is the end of our friendship.”

Muttering these painful words he barged out of the room. Ragini was confused. She could not decide what to do but finally decided to follow Laksh. She thought Swara to be wrong and so wanted to pacify Laksh. This made Swara even more heartbroken. She thought she would atleast have Ragini by her side. But no even she left her. Her two best friends whom Swara has considered an integral part of her life left her. Her fears came out to be true.

Slowly one by one everyone started leaving. Swara wanted this. She wanted everyone to move out soon so that she could let the tears and emotions locked inside her flow out. Everyone left except Sanskar. He walked towards her. Swara began losing courage. She was sure that Sanskar is going to mouth a few bad words at her for insulting his bade papa. She did not want this right now. She wanted to run away from this room. But she stood rooted to her position. Sanskar began walking towards her. He looked in to her eyes.

“Whats wrong Swara? I know something big has happened which is forcing you to act like thus. There is no one here. So u can share it with me.”

Swara was surprised by his words. She became emotional as not even Ragini and Laksh inderstood this but he who came into her life just 24 hours hours ago could figute it out. She could not stop her tears and broke down infront of him.

Precap: Swara opens up and shares her worries with Sanskar

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