YoU aRe MiNE SuKoR – part 11

I am really sorry that i made you guyzz waiting ,its just that I am really having a hectic life. Was busy as projects are going on. I promise you guyzz once sembreak starts I will post regularly

Story till now :
After the trip from gavi ,chakor was heart broken  as she found  divorce papers in suraj’s jeep.she left from their without informing him.  suraj realized his feelings for chakor ,as she went without informing him to aazdgangh he became worried for her….and lately realized that he loves her. On reaching back haveli,vimli enquired suraj about his were abouts and  he spill the beans of his feelings for chakor and what happened during gavi trip! Ranjana over heared their conversation and made plan with kn and rag…….as per their plan ,they made chakor hear their conversation.they said that suraj was actually with them and is cheating on chakor,he is acting like loving her so that they could break her when she falls in love with him……kn-rag-ranjan plan got succeded as chakor believed them.when suraj went to chakor’s house they have massive show down and suraj is very hurt! Kn try to make use of sukor separation and poissened suraj’s mind to take divorce from chakor,on the day of taking divorce ,lawyer said that for sukor to apply for divorce they have to stay together for 3 more months. Tejaswini & vimli don’t know the reason behind sukor fight so they decided to talk to sukor.


Lets begin!
So chakor is now in haveli,the next  day after divorce incident :

Chakor was standing at the balcony of her room and inhaling fresh aroma! She was enjoying the blissful nature and trying to forget the storm running in her heart…..she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to the left to find vivaan by her side. He gave her a warm smile and she too gifted him a smile.
Vivaan : Good morning.
Chakor : yaa Good morning.
Vivaan : Where is suraj?
Chakor :  what you mean where is he? Is he not in haveli? She asked worriedly
Vivaan: Nope.I did’nt see him from yesterday noon…..did he tell you anything?
Chakor : No ,he did’nt said anything.yesterday after the lawyer left ,he brought me to the   room and then he too left……after that he did’nt came back to the room and  I did’nt step out the room  …..…..she said worried.
Vivaan : don’t worry he will be fine, you know him naa he is like this only,nothing new!

Chakor nooded in agreement and again stared  staring at the deep blue sky

Vivaan : chakor !!….he called her grabbing her attention.

Chakor : yaa

Vivaan : you wanna share something chakor? We are friends from childhood and i believe no one knows you better than me,right chakor …..and the  bond we share is  something special chakor ànd strong .so i want you to believe in your friend and let him wipe your tears …… will you speak up…….you can’t hide anything ,atleast not from me…..i am your bestiee ,don’t forget that!

After hearing this chakor’s eyes welled up,she was in great need of someone,someone  to share her sorrows ,she was in great need of a shoulder where she can  lean on….and yaa who could be better, than your bestiee !
Vivaan turned chakor to his side and made her face him,he gently wiped her tears  and she  broke down once again…….

Mean while  @ vimli room :-

imli was walking to and fro in her room biting her nails and talking to herself.

Imli  : Vivaan is always like this,he always changes the plan in last minute,yesterday he said imli you go and talk to chakor and today he came and said he will go to chakor……I am damn worried,suraj is also missing and on top of that these many problems…..hope everything goes well…..i think I should go and check on vivaan and didi….i cannot wait more ,I will die out of tension.

Back to Sukor room @ balcony:
Imli entered sukor room and was shocked to see chakor crying so badly and vivaan trying hard to console her.she rushed to them and vimli consoled chakor,imli asked vivaan through signs does chakor tell anything vivaan nodded in –ve.chakor who was sitting on the floor stood up to go back ,was stopped by imli.

Imli :  Its enough dii, stop this hide and seek game  and spill it out.don’t we have the right to know dii? Why you hide your every problem from us ? why you face them alone ? don’t you  trust us dii or are we not capable to know that or you find it not necessary to share your problems with your sister,imli said everything in one breath with her eyes welled up

Chakor took a deep breath and  started narrating everything from the beginning. chakor told them everything ,from their trip to gavi how they had  a geat time teasing ,fighting and laughing together on their way to gavi,Their dance which was a complete disaster, the time they spend in dabha eating to the fullest and the most memorable time they spend talking at the hill top….she was happy telling about the most beautiful night of her life…..suddenly her expression changes to  a painful one from thinking about the incident which happened next ,vimli did’nt failed to notice it  but they kept mum.She told them about finding divorce papers from suraj jeep vimli was shocked hearing all this she also told them about rag-ranj-kn convo that she heard ,and her and suraj’s fight at her house.

Chakor : The rest of the things that happened was infront of your eyes,the divorce drama… life is such a mess now!

Imli : i think you are the one who messes things up.

Chakor : me ? what have I done.
Vivaan give a nudge to imli &  whispers to her  : its not the right time imli.
Imli looked at vivvan and then said
Imli : I mean if you told us this before we could have solve it you take rest dii.

Vivaan : yaa

Chakor nodded in agreement


Vimli come out sukor room:

Vivaan : did we miss out something?

Imli : I think we did
Vivaan : yaa, gotta findout the truth behind the divorce paper that chakor found in the jeep

Imli : even suraj did’nt mention about it,don’t you remember the day suraj confessed his feelings for chakor to us

Vivan : how can I forget that day, we had a great time right

Imli : yaa,not only that suraj told us everything that happened in gavi,I mean what chakor just said except the divorce paper

Vivaan : your right,so suraj is the door to truth..
Imli : only he can solve the mess

Vivaan :  but where is he ?where are you duffer?

Precap :1. Sukor njhok-jhokh
2. Suraj’s girlfriend prank??
3.. Vimli confronting chakor

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