Mine exclusively Mine-a Riansh fan fiction (Part 2)


Riddhima walked in the street…
The streets of Delhi has a speciality no matter what the time was they were always busy
But people are not interested in anyone’s life cause riddhima continuously felt someone following her even in that traffic inspite of that no one noticed or bothered to warn her
An unknown fear crept in riddhima’s heart .. the sound of footsteps approaching her were constant
She wanted to turn around and face who the hell was there but on instinct she decided not to instead she started walking faster… the following steps pace also increased
Finally riddhima started running but she can see the shadow of someone running behind her too
She stopped, the shadow and sound of steps too stopped

Riddhima turned around,sweat beads on forhead, hair dishelved,eyes glassy
She roamed her eyes as far as she could but nothing caught her eye except darkness
Taking a deep breath she resumed walking unknown to the fact someone was still following her

Reaching the building, she walked inside got into the parking slot but noticed something in the glass of one of the cars
A man in Black hoody, looking straight in her eyes,a smirk on his face…
Riddhima’s body straightened, she took a step back subconsciously, terrified from his shadow not even realising he was behind her
Suddenly she got halted by something or better say someone ,her back hitted his chest
Riddhima’s breath hitched
“Who are you, what do you want?”
“Please leave me

Two hands encircle around her waist
“Jaan ,who I am, what did I want”
“I am your knight in the shining armor and I want your safety, now baby girl don’t ever ask me to leave you…you Know why
Cause exclusive things are copyrighted to me and I don’t leave what’s mine

A sob escaped her lips…
His grip loosened ,as Soon as riddhima felt that, she ran
Getting into the elevator she pressed the floor, running out of the elevator she opened the door and run to her room

Locked the door and took a sigh,sit on the floor itself knees bended,head held between hands
Hyperventilating, panicked she tried taking deep breaths
A sudden knock shook her
Riddhima shrugged , the doorknob was rotating showing someone was trying to open the door
Subconsciously she started backing away
A sudden wave of fear rushed through her veins
Riddhu,are you alright”
“Riddhu open the door baby

Riddhima open her eyes with a jerk
“Bhai, Bhai
She somehow control herself and wipe the sweat ,spoke
Coming Bhai, using washroom”
After a minute or two, riddhima looked herself in mirror and cringed,got her hair set , washing her face
She opened the door with a bright smile
As soon as she did that,manik hugged her
Riddhu what happened,tu theek toh h naa,aise bhaagi kyu tu,kuch hua bol naa(you are fine naa,why you ran like that,does anything happened)
“Bhai nothing happened you know me naa Bahar ek spider dekh liya tha aur kuch nahi (just saw a spider outside and nothing else)
“Are you sure”
“Hundred percent”
Okay then you go and get fresh n up,till then I prepare dinner”

Riddhima nodded and went inside, walking into the washroom she halted in her steps and walked towards window and locked it
Getting out of the room the aroma of food hit her nostrils
“Wow Bhai,panner Tikka masala”
“Yes my riddhu’s favourites”
“Riddhu you know naa you can share everything with me”
“Yes Bhai I know”
“Then why did you hide this”
Riddhima’s head snapped towards manik at this statement
“Bhai.. voh..voh..I “
“Okk okk fine I know that vansh raisinghania is a devil if you hate him so much and frightened by him leave the Job”
“Wait vansh”
“What you weren’t upset because of him, their is something else”
Ahh no Bhai of course it’s him the devil and that job thing Bhai you naa I can’t leave that”
“There is no use in debating with you at this topic cause it’ll me who will lose at end”
“Yes, because
Working with vansh is still better than debating with me
“Anyways aaj Kya kiya usne(what did he do today)
“I am in mood to discuss it plz”
“Hands up madam
And the siblings burst out laughing

“Bhai is sejal home”
“How would I know”
“Bhai “
“Okk I am going to call her”
“No not you I will go”
“You ,leave it Bhai I will myself go”

Riddhima moves towards sejal’s room and knock
Sejal opened the door

“Ohh look who’s here , the little whore”
“Di it’s time for dinner come soon”
“Aww.. Didn’t you served your boss tonight that you make it on time today”
“Di please”
“Riddhu baby if you feel so bad why to do such things”
“What’s going on here”

Riddhu- nothing Bhai just girls talk
Sejal- yes just girls talk(smirking)

The trio had there dinner and then move into the rooms finally calling the day
Riddhima moved towards the window and pulled out the curtains just then her phone beeped with a message
Getting to the window she hurriedly opened the curtains and windows and looked everywhere but noticed nothing
Locking them again she climbed on the bed and closes her eyes
“Good night jaan”
Another message arrived
Riddhima blocked the no.and slept

Next day she wake with the alarm and followed her routine
But a different thing happened her phone beeped again
Good morning baby doll
Riddhima frowned
“In morning too
She blocked the no.and opened her phones blacklist and scrolled the no.s down
All unknown, uncountable
She sighed and walked out

Reaching the office she faced the same scenario, everyone in their own world, ignoring her, giving her weird looks
Ignoring all that she moved to the assigned floor
Putting her things on the desk she moved towards canteen but a voice stopped her
“Ohh hello!! Riddhu baby he is not going to be here today”

A sudden voice halted her steps, she turned around and looked at aangre who was sitting there with legs crossed on a desk
Strange how mingled her thoughts were she didn’t even noticed someone already present in the room

“Ohh someone in the office today
Riddhima mocked him

“I see, jealous riddhu baby”
“Don’t, don’t call me that”
“Don’t call you what riddhu baby

Aangre was vansh’s personal assistant, she too was of course but the majdoor types ,aangre was favorite type
At first when she joined aangre wouldn’t even talk to her, like others but as Time passed they started exchanging words for work and all and of course vansh always asked her to work like aangre
At first she was jealous, she still is cause aangre has his own cabin while she didn’t,he accompanied him where ever he goes so he can travel rather than sitting in office all day  and most of all he get leaves without even asking
Everything was formal between them untill the day vansh insulted her in front of all, that day when she was crying aangre appeared out of nowhere and offered her his handkerchief
Riddhima become stilled and ask him the reason for such mercy
“I Know his nature very well,you are innocent riddhima I just wanted to prepare you according to him so that you become habitual to his nature, Don’t get me wrong I was preparing you to be his assistant”
Those were the exact words he spoke that day
The next day riddhima was so busy that when her bhai’s phone came she putted it on speaker unknown to the fact that aangre was standing there to ask about her well being when he heard him calling riddhima,riddhu baby
So that’s how that riddhu baby teasing session started
Aangre treated riddhima like a sister,but their relation was teasing one

“Anyways what were you saying he isn’t coming today”
“Yeah he is on leave today”
“Then he could have informed me naa”
Aangre just chuckled at her

“What’s wrong you look grumpy”
“Nothing new,why everyone ignores me like that”
“Because you work on this floor”
“You know what you are dumb”
“Shut up”
“Okay riddhu baby”

Aangre and riddhima gossiped the whole day,
That’s what riddhima jealous of most  aangre was never questioned whatever he does and sometimes riddhima too cause aangre save her
Looking at the office she sighed

It was rare that vansh didn’t attended the office cause he never missed
Even without him it’s boring


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