Million Dollar Girl 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajat tells Yamini that because of Avanti Virat uis far from her,Rajat tells that Virat loves Avanti Yamini tells no Virat loves her..Rajat tells that If Yamini took away Virat from here then he will seprate Virat and Avanti..Yamini tells no Virat loves her Rajat says okay not to believe him..Rajat goes..Yamini cries..Virat sleeps thinks about the moment spent with Avanti..Yamini comes and gets close to Virat and kiss him..Virat touch Yamini hand and tells “AVANTI I MISS U SOO MUCH”…Yamini gets angry..Yamini tells that when Avanti came in between???Yamini tells that Rajat was right..Next day Taayaji open’s Avanti’s shop..Virat tells he want to buy the shop..Tayaaji tells that he will not sell the shop..VIrat tells that he will give more money then market price..Tayaaji know that Virat have eyes on this shop.Tayaaji tells he will not sell this shop..Virat tells by anyhow he will buy the shop..Rajat search his car key’s..Virat comes and tells money..RAjat tells to forget as Tayaaji didnt agreed..Virat tells he thought to sell this house..Virat tells Rajat to think…Kavya thinks about avanti and feels dizziness..Kavya falls Ranvijay holds Kavya..
DJ washes her face ..DJ calls Vicky and tells that water is not coming…Someone puts water..DJ tells vicky to put more water..Its Bhuwan tells Surprise..DJ tells Bhuwan to go away..Bhuwan tells he came with a plan…Bhuwan tells he will not go…Vicky listens the voice and calls Bhuwan..DJ tells that Vicky heard this..Rajat do push-ups Yamini comes…Yamini tells that she known that Virat loves avanti..Rajat tells that he already said..Yamini tells really Rajat can clear her way??Rajat tells yes..Yamini tells she will convince Virat not to sell the house ..Rajat tells If she agreed Virat for going from Banaras then the deal is done..Yamini agrees..Rajat smiles..DJ plays music at Dhaaba…One customer comes and tells to contact him…DJ tells sure..DJ comes and hugs Bhuwan…DJ tells that she is really happy..DJ tells that one man SHANKAR JAI approached her said that he had many contacts..Bhuwan tells he is also very happy..
Zubair tells that he is not happy..Zubair tells no one will give film offers to DJ…Zubair tells that this offer will come and go..But no-one will give work like him,,,DJ tells Zubair its none of his business..Bhuwan hold’s DJ hand..Zubair tells Bhuwan to drop DJ..DJ goes angrily…Bhuwan stops her..Rajat comes to hospital..Rajat comes to Avanti’s ward..RAjat tells sorry to Avanti he cannot see his house breaking,,Rajat tells “AVANTI HAVE TO DIE”…Rajat tells sorry..RAjat tries to remove Avanti oxygen mask…Kavya comes and sees..Rajat cries and acts..KAvya tells how suddenly Rajat is crying???Rajat tells that How Virat can do like this??Rajat tells he is very sorry As Avanti was very innocent…Kavya tells Rajat to go…Rajat tells today night he will stay here..Kavya tells no need..Kavya tells Rajat to go..Rajat tells one minute..Rajat goes near Avanti and tells that “TODAY U SAVED”..Rajat cries and goes…Virat comes home and calls Rajat..Rajat asks what happened???Virat tells to see this is documents of house..Rajat tells that Virat loves the house he will not sell..Virat signs the paper and tells he will get a proper dealer..Rajat smiles and tells he was joking..

Precap:Virat calls Zubair Avanti..Zubair asks Is Virat is fine,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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