Mine exclusively Mine-a Riansh fan fiction (Part 5)

Is vansh the stalker?

Bright light
That’s what riddhima see opening her eyes
Her brain take almost a minute to making her familiar with the surroundings
Opening her eyes completely she looked sideways and found vansh sitting beside her

Are you alright?”
Riddhima tried speaking but her throat was completely dry
Sensing her discomfort vansh offered her a glass of water
Taking a sip or two riddhima relaxed
Suddenly all the happenings came in front of her eyes
The stalker!!
The liquid!!
She looked at her which was bandaged now
She looked at vansh with questioning eyes, understanding her emotions vansh pressed the bell and doctor arrived

“How are you now dear
The doctor asked her smiling
“Doctor my hand”
She spoke motioning toward her hand

Oh that’s all right when Mr raisinghania called us you were already unconscious, treating you we found your hand came in contact with a special type of liquid
This is an very special type of liquid used to Clean things basically used by scientists as they works on different chemicals so there are risk of traces that left behind
These special sanitizers are designed for them
Don’t worry it’s not that harmful,it pains obviously a lot but Don’t hurt the skin but as it’s used in a considerable amount your hand is injured a bit,it will take 2-3 days for the wound to cure and almost a week for scars to vanish”

“But the pain”
“Ohh yaa it pains a lot and moreover it was used in large amount so and due to fear you got unconscious not because of the liquid

Riddhima took a deep breath listening to the doc

“What was the need to use such kind of sanitizers if you can’t ressist the pain”

Riddhima looked at vansh bewildered

“You think I use it on me”
“Who else”
“You mean there was no one except me”
“Of course”
“And aangre”
“He is sleeping it’s actually weird you shouted like hell but he didn’t wake up but the doctor mentioned due to medicine effects”
“You checked the CCTV”
“Why what’s the need”
“Because I don’t used this I was attacked damn it”

Vansh frowned

If this is your any kind of prank than believe me I m not gonna spare you this time”
“You really think I am playing around when aangre is already attacked
A tear slipped her eye

Looking at her face vansh sighed
Pulling the hanky out of his pocket he offered, riddhima took it from his hand and wiped her eyes
And present it in front of him


Vansh asked

Your hanky”
“Excuse me

Riddhima raised her eyebrows

“Don’t you have manners you just clean your face, aren’t you supposed to keep it or either return after cleaning it”
Riddhima rolled her eyes

Here I was freaking about to die and what you worrying is about this stupid Hanky”
Kaun ,kab ,Kahan
That was you who got unconscious due to fear nothing else”
“You know what

With that riddhima jumped out of bed and throwing his hanky on ground jumped on it 4-5 times
Now,I will return it after cleaning
With a teethy smile

You know what keep it to yourself once you get discharged I gonna torture you by giving loads of work”

Riddhima looked at him narrowing her eyes
A mischievousness floating

“Wait there why are you coming towards me
Riddhima kept quiet but continued walking towards him
“Stop there”
Fluttering her eyelashes she looked in his eyes and spoke
Vansh I want to say this for so long
Sweat beads started forming on vansh’s forhead
“What … you”
Riddhima spoke putting her finger on his lips
Vansh freezed
What I want to say is
I …. and it’s done

Riddhima put the hanky in Vansh’s pocket
“What ”
“How dare you”
Vansh pulled the hanky out and throw it away
“You know what you gonna pay for this”
Vansh looked at his sides and found her scarf on the table
Riddhima followed his sight and her eyes widened
She yelled and ran but her legs tripped
And she fall over vansh

Vaise toh man Mera
Phle bhi raaton mein
Aksar hi Chahat ke haa sapne sanjoota tha
Phle bhi dhadkan y dhun koi gaati thi
Par ab joh hota h voh , phle naa hota tha
Hua h tujhe joh bhi ,joh bhi
Mujhe Bhi ISS baar hua
Toh kyu naa mein bhi keh Doon keh Doon
Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua
Tera hone laga h
Jabse Mila hu

A sound broke their trance
Realising their positions both moved away from each other

An old nurse was standing on the door muttering something under her breath
Yeh Jawan ladka ladki , hospital mein bhi chain nahi h inko
Pta h jawwan khoon h but control to karna chahiye naa”

Hearing her riddhima’s eyes widened
Aunty it’s not like that”
“Beta y Baal dhoop m safed nahi kiye maine”
“But aunty”
“Arre koi baat nahi mein kisi ko nahi bataungi”

The nurse moved out of door leaving an embarrassed riddhima behind
She looked at vansh who was now busy in his phone like nothing happened

Getting on their previous positions vansh spoke

“Care to explain what exactly happened”
“Someone attacked from behind”
“And…and nothing”
“Are you sure”
“Why would I lie?”
“He just came out of nowhere and attacked you with a specific liquid he must be having an reason right

Riddhima kept quiet and nooded her head in a no
Like she don’t have any idea

She honestly didn’t want him to involve in all this, especially after Looking and analysing aangre’s condition she can’t afford any harm come to vansh

It wasn’t like she never tried seeking help but was always unsuccessful , she obviously at first tried to inform her brother but something Happened after which she never tried either

Looking at vansh , she knew he wasn’t going to Leave all this
But still it will be better if no more person involve in this

Taking a deep sigh, she relaxed

“Let’s move”
“Am I discharged”
“Of course,it was not like you were burned”
“Can’t you be a little sensitive”
“I don’t wanted to be like you

This sentence caught her off guard, she wanted to speak and yell but remembering something kept her mouth shut

She tried calling her brother but his phone was out of reach
“Come I will drop you”
“No thanks”
Wasn’t aangre’s accident enough that now this vansh wants to die
Thought riddhima
Don’t take it like I am dieing to give you liftΒ  it’s just I can’t let you go home alone when it’s already late”

Riddhima tried reasoning but vansh shuddered all and clearly told her to sit otherwise forgot about her job
Not having a choice, she sit silently and all she could think was positive
Can she do anything else?

The ride was silent
Opposite to aangre

She thought sometimes, how can they be friends

Reaching her home she opened the door but her bracelet got stuck in his watch
She untangled it but something caught his attention
Getting out of car she kept looking at vansh’s car

And the words left her mouth were
“Wasn’t the stalker wears same watch”

On the other side after few hours
In midnight, unknown to all
A person in black hoodie was burying a body

Any guesses?

Anyone excited?

What’s gonna happen now?

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